Daily Draw: Mother of Earth (rev) and IX Oracle

Today’s energy is like when everything goes wonky and stays wonky and weird and there’s just nothing for it but to deal with it as best you can. Instead of there being this great, full flow, connections may be difficult and wracked and more stress-infused than you’re used to. You may find yourself coming up against rules and regulations that you’d either forgotten about or never knew about in the first place. There also may be blocks in the path, obstructions to the rightful flow of things that keep energies from manifesting the way you want them to. Go within. Let yourself find peace and space in these wonky, weird moments. Remember to engage in your meditation practice if you have one, and if you don’t, use these stressful moments as opportunities to practice mindfulness. Breathe slowly and just focus on your breathing. Let everything else just be how it is, with no need to fix or change anything. Just breathe and let happen what’s happening. Chances are good the energies will shift soon, and the flow will be restored. Let yourself have some peace until that happens, if you can. You may surprise yourself with what occurs to you in these peaceful moments.


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