Carrie Paris

Daily Draw: XX Judgment (Mordgud)

Today’s daily draw is XX Judgment, the giantess Mordgud, guardian of the gates of Helheim. The rune is Berkana, and the charms are The Artist, The Bullet Shell, The Life Preserver, The Barbell, and The Heart and Key. Take a deep breath, my dears. Judgment is at hand. You’ve done the work, submitted it for review, and now there’s nothing left for you to do but wait for the final pronouncement. Relax. Seriously, take a breath. Doodle. Go to the gym. Do your artwork. Face your woundings in whatever way you can. Let it come up, because it needs to. It’s time.

XX Judgment Mordgud

Daily Draw: King of Swords (Thrym)

Today’s draw is the King of Swords (Thrym) with the rune Perthro, the Lenormand cards The Birds and The Child, and the charms The Plate, The Handcuffs, and The Other. Watch your speech today, my friends. Keep it necessary and clear, and avoid gossip and chatter because those things will get you into trouble whether you know it or not. Your sources of nourishment right now are deep and old–feed yourself well, with good material and elements that are rich and foundational (in other words, no crap TV, no tabloids, no fast food). This is a long-term process you’re going through, so respect it and respect yourself by letting yourself go deep today. (Decks are The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera and The Revolutionary Lenormand by Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. Runes are my own, and charms are my own and Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II.)

King Swords Thrym

Casting with Carrie Paris’s Tarot Talismans and my runes

Hello you darlings! I did a divination last night to just start playing with the Tarot Talismans from the inestimable Carrie Paris and I had so much marvelous fun with it that I had to share. I decided to just start with myself and see what’s going on around me, so I placed a charm representing me in the center of the spread.

The Woman


You can see I’m using The Woman (who looks like Nefertiti) from Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II set, but you can really use anything to represent yourself or your subject. Then I cast the Tarot Talismans in one single charm dump, and they landed like this (below). Then I took my bag of rune rocks and pulled out a handful and cast them onto the tray. This here is what I ended up with.

Whole spread from above 1

The first thing I noticed (as is only right) is that Odin’s rune (see what I mean? One should always notice Odin first when dealing with the Futhark/Futhorc) fell almost right on top of the Wheel of Fortune talisman. You can see what I’m referring to better here:

to the right

Odin’s rune, Gar (which looks like a diamond-square in the center of a big X), is right above the Wheel of Fortune. Now, I am no rune afficionado and I go by the simplest explanations of the runes as I can, especially when using them in combination with other systems. But I feel confident in saying HOLY CRIKEY when seeing Gar next to the Wheel of Fortune because both seem to me to mean similar if not the same things. Both have to do with fate and destiny, and both are connected to the unknown forces that drive our days. In the larger grouping here, with the Empress, the Tower, and the suit of Clubs (Wands), we see that now is a time to be going with the energetic flow no matter what else is happening. Roll with it, and be careful where the energy is being taken away from your real passion. We also see (although it’s actually a little hard to see…) the rune Eihwaz on top of the “Suit of Diamonds (Pentacles)” talisman. Protect your power, your source. Be careful of your material resources. Don’t be wasteful, and don’t give your magic away.

If we go back to The Woman and look at the charms around her, we will see Judgment reversed (the angel in front of her), and a blobby thing down below her and to the right. That blobby thing is The Chariot reversed.

The Woman with TTs

You’re not done yet. There are tasks yet to be handled; you’re not quite ready to finish this cycle. You can definitely see it from where you are (and the Woman is actually looking right at the talisman for the World, the dancer, so the end is in sight). You just haven’t picked a direction yet, so you’re a bit stalled. Once you decide which direction you’re going and how to get there, you’ll be there.

You’ll also see The Fool near the reversed Chariot; the Fool is closer to the center of the layout, indicating a start of something new; The Fool is right next to the Lovers, showing that this new thing is a relationship or a movement into harmony with the various parts of the self. Of course we here at Muse’s Darling Industries are great fans of romance so we want happy relationships for everybody. However, sometimes a happy relationship between all the pieces of one’s heart is the most important thing. The Woman sees the rune Perthro (the darker, flatter rock) next to the Emperor and the Queen of Cups (another relationship cue?). Perthro is a rune of destiny, and the Emperor and Queen of Cups are almost hidden behind it. The connection between the psychic and the worldly power is destined to be; it just hasn’t been revealed yet and Odin is warning you (and me) to let it be and not look too closely at it (for now, anyway).

And if you look slightly above that Perthro/Emperor/Queen combination, you’ll see the rune Laguz (the upside-down check mark-looking thing) to the side of and bolstering up a ballerina (you can see her long skirt). The ballerina is the talisman representing The World. Laguz means flow, or water; it is the chi of all things moving. The World is dancing in concert with that wonderful flow, and that’s where our Woman, our Nefertiti currently sitting with Judgment, wants to get to–and she has to go through The Fool to get there.

Whole spread from above 1

Daily Draw: 6 of Swords (Bergelmir)

Today’s draw is the 6 of Swords (the Frost Giant Bergelmir) and The Hand, The Keys, The Star, and The Sun And Moon. It is or it soon will be time to move on, and you can take some amount of control over how and when you go and where you end up. Do not give up hope and allow yourself to be driven by the tides. Wake up, shake it off, get to the helm, and steer. These are loving directions, not somebody yelling at you. Still, if it helps to think of them coming from your Inner Drill Sargeant, roll with it. Anything to get you moving. Don’t be afraid of the dark, my dears. Be afraid of drowning in the dark.

6 Swords Bergelmir

Daily Draw: Knight of Wands (REV), Daeg

Today’s draw is the Knight of Wands reversed, Daeg, the half-elf half-giant herald of the Day. The charm that fell with this draw is The Mirror. Slow down, people. Do not go wildly today, nor make any decisions quickly. Take your time to think things through. Look hard at what people say and at how you respond. Watch yourself, and pay attention to how your emotions are being played. Be your real self, and be careful of commitments. Day has not broken yet.

Knight Wands Daeg

Daily Draw: VI The Lovers (REV) Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn

(The Lovers reversed with Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn from The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera; also featuring the rune Laguz and The Noose, The Broom, and The Barbell charms) Today’s draw is about balance, flow, and directing your energy at the wrong targets. Don’t be too sweet, too kind, too forgiving. Don’t be afraid to call people out on their shit. Just make sure your wrath, your energy, your power, your sexual desires are all directed properly and not at false things. And if you can’t, go work it out. Seriously, taking it out on the gym is so much more advisable than taking it out on the wrong person. We’re all in this together, and even if you’re alone, you’re not alone. Ponder that for a bit.

VI The Lovers REV

Casting Divination for the Solstice with Solstice Dreams by Carrie Paris

Hail Yule, my dears! Magical divinatrix Carrie Paris has created another casting sheet for the solstice called Solstice Dreams, and it’s marvelous. It’s about discovering what your elemental purpose is, and what distracts you from becoming that. I decided to print out the casting sheet and give it a go, and here are the results. Please do head over there and check it out!

Here’s the full casting:

The full reading

The full reading

We can see that there are charms or runes on the four suns of Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit, and also on the snake’s body as She winds her way between them. I also drew a charm for the snake’s head, and then cards from the Tarot for the goddess watching over the whole process at the top and what’s holding onto the snake’s tail at the bottom. Photos of the cards in their positions are below.

VIII Strength (the goddess Samovila) watches over this process

VIII Strength (the goddess Samovila) watches over this process

3 of Cups reversed (the Undine Bylgia) holds onto the tail of the snake, keeping Her from moving forward

3 of Cups reversed (the Undine Bylgia) holds onto the tail of the snake, keeping Her from moving forward

Beginning with the Sun of the Body, we have the Bridge/Arch and the Ship. Great movement is happening, and passage through from one state to another. Bylgia, daughter of Ran the Norse goddess of the drowned and the Sea, is in her reversed state here. She is lethargic and lazy, and the energy is not present to move things forward. She will not let the Snake go because perhaps she couldn’t be bothered, or she is too deeply into a rut that she just hangs onto the Snake’s tail because that’s what she’s always done. We can learn from this that letting go, getting ourselves motivated and firing up the inner engines, will help in moving everything forward that we want. We must release in active participation with the process in order to receive. The Bridge is in place, the Ship is waiting to sail. All that is required of us now is to weigh anchor, let go, and sail.

What's Going On Below

What’s Going On Below

Along the undulations of the Snake between the Body and Mind we see the Artist’s Palate, the rune Mannaz, and the Artist’s Talisman (the encircled crow). It is critical to not cut ourselves off from the community of our peers. During this time of year it is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the holiday madness, the rituals, the family events, that all we want at the end of it all is to go live in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude for a month just to calm back down to normal. Naturally, unless you people are hiding something from me, there is no Fortress of Solitude. These charms and the rune Mannaz remind us that there are communities out there who serve to invigorate us and bring us back to our Center, and we should not abandon those. Find your soul mates, your closest friends, the ones who love you no matter what and share your patterns of wacky identity, however that manifests for you. They are the ones who make you laugh no matter how grim you feel, the ones who share your light. You’ve got them; they’re there for you and for us all. Reach out to them when you’re down. Ask for help when you need help. Don’t try to carry all the weight of reality alone right now. (And by all the good gods, do NOT turn on the news any more than you can help it.)

The Sun of the Mind holds the Life Ring. We are our own worst enemy right now–or, rather, our potential for negative thought patterns is our own worst enemy. The thinking that got you into despair or distraction will not get you out of it, no matter how much you hope it will nor how many times you try to make it so. The message of the Life Ring is to hang on. Help is at hand, and a new way of thinking is just around the corner. This is emphasized by The Rider, that daredevil motorcyclist who is bringing messages of hope and new things to you and who is just around the corner. Hang on. Don’t lose hope.

The Center, Your Core

The Center, Your Core

Your heart is so guarded, my friends (or maybe that’s just me and mine, which is also true). The charms on the Sun of the Heart are the Axe and the Bullet Shell, indicating both wounding by an immediate shock (the Bullet Shell) and the long-term work required to get the walls down (the Axe). You have so much love to give, so much that the world needs from you, and you are to be commended for all the work you’ve done on yourself to get those walls back down. You’re doing it, and what’s more important, you’re doing it the best possible way. If you were trying to take a wall down and you used a wrecking ball, you’d destroy everything on both sides of the wall as well as the wall itself. If you used fire, you’d destroy the building as well as the wall. If you used a jackhammer, you’d do major damage to anything that accidentally got hit with it, not just the wall (how many times have we all gotten stopped in traffic because some municipal workers broke a water main or a gas main by using a jackhammer where and when they shouldn’t?). And don’t even get me started on the whole dynamite/C4 option to take out a wall. No, the Axe is the best way because it’s slow and steady. It builds muscle and allows you to see what you’re doing. You can stop and rest if you need to. And you can clear out the crumbling wall as you go, getting rid of debris and clearing the path for future work.

As we follow the Snake up between the Sun of the Heart and the Sun of the Spirit, we find the Noose and then the rune Uruz.

The Heights

The Heights

We must walk through Death to get to Spirit, to wisdom and an understanding of the movement of the Spirit. Now hold: this does NOT mean that you’re to go jump in front of a bus. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. The death we’re talking about here is the death of previous ways of thinking, loving, and being. This death is a letting go of what may have previously been so precious to us that we couldn’t possibly even think of letting it go. We are being called to sacrifice those things to reach our higher purpose. The rune Uruz is the bull: strength, power, passion, and the relentless movement forward toward the ultimate goal. It is a rune of action and instinct, and for some of us a rune of Ancestors–a reminder that we come from an ancient line of driven people who are not afraid to do the work required to get where we need to go. If that’s you (and it probably is), dig in. Take a deep breath, and forge ahead. Do not be afraid of anything. Because look at the head of the snake: She has The Angel at her brow. Her purpose is sacred. She is a priestess of the holy realms, and She is guided by Divine Love. She speaks the languages of the gods, and they whisper to Her as She moves, carrying the parts of the sun forward in this cosmic dance.

You are holy. You are beloved. You are not alone. And you are meant to be doing your work for your own benefit and for the benefit of all beings.