Raven Kaldera

Daily Draw: The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s draw is pretty in-your-face badass, and it’s calling on all of us to be that way too. In this deck by Raven Kaldera, the High Priestess is not a remote mystic, not a tidy and somewhat antiseptic visionary. She is Angrboda, bloody wise woman of the Iron Woods who is a chief and a leader of leaders in her own right and a shamanic magic worker who knows where all the bodies are buried (probably because she put them there). She is power and responsibility, taking control of one’s own magic and one’s own destiny. The rune in today’s draw is Calc reversed, and the charms are The Wishing Well, The Man, and The Baby Carriage. Calc, the Wishing Well, and the Baby Carriage are all tipped over, spilling out their contents and emptying onto the ground. Time to let go of wishful thinking and get real. Time to put aside childish things and grow up. Time to take action in your life and take responsibility for your choices. Face your demons. Face your fears. Face your insecurities. Own your magic and your shit both. Stop wishing and start doing.

II High Priestess Angrboda

Daily Draw: 4 of Swords (The Volva)

Today’s draw is intense and powerful: the 4 of Swords (in The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera) depicts the story of Odin going into the land of the dead to consult The Volva to discover how to stop Ragnarok. The Volva is angry at being disturbed, and the lesson is to be careful what and who you raise in your quest for answers that might not actually serve you. The rune for today is Eihwaz, and the charms are The Skull, The Book, The Scales, and The Peace Symbol—all of which are reflecting the wisdom of the card in a really powerful way. There isn’t much I can add here (and I’m actually still vibing from it and sifting it out). Be wise about the questions you’re asking, and be prepared to sit in silent contemplation of the question rather than going in mad pursuit of the answers. Some answers are not meant for us at this time. When you do go in search of answers, you will be crossing borders and boundaries into places that have their own rules and laws, so be careful. Proceed from a place of humility, or better yet, leave the question in peace and just wait.

4 Swords The Volva

Daily Draw: King of Swords (Thrym)

Today’s draw is the King of Swords (Thrym) with the rune Perthro, the Lenormand cards The Birds and The Child, and the charms The Plate, The Handcuffs, and The Other. Watch your speech today, my friends. Keep it necessary and clear, and avoid gossip and chatter because those things will get you into trouble whether you know it or not. Your sources of nourishment right now are deep and old–feed yourself well, with good material and elements that are rich and foundational (in other words, no crap TV, no tabloids, no fast food). This is a long-term process you’re going through, so respect it and respect yourself by letting yourself go deep today. (Decks are The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera and The Revolutionary Lenormand by Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. Runes are my own, and charms are my own and Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II.)

King Swords Thrym

Daily Draw: The Fool (Ymir)

Today’s draw is Ymir, The Fool; charms are The Letter, The Lantern, and The Owl, and the rune is Os, rune of the God-Voice. Today is a day to clear your mind. Let yourself be the beginner, the student. Don’t rely on your own wisdom, because it’s not going to be sufficient today. Be taught by The Silence that is the Divine, however that manifests for you. Practice saying, “I don’t know. Let me think about that and get back to you.” Read good books and if you are a praying or meditating person, pray or meditate.

0 Fool Ymir

Daily Draw: 6 of Swords (Bergelmir)

Today’s draw is the 6 of Swords (the Frost Giant Bergelmir) and The Hand, The Keys, The Star, and The Sun And Moon. It is or it soon will be time to move on, and you can take some amount of control over how and when you go and where you end up. Do not give up hope and allow yourself to be driven by the tides. Wake up, shake it off, get to the helm, and steer. These are loving directions, not somebody yelling at you. Still, if it helps to think of them coming from your Inner Drill Sargeant, roll with it. Anything to get you moving. Don’t be afraid of the dark, my dears. Be afraid of drowning in the dark.

6 Swords Bergelmir

Daily Draw: Knight of Wands (REV), Daeg

Today’s draw is the Knight of Wands reversed, Daeg, the half-elf half-giant herald of the Day. The charm that fell with this draw is The Mirror. Slow down, people. Do not go wildly today, nor make any decisions quickly. Take your time to think things through. Look hard at what people say and at how you respond. Watch yourself, and pay attention to how your emotions are being played. Be your real self, and be careful of commitments. Day has not broken yet.

Knight Wands Daeg

Daily Draw: VI The Lovers (REV) Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn

(The Lovers reversed with Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn from The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera; also featuring the rune Laguz and The Noose, The Broom, and The Barbell charms) Today’s draw is about balance, flow, and directing your energy at the wrong targets. Don’t be too sweet, too kind, too forgiving. Don’t be afraid to call people out on their shit. Just make sure your wrath, your energy, your power, your sexual desires are all directed properly and not at false things. And if you can’t, go work it out. Seriously, taking it out on the gym is so much more advisable than taking it out on the wrong person. We’re all in this together, and even if you’re alone, you’re not alone. Ponder that for a bit.

VI The Lovers REV