Taking the next few days off from divining

Hello friends and darlings. I need a rest, so I’m going to be taking the next week or so off from divining and posting here. I’ve tried to keep the divinations flowing because I love doing it and I know that these little bits of color and light reach lots of people in good ways, and I consider that a blessing. I’m just so tired in general right now that I need a break. Life has been hard for the last umpteen months — I’m currently looking for work, writing a book, and trying to sort out new and healthy ways to deal with both depression and an eating disorder, and the unemployment benefits are running out, so the urgency to get a more permanent job than I’ve had over the last eighteen months is more in-my-face than previously.

I don’t want you to worry about that, though. I just offer the above to you, my darlings, by way of explanation. I look at these daily draws I do as an offering, a way of saying “thank you” to the Powers That Be for giving me whatever gifts I have. And if people come to me for paid readings because of the daily draws, that’s awesome too. But for now, I need to take a break, withdraw into my hermit cave, and stare at the flickering shadows on the wall as I try to determine what’s real and what’s illusion, what’s the nature of humanity in relationship to the divine, and where the key to the bathroom is.

I’ll be back soon. ❤



  1. Good for you! I will miss the daily readings & the charm cast, and I’d rather you be in tune. Love & support to you!


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