Revised daily draws

Hello, darlings! I’m still here, taking a rest and doing little daily draws over on Instagram. They’re just a card or two and a charm and rune, and a sentence or two about it all, and if you’re interested in following me there, I’m upstartcrow1564. So come on over if you like. I’m not sure when I’m going to start up the fuller, longer readings again. I’m currently looking for full-time work and will likely end up with one of those jobs that has me offline for most of the day (fingers crossed), which will make doing these longer readings more difficult.

So for now, come on over to the Instagrams! All the cool kids are doing it, and even some of us old farts too.

Much love,

The Muse’s Darling

Taking the next few days off from divining

Hello friends and darlings. I need a rest, so I’m going to be taking the next week or so off from divining and posting here. I’ve tried to keep the divinations flowing because I love doing it and I know that these little bits of color and light reach lots of people in good ways, and I consider that a blessing. I’m just so tired in general right now that I need a break. Life has been hard for the last umpteen months — I’m currently looking for work, writing a book, and trying to sort out new and healthy ways to deal with both depression and an eating disorder, and the unemployment benefits are running out, so the urgency to get a more permanent job than I’ve had over the last eighteen months is more in-my-face than previously.

I don’t want you to worry about that, though. I just offer the above to you, my darlings, by way of explanation. I look at these daily draws I do as an offering, a way of saying “thank you” to the Powers That Be for giving me whatever gifts I have. And if people come to me for paid readings because of the daily draws, that’s awesome too. But for now, I need to take a break, withdraw into my hermit cave, and stare at the flickering shadows on the wall as I try to determine what’s real and what’s illusion, what’s the nature of humanity in relationship to the divine, and where the key to the bathroom is.

I’ll be back soon. ❤


Daily Draw: XVII The Star and Mother of Fire (rev)

As the news breaks this morning about the death hours ago of musical genius and icon Prince, the Star appears to remind us that life continues and flows into, around, and beyond even the stars themselves. We are all here, alive in this plane of existence, for a measured amount of time, and none of us knows when or how we’ll leave. Follow your light as best you can, and rage if you must but remember to not take your fire out on others. Be judicious in your dealings with others, especially in business affairs, and keep your emotional reality under good control as much as you can. Be guided by the cooler influence of the mind today. Think things through.


Daily Draw: Ten of Fire (rev) and Maiden of Seas

The world outside is crazy-making. This is known, Khaleesi. Trying to figure everything out before taking a step isn’t a good idea right now. Instead, now is the time for letting yourself figure it all out as you go. This is definitely an “on the job training” situation — and that’s ok. Sometimes that’s how it goes. We figure out what works and what doesn’t by doing things and experiencing the consequences of our choices. You also don’t have to be in charge, making the decisions for everybody else. Let yourself be a follower for a little while, just until you get some more experience under your belt and have a better idea of where you are and what you’re doing, and most importantly what you want to do from here. Beginner’s Mind is an awesome thing because we can learn new skills, information, and ways of thinking without any preconceived ideas. We can learn according to our own best way, not according to someone else’s rules.


Daily Draw: Mother of Earth (rev) and IX Oracle

Today’s energy is like when everything goes wonky and stays wonky and weird and there’s just nothing for it but to deal with it as best you can. Instead of there being this great, full flow, connections may be difficult and wracked and more stress-infused than you’re used to. You may find yourself coming up against rules and regulations that you’d either forgotten about or never knew about in the first place. There also may be blocks in the path, obstructions to the rightful flow of things that keep energies from manifesting the way you want them to. Go within. Let yourself find peace and space in these wonky, weird moments. Remember to engage in your meditation practice if you have one, and if you don’t, use these stressful moments as opportunities to practice mindfulness. Breathe slowly and just focus on your breathing. Let everything else just be how it is, with no need to fix or change anything. Just breathe and let happen what’s happening. Chances are good the energies will shift soon, and the flow will be restored. Let yourself have some peace until that happens, if you can. You may surprise yourself with what occurs to you in these peaceful moments.


Daily Draw: Mother of Fire and Eight of Wind

Today’s draw is a sort of stepping-back to look at what has come in recently to see what has been less helpful than you’d hoped. What needs to go, even if it’s only been around for a short time? Relax, breathe, and trust your instincts about where you’re headed. It’s ok to keep making changes on the fly — we all do it every day. It’s just that some of those decisions need to be more visible, more conscious, than others. And it’s ok to be confused about what you’re doing. Again, that’s true for a lot of people. Hell, we’re all pretty much just winging it as best we can. But don’t let confusion stop you. Don’t let yourself get stuck fiddling with the compass or staring at the map trying to figure out what to do next. Just start moving. If you find out later that you’re going the wrong way, that’s fine. You’ll just turn around and go another way. But get moving, and watch the signs as you go.


Daily Draw: Five of Wind and Child of Fire

Ok, so here’s the thing. The world is a scary place right now. Hell, it’s probably always been a scary place in one way or another. It just seems like there’s a lot floating around right now to worry about, to be afraid of, to try to second-guess your way around. We’re all doing it, just trying to find our way through the morass. Worries are nibbling away at our foundations, and anxiety is high because of course it is. Donald Trump could conceivably become President of the United States in less than a year, and he’s not even the worst candidate for that job. No wonder people want to tune out and listen to John Denver music for the next twelve months. But today’s wisdom is telling us not to surrender to our fears. Do something today. Do anything. Get moving. Let yourself approach old roads and pathways with new eyes because you might have been missing things all this time that will serve you well now if you’re able to start seeing them. Think: beginner’s mind. Think: tabula rasa. Think: starting over is a good thing. Nurture the fire in your heart, your own inner sun, and don’t give in to fear.


Daily Draw: X Wheel of Fortune and Eight of Earth

Reach out and grab the opportunities that come for you today, whether they look like the brass ring or an important email or even a chance to boop Lakshmi on the nose (check out the picture; the hand of The Arm landed right on Lakshmi’s nose 🙂 ). Take whatever comes today with a generous heart and a good sense of humor, because it’s all silly and wacky and bizarre and none of us get out of here alive, so remember we’re all in it together. Pay attention to what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to do the grunt work you need to do to keep things moving along. Leave behind what isn’t working for you, take action where you can (and be honest!), and be sure to let yourself laugh as much as you can. Breathe and be a part of the day.


Daily Draw: XIII Death and the Maiden of Earth

Today’s draw provides a startling reminder that life and death are in a constant beautiful dance, and that we cannot have one without the other. Death happens, and it needs to happen so that what needs to come forth can be nourished into birth — because of course what dies feeds what comes to life. Death is as much a mothering as birth is, just in a different way. We Westerners tend to cling to life so fiercely because we’ve been taught to fear death as a form of punishment for evil-doing instead of the natural and honored part of the Universal cycle of existence it is. Face the day as your own beautiful, charming self, and do your best to be alive while you’re alive. Try to enjoy yourself more and worry less about the challenges and burdens of life. (I’m actually telling myself this as I’m saying it to you because it’s very hard for me to do too, so this isn’t me just preaching at ya — I’m preaching at us both. 😉 ) Solutions come from approaching things with beginner’s mind, getting away from preconceived notions and fears and just accepting things as they are.


Daily Draw: Nine of Wind and Seven of Seas

All the signs today point to things being frantic and a mess in the work world. Travel may come up at the last minute, and trying to process everything that’s going through your mind may make it difficult to make clear, thoughtful choices and decisions. There might also be some sneaky people saying less than helpful things, so be careful what you take in today. It’s time to wake up and actively choose what’s coming through your boundaries. Pay attention to your thoughts because they are making the world as you’re thinking it. What are you afraid to face? What are you protecting yourself from? It’s time to face those things so that you can move on. Being stuck is another source of anxiety and worry, so that could be making things worse as well. Time to get unstuck.