Goddess Knowledge Cards

Daily Draw: Rhiannon and the Nine of Fire (Chantico)

Today’s draw tells us to guard that which is most precious to us. Today in the United States it’s a day of mercantile madness that comes less than a day after we profess gratitude for what we already have. Without getting too political in this space, let me just say that before we criticize those who wait in line for shopping on this day, consider that many of those who do are poor people who can’t afford the items they’re shopping for otherwise. Let’s not criticize the people but the corporations that are taking advantage of them and their own workers — remember who the real enemy is. So guard your valuables if you’re shopping today, and continue that flow of gratitude for what you already have as you search to bring in more (if you need to).

Ok, that’s that. Back to the reading: Tap into your own magic today (of course you have it; we all do). Watch out for predators and tricksters, and ALWAYS read the fine print. Guard your precious light against that which drains it, and if you are surrounded by energies that sap you, get away from them for a little while. If you can’t get away, put up some energetic shields to block them. These family weekends can be feeding grounds for energetic vampires, so be careful. Watch. Guard that which is most precious.


Daily Draw: Lily, Selene (Full Moon), and Tzalolteotl (Sin-Eater)

Today’s draw is about digging deep through all the stuff we’ve accumulated along the way and getting rid of what no longer serves. This is also true for our deepest and darkest secrets, our darkness, what we are most ashamed of about ourselves. We can no longer keep carrying the wounding, the shame, and we need to let it go. We must be our own Destroyer, passionately and fearlessly examining everything that comes up for us even if it terrifies us. Nothing around us will change for the better unless we ourselves are willing to change. Let the rain come. Bring the storms. Let the floodwaters carry off what is burdening you. Release it, and yield to the not-having. Let your hands be empty, and experience what that’s like before filling them up again.


Daily Draw: Spider, Diana, and Eagle Woman

At the dark of the moon, which is happening right now, this is a reading about women and the Sacred Feminine. Hide what is most precious to you, at least for now. Something secret and beautiful is growing and drawing sustenance, and it needs to be shielded from common view. Go within and draw strength from your past experiences: they are what has gotten you where you are. Let your outer power and passion drive the inner work, and don’t doubt the clarity of your vision. Another thing: don’t ever surrender the wisdom that you are mighty. No one can take that from you, but you can give it away. Don’t do that.

— The Muse’s Darling