Daily Draw: The Mask, 2 of Vajras (Alliance), the Empress (Impeccable Virtue)

Happy new year to all my witchy darlings, and hail and blessings to all the Saints in all worlds on this day when we celebrate all that is sacred. Today’s wisdom is simple and direct: don’t get into any new deals with anybody. Not today. Save the wheeling and dealing for another day. Today stay within your own boundaries and nourish your own light, whatever that means for you: painting, being artistic, or just being a couch potato and zoning out in front of a football game — just mute the commercials — with a beer or tea and popcorn or chips or a tasty kale salad. Whatever you need, do that. Reach out to whatever brings you peace and quiet, and let the craziness roll on by. Don’t get drawn into anybody else’s drama, and don’t buy anybody else’s crap. Not today.



  1. Feels weird I told myself some of this this morning! I’ve spent the day at home, doing a little housework and walking my dog in the words. I’m going to drink my peppermint and liqurice tea now then carry on writing my novel. Thanks for the draw!

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    1. Excellent! Today really is a day for self-care and restoration. I’m doing a Tibetan Buddhist ritual in an hour, then a Buryat Mongol rite for the dead at noon, and THEN I’m going to collapse and watch “Grimm.” 😄 Blessed new year!

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