Il Meneghello

Daily Draw: Queen of Wands and Knight of Swords

Get moving on those projects, people! Time to get moving. Use the energy of the day to move forward with all the things you want to do, even if you only do a little step at a time. Use whatever tools are available to you, and try to take advantage of modern communications (e.g., social media). Don’t be afraid of new things. And keep in mind: you don’t have to publish everything you’re doing as you do it. It’s ok to take your first steps in private. Wait to start talking about your process until you’re further along, ok? Don’t lose heart!


Personal 2016 Snapshot: Queen of Coins, The Key, Kenaz, and Isa

Would you like a 2016 Snapshot like this one here I did for myself? It’s got one card, one charm and one rune (unless two charms or runes want to come out and play like the runes did here, because there’s no controlling them, really)? Just send me $10 via Paypal to and I’ll send you a photo and a mini-reading to go with it. 😀 More information about full 2016 readings tomorrow. Bright blessings, my dears!


Daily Draw: I The Magician and the Knight of Swords

Today is all about making your magic, and doing so from your ancient sources. Trust yourself. You have a deep connection to wisdom and the unknown world, and tapping into it will come more easily to you than you think. Trust your blood. Trust the messages you receive. Go with the ideas you receive, the thoughts that come unbidden and just float into your consciousness. Let it happen and roll with it, because those thoughts are keys to wisdom you’ll need in the future. Keep doing the work you need to do, and trust that you are unlocking the doors you need to unlock as you get to them.


Daily Draw: King of Coins and IX The Hermit

Holiday madness is in full swing out there, and today’s draw recognizes that. It’s very clear that the thing to do is cut out as much of the craziness as you can. Disconnect from it and just don’t even leave the house if you can avoid it. Don’t engage with it, and if you have to, guard and shield yourself. Don’t get into it with your crazy uncle who likes to drink and criticize “them gays,” and stay away from fights about gun control and reproductive rights over the cheese log. Just don’t. Do whatever you need to do to celebrate the goodness and joy of this season, and enjoy as much as you can. But don’t be afraid to withdraw when you need to. Self-care is very in this season.


Daily Draw: Five of Cups and IV The Emperor

Today’s draw is an acknowledgment that when we sort and sift through things, uncomfortable and maybe even painful emotions are going to come up. Loss, regret, fear — all of them have their place in our memories, and all of those memories are attached to physical things. But as we leave things behind, either as we physically move on or as we change up our environments to bring in new energy, it’s important to remember to let go of the associations with those items. Let the past stay in the past. Your job now is to begin to forge a new way forward, to create a new kingdom for yourself with new boundaries and new rules. You can create that place however you want, and you must be careful to not let old patterns return to influence your new rule-setting. Let your personal health and well-being dictate the rules you establish; let the voices most concerned with your goodness take the lead.


Daily Draw: Queen of Wands and V The Hierophant

Today’s draw is going to be short and sweet, darlings: your Oracle finally finished clearing out her storage unit yesterday and she’s beyond exhausted now both emotionally and physically. So let’s see here: The draw today advises us to stay away from women (or female-energied folks) who are too bossy or overbearing, or if we can’t, then shield ourselves around them. The energy is too frantic, to wound up and driven to be processed right now. Get those shields up and keep them up. Rely where you can on fairness, justice, and the sanctuary provided by quiet reflection. Go inward for peace, and if you need to, let someone else set the rules for today and just go along.


Daily Draw (Winter Solstice Edition): Three of Cups, Six of Cups, Page of Wands

Blessed Solstice, friends! Here in the northern hemisphere it’s the winter solstice and we celebrate the return of the light. Today is a day to relax and enjoy being with friends and family. Let yourself play a little if you can. Take deep breaths. Practice laughing. Drink deep, and release fear and regret. Don’t worry about what’s past and gone, especially as regards decisions and choices you’ve made. Let them go and draw strength from the conquests you’ve made over previous demons. Don’t let yourself get lost in nostalgia and daydreams about the past and what might have been. Let it all go and put your energy into facing forward and moving on. You’ve got adventures coming, no matter how impossible they might seem right now. So put your energy into planning and taking the steps you need to take to get ready to move when the time is right. And for now, let your hair down and relax a bit! Take a moment to acknowledge the seasonal shift wherever you are, and raise a glass to your ancestors. Hail, Yule! Or Hail, Midsummer! Hail, Litha! Blessings to you all!