Daily Draw: The Jewel, 5 of Swords rev. (Hymir & Hrod), and The World (Jormundgandr)

So, here’s the thing: during a thunderstorm, the tallest point gets hit by the lightning. It’s not a fun truth, but it’s true nonetheless. Being powerful in your truth can make you a lightning-rod for the fears and anger of others regardless of whether or not you’ve actually done anything to deserve the anger or fear. Other people’s anxiety will become attached to you because you represent what they are not yet prepared to deal with. How you respond is what matters. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries work daily to not take anything personally, not because we are the tallest trees on the hill but because we’re just sensitive to everything that comes and goes around us. If the cashier at the Whole Foods is having a bad day and scowls at us while we purchase our chia seeds, it must be because we somehow did something wrong. Well, no. Actually, that cashier is scowling because s/he is having a scowly day. Same principle applies here: whatever others are going through is what THEY are going through. Just do you today. Be yourself and don’t be afraid. If others get angry or show fear, that’s their thing. Have compassion, sure. In fact, please do have compassion as much as you can for what they’re going through. But don’t take responsibility for it. And if somehow you end up getting struck by lightning after all, let the pieces of you provide fire and goodness for others.



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