Daily Draw: King of Swords (Thrym)

Today’s draw is the King of Swords (Thrym) with the rune Perthro, the Lenormand cards The Birds and The Child, and the charms The Plate, The Handcuffs, and The Other. Watch your speech today, my friends. Keep it necessary and clear, and avoid gossip and chatter because those things will get you into trouble whether you know it or not. Your sources of nourishment right now are deep and old–feed yourself well, with good material and elements that are rich and foundational (in other words, no crap TV, no tabloids, no fast food). This is a long-term process you’re going through, so respect it and respect yourself by letting yourself go deep today. (Decks are The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera and The Revolutionary Lenormand by Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. Runes are my own, and charms are my own and Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II.)

King Swords Thrym

Reading for the Day: Thurs 7/17/14

Today’s reading is from the Lenormand deck by Robert Place and Rachel Pollack, The Burning Serpent Oracle.




It’s a sign of good news, of having hope, and of approaching the mystery with faith and reason to believe in a good outcome. Are you getting ready to go back to school, or getting the kids ready to go back? I know, I know, it’s the middle of summer and who wants to be thinking about these things now? But it will come, the school year, and the little ones have every reason for hope. The older kids have reason to feel good about their studies, and you as a parent (if you are a parent) have every reason to feel good about their progress.

But the cards can mean something a little less literal as well: the Children (13) can indicate something new coming into your life, something fresh and clear; or perhaps you are being granted a new way of seeing an old problem. The Stars (16) offer both hope and clarity of vision, so whatever the Child card is about, the good news is that there’s good news around it (does that make sense?). The Book of Life (26) is a card of secrets, but also of Fate and Destiny, and when added to the Stars card, the idea of what is fated is emphasized. What is to come is what’s meant to be, and it’s important to take it in as a child would, with wonder and curiosity and a clarity of mind that is often only granted to the newest of the new. Jump into the unknown, my dears. You are stardust, you are golden. You are billion-year-old carbon. And you’ve got to get yourself back to the Garden. Where is your Garden?