Das Germanische Götterorakel

Daily Draw: Mimir’s Fountain and The Rheingold

Today’s draw is an interesting combination of seeking wisdom and being sneaky about it while you’re doing it — actually, “sneaky” isn’t the right word. It’s more like not letting everyone know you’re going out in search of it. Let people believe whatever they want to believe, and just do your thing. The Sun charm indicates that all is well right now, and you’ve been blessed on your quest. Don’t give away what’s due you, and don’t let everyone know where your secrets are stashed. Just quietly, efficiently, and with determination, DO YOU.


Daily Draw: Mimir’s Fountain and Tyr

Today’s draw shows wisdom and magic everywhere, but at a price. Now, this is ok. Paying for things is good. We value what we have to pay for, and it’s only fair that something be given for something received. Focus on what you want and where you’re going, and then go for it. Be willing to fight for what you want, even if you have to make a sacrifice (hopefully it won’t be a hand or an eye) to get it. You hopefully won’t also end up dancing through the remains of your enemies that you’ve just slain (looking at you on the right there, Tyr), but there is a requirement of somehow fighting through whatever lies between you and your goals. You’ve got to push through it, whatever it is. Don’t be cowed by it, and don’t let it defeat you. Keep pushing, keep fighting, and don’t give up until you get where you need to be to receive the wisdom and magic you’ve earned.


Daily Draw: Fjörgyn and Audhumla

For the last few days we’ve been up to our ears in the masculine principle, the passionate testosterone-fueled movement that creates, generates, and activates. Now however, we’re being given a little breather. Take advantage of the time, even if only for a few moments today, to breathe, ground, and center yourself. Take in the nurturing from the outside world: here in the northern hemisphere the air is getting softer and more fragrant; in the southern hemisphere it’s developing a sharpness and edge that clears away clutter. Let yourself breathe it in wherever you are. Notice the changing colors and shapes of things around you, and see how the animals, birds, insects, fish, and reptiles are changing their movements with the seasonal shift. Move with it, as gently as you can today. There’s no need to bash around right now. Take mindful steps and pay attention to where you’re going and how you’re getting there.


Daily Draw: Odin and Skirnir

So, yeah. He’s baaaaack. Actually, He never left. Odin is still here from yesterday’s reading, bringing in power and structure to the day’s proceedings and making sure that everything goes along according to plan. There are still jobs to do and plans to work out, but you’ve got strength and allies to get it all done (or, well, maybe not ALL of it but at least a good chunk of it). These plans and projects are geared up for the long-term, so think long-term. Don’t let yourself be blinded by immediate gratification. Push past that and think more about what you want and need for the long haul. Rely on friends and listen to their wisdom, especially if they’ve been in your corner for a long time. Rely on those who have proven themselves trustworthy. And for god’s sake don’t forget to give the dog a bone — no, seriously. Check out the photo. The Dog Bone charm fell right in front of Odin’s wolf, Who is laying at His feet gnawing on a bone. Bring offerings to the familiars of others, and don’t neglect the non-humans in your life.


Daily Draw: Odin and Tyr

Ok, yeah. Yesterday was full of the gentle but insistent Grandmother energy that nurtures but also consistently pulls one toward growth. Today, not so much. Today the Emperor is in play, the full-blast God Force that is taking none of your shit whatsoever. No whining will be allowed; there is either doing the thing or going home (and actually the going-home part is not even an option so don’t ask). So DO THE THING. Use your head, figure it out, and get it done. No corner-cutting, no easy-way-out; don’t even try it with these Powers. They represent the blazing, unflinching Eternal Eye that’s sort of like the Eye of Sauron only not evil. They watch and judge and exhort us to be our best, most ethical selves as we do what must be done in our lives — and They’re not asking us to do anything They haven’t done themselves, which is the core of ethical leadership. So focus, take a deep breath, and get it done.


Daily Draw: Fenrir and Widar

Today’s draw warns us that no matter what the world is doing outside (and it’s in the middle of some ridiculous gyrations at the moment, April Fool’s Day notwithstanding — oh, and we here at Muse’s Darling Industries don’t do April Fool’s Day, so everything in this divining here is straight up and not a joke), it’s critical to keep your feet on the ground and rely upon your own wisdom and strength. Follow your heart. It’s fine to get advice from others, but it’s also fine to ignore that advice once you receive it. It’s your life, your destiny, your future. Do your thing, and try to not get swept up in the madness swirling around you. Fenrir represents the untamed monster within us (among other things), and Widar is the force needed to conquer Him. As a matter of fact, in the Norse legends of Ragnarök, when Odin is killed by Fenrir, Widar is the one who avenges Odin and kills Fenrir by crushing the wolf’s skull under His giant boot. Widar is an exemplar of silent, efficient goodness, of mastery and skill that’s not wasted but only brought to bear when it’s needed. Let that be your guide today: don’t get dragged into the drama. Watch and wait, and move when your time comes.


Daily Draw: Ask and Embla, Origins

Today’s draw is a reminder, friends, that we come from somewhere. We didn’t just appear here or wake up one day in diapers. I mean, the parent sex is all fine and everything and without that we wouldn’t have a suit to live in, and it’s awesome that we do, but there’s more going on than that. We must remember that we have deeper roots than we can possibly imagine as we’re running errand after errand, fixing this and paying for that, doing all these essential things for living here that have very little to do with where we come from. Now, I know that being a sacred, magical star being doesn’t pay the bills. I get it, believe me. I’m in that whole “need to pay bills and I don’t have a steady source of income oh my god you guys” space myself right now, so I understand. But I think I’m being reminded with this reading, and all you guys are being reminded too, that there’s much more going on here than just the bills and the worry and the errands and the taxes and all the other things we need to do just to survive. There’s more. So maybe spend just a little time today tapping into that Source somehow: take a few deep breaths, slow down, or maybe do an affirmation or two about the ancient nature of your ancestry. Whatever works for you to help you remember that you are more than your problems and errands. You are more than your to-do list.


Daily Draw: Sleipnir, Swadilfari, and Odrörir

Today’s draw is about harnessing the energies of both peace and storm, keeping your head down, and having faith that you will receive inspiration from the gods whenever you need it. No, seriously, that’s it. It couldn’t be clearer. There is a mad sort of balancing act that happens when both the sun and storms rage and battle for dominance of the skies. Both are happening, both are immensely powerful, and you can tap into each. But you’ve got to get to work. Dig in, be relentless, and unlock the sources of inspiration in your heart (or the liquor cabinet–and I’m only half-kidding here: look at the third card: the keys are on the drinking horn of inspiration, so maybe it’s time to unleash the spirits and go with that flow). There is a powerful source of light in each card below. Let yourself be guided (or inspired!) and do your best to just get as much done as you can. Draw power from the sun. Draw power from the rain. Pay attention to the still small voice in the back of your head. And then GO.

Deck: Das Germanische Gotterorakel


Daily Draw: Gargoyle, Snotra (Virtue), The Star (Nott)

You are guided by the great strength of your faith, and held in a sheltered place by adherence to your ethics. Stay true to that today, my friends. Stay close to home (both literally and metaphorically) so that you can process everything you’ve been through and all the flow you’re in now. You are moving along passages and through mazes and mysteries, and there is a sort of deep questioning happening. That’s all ok. You don’t need to know all the answers before moving on. A dear friend told me last night that a friend once told her, “The ‘how’ is none of your business.” When you pray for something, how it manifests is none of your business. Let the Gods do Their thing: how they do it is beyond us all, so let go of it. Do your work, and be a light for others to follow.


Daily Draw: Crescent Moon, Eir (Healing), Ran (The Robber)

Be careful today, my dears. People and other energies are about who would steal your life force. Stay close to your roots, keep your friends close, and watch out for people throwing their hooks at you trying to find a way to latch on. Shields up! Listen to the voices of wisdom and ethical justice and stay grounded in the truth.