My Runes

Daily Draw: Memento Mori and Nazar

Time to leap, friends. Let go of whatever you’ve been holding onto and just leap. What comes when you land will help you meet those dreams and goals in ways you could never imagine prior to jumping. You have shielding and protection you’re not aware of, so don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re doing this alone: you’re not. Have faith that the ending you’re going through is normal, natural, and a necessary process of shedding; leave all that behind and move forward in the direction of your dreams — even if you don’t reach that place where you want to be (yet), at least you’ll be starting off in the right direction. Let go of old ways of thinking and old types of processes and pathways. Find a new way.


Daily Draw: Wings and Lotus Fire

Today’s draw is an admonition to get back to work. The distractions are really not helping right now. You need focus, energy, and drive, and that can’t happen with Instagram and Facebook pinging away at you every few minutes. Turn the distractions off and think. What do you need to do? What have you been trying to accomplish for months? Do you have a plan? Don’t freak out if you don’t; freaking out won’t help. Just take some deep breaths, get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, sit yourself down, and get to work. Plan it out. Make lists. If you’ve already got your lists made, pick one thing to do, then do it. Work through it and get it done. Then pick another thing from the list and get that done. And then another, and another. You can daydream later. For now, you need to fight the urge to drift and stay firmly rooted in the here and now.


Daily Draw: Alchemy and Gargoyle

Today’s draw is about how things appear versus how they really are, and how to move between those extremes. Beware of thinking you’re all that and a bag of chips today: you’ve had help to get where you are (everybody does), and it would serve you very well to remember it and express gratitude for those who have made your journey easier. If others tend to look down on you, by all means slap that crown on your head and make sure they know it’s there — no sense having people try to walk all over you just because you’re exercising gratitude and humility today. That’s what the Guardian is about: establish firm and strong boundaries, and empower them with some form of spirit. Feed your protectors, and celebrate them. Let them know they’re loved, because the work they do is vital to your safety and support. You’re not alone, really.


Daily Draw: Five of Cups and King of Cups

Welcome back, darlings! Today’s draw is an admonition to move on despite whatever else you might be going through. Put up your shields and boundaries and grieve where you need to, but don’t be afraid to let go and move on. Give yourself time to process whatever is coming up, and try to do so creatively: write, draw, paint, sculpt, knit, build, or even destroy if that’s what you need to do. Allow it all to flow out so that you aren’t carrying it around with you. It’s baggage that needs to go. And also don’t worry about keeping others on the “outside” side of the fence: they can sit out there and wait until it’s their turn to be admitted into The Presence.


Daily Draw: Three of Wands and Five of Swords

First off, darlings, your Oracle is going to Pantheacon in San Jose, so divinations will be intermittent over the next four days. Pantheacon yay!

Ok, now for this mess. There is SO much going on here that it’s going to be hard to focus today. You’ve worked hard and gotten yourself ready to face things, but you’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and that’s not good. Get your protective shields up, root yourself in your traditions and good habits, and answer meanness and petty problems with a big smile and an overpowering, “No Problem!” attitude. You can handle anything they throw at you, and you have more help than you know. Don’t trust the naysayers, and let their worries and fidgets be their own problem, not yours.


Daily Draw: The Chariot and The Devil

Yeah, these two together can be dangerous: nothing like a demon ride down a dark highway at high speed with the headlights off to get the adrenaline going. But it’s all so unnecessary. You do need to get from Point A to Point B, it’s true. But your reasons for fear, for anxiety and upsetness require some closer examination. Are you letting your emotions run away with you? Who’s driving the car? Take a few deep breaths, get clear on what you need to do and why you’re doing it, and put the worry-mind firmy in the back seat where it belongs. Take charge of your motivations and go for it!


Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles and Seven of Swords

Our friend the Seven of Swords is back, so the energy is still around in which questioning everything and using your creative thinking skills is the best way to get through unscathed. There are ideas and concepts you need to learn and time is running out, so the dead weight is getting stripped away in a manner that may not be particularly pleasant. Let the change happen. Let go of fears and if you have confusion, just let yourself be confused for now. You’ll figure it out later. For now, be clever, be quiet, move quickly and with determination, be ready to disguise yourself if you need to, and for heaven’s sake learn from the mistakes of others.