I really will write one of these things soon, I promise. The one I have over at about.me is accurate and true, but it makes me curdle in the depths of my gut to read it so I’ve deleted it here and will write something soon that is not so glaringly awful and nauseating, like maybe something that includes a unicorn and comets and episodes of Star Trek and maybe it’ll have all sorts of funny stories about garden gnomes. Everybody likes garden gnomes.


  1. Beautiful City …. about 14 years ago having never been in San Francisco before I freaked out an old friend by directing her with no maps just parking angels 😉 to the only free car park in the city .. by the bay … or it was free back then 🙂 .. bursting out of the box 😉 sharing the inner knowing … haven’t heard from her since … 😉
    fun memory … good post today & profile ❤ Namaste

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