Archetype Cards

Daily Draw: Prince and Dilettante

There’s so much to be wary of here, my friends, but the bottom line is this: you are on a path of leadership and learning, but you’re not there yet. Don’t be all acting like you’re the King when in fact you’re still the Prince. Don’t get into debt against future earnings that you haven’t earned yet (in other words, watch it with the credit cards), and be studious and careful about where you’re headed. Learn what it takes to be a leader. Being a King (or Queen, of course) is much, much more than just wearing a crown. You take on the responsibility for the health of the land and all beings supported on the land when you accept the crown of rulership. Learn about that land. Learn about the people. Learn about the beings who can’t speak for themselves, at least in human tongues (the animals, the plants and trees, the insects, the waters and everything that lives in them, the birds). Wherever you’re headed, do your homework and make yourself worthy of the lands and people you would rule. You’re on the path and moving, and there’s no stopping it now. The flow is inexorable. So be ready for when you get there.

— The Muse’s Darling

(Archetype Cards, Caroline Myss)



Daily Draw: Teacher and Virgin

Today’s draw suggests that sharing what we’ve learned is now our best option for connecting with others. Fear of connection has held us back in the past, and perhaps there have been good reasons for holding back. But those reasons may no longer exist, and the world needs what we have to say. There is something special within everyone, and we each have different ways of sharing who and what we are. There are times to learn and times to teach, times to stay hidden in darkness to foster growth and regeneration, and time to come forward and experience life in all it’s messy glory. Don’t be afraid of your sexuality. Speak up today. Let your voice be heard in whatever ways work best for you. Speak your magic into the world, and let the chips fall where they may.


Daily Draw: Shape-Shifter and Dilettante

Today’s draw brings forward archetypes from Carolyn Myss’s Archetype Cards that are useful for us today. Utilize your abilities to weave your way back and forth between worlds, shifting faces and levels of connection and reality. Let yourself flow in between where you need to, and bring back the treasures you find. This is something you can do — we all can do it, to varying degrees — and it’s something worth practicing. Be prepared to go deep, though, and offer the sacrifices required for true learning. The shallowness of “playing” at any particular level can really damage your reputation and is bad for you on multiple levels. Superficiality is not your friend here. Don’t be satisfied with skating over the surface of things. Have the guts to plunge into the waters, and test your knowledge of the depths. (I just put on one of my mermaid pendants to help me with this, because it’s a struggle for me too. Yay mermaids!)