Daily Draw: 4 Wands (rev) — Ganglati, and The Sword

Good, mystical signs are about today. Keep going, and don’t be mistaken by your circmstances. You may be poor (perhaps), but you are royal. You are empowered. You just can’t see it right now. You can’t see much of anything right now, and that’s ok. Keep moving. Don’t rush–don’t be a mad thing. One step at a time. Just keep going. And don’t ever be afraid that you’re not good enough or somehow unworthy, or that you don’t deserve your triumph. You do. You’ve earned it. More than that: you’ve already paid for it. It’s yours. There’s nothing more you need to do except BE it. Embody victory. Breathe triumph. You are not only a winner, you are the prize.


Daily Draw: II Oracle & Earth Four

Today’s draw is a reminder, in case we needed one, that we are being swept through a scouring process of cleansing and purification right now, and if things are painful and uncomfortable, that’s just how they have to be right now. Your burdens are being burned away, through your own actions and the movements of the spheres (as our medieval cousins would have said), and you definitely don’t want to weigh anchor and live here. As Winston Churchill once wisely said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Hell is not a place you want to buy land. Flow. Move. Keep going. Let go of what’s dragging you back. Do any kind of release ritual you need to to be free of it. Keep moving forward. Let the bandage get ripped off the wound. It may hurt now, but will turn out to be a good thing in the end. Also, if you’re an artist, take note: your past is a GREAT place from which to draw inspiration. If thoughts or ideas pop up from that misty realm, jot them down for future explorations.


Daily Draw: The Wheel of Fortune (The Nornir)

Transformation is at hand, my friends. Today is a good, auspicious day for changes, whether you want them to happen or not. Ground your desires, that which you wish to change, in hard and fast reality. Be real, but also be optimistic. The sun is shining on you today. Be someone else’s good fortune, and share the wealth. Focus, and let go of whatever you’ve been clinging to, even if it seems like it’s the only thing keeping you afloat. Let go, and trust that (a) you don’t need it (that is to say, yes, you can in fact swim), and (b) something better to hang onto is nearby. Open. Expand. Breathe out and relax. As T. Thorn Coyle said in her blog post yesterday, allow yourself the gift of space.

The Wheel Nornir

Daily Draw: Ace of Coins REV (Gefjon)

Today’s draw is permission to get professional help, my dears. Ask for help from those who know. Sometimes when we’ve got a big job to do, it takes somebody who’s done it before to show us how. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Drink the medicine, get drunk on it if that’s what it takes, and get help going deep. Let people help you. (The card for the day by the way is the Ace of Coins reversed, the rune Perthro, and The Caduceus, The Wine Bottle, and The Microphone.)

Ace of Coins Gefjon

Daily Draw: 4 of Cups (Hevring)

Today’s draw is the Four of Cups, and in The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera (the one I’ve been mostly using lately), the Four of Cups is represented by Hevring, the Undine of Sorrow. Her name means “Heaving Wave,” which is what sorrow feels like. The rune is Fehu, a rune of good fortune and wealth, so that’s good. The charms are The Live Preserver, The Artist, The Magic Wand, The Ghost, The Man, The Stroller, and the Quest Die which has fallen on the question, “Who?” Who are you? Hang onto who you are today, my friends. Remember your wishes and dreams; remember where your magic comes from. Let what you gather to yourself be what means most to you. And ask for help if you need it.

4 Cups Hevring

Daily Draw: Queen of Swords (Jarnsaxa)

Today’s daily draw is the Queen of Swords, Jarnsaxa, Iron Maiden and mother of Thor’s immensely powerful sons. The rune is Gebo, and the charms are The Puzzle Piece, The Dog, The Keys (I think of these as Hekate’s Keys), The Hook, The Broom, and The Ship. Lots going on here. You are in the midst of a swirl of energies, my dears; many pieces of the puzzle coming at you all at once. See the gifts, the good, but also use what you’ve already been given. Be careful of dismissing previously given gifts because you think you don’t need them. But also be willing to be ruthless in cutting away what is no longer serving you. You are an Iron Mother (regardless of your born gender)–you have all the magic you need in you to forge your life, so just have some faith in it already.

Queen of Swords Jarnsaxa

Daily Draw: 5 of Coins (Hreidmar and Ottar)

Today’s draw is unlucky, my dears. Sometimes the gods blow through your life and just take your shit, and there’s nothing you can do about it but grieve what’s gone and try to move on. The grief will pass, though, and with it leaving will come room for new good fortune to enter. Don’t waste your resources, especially your precious spiritual resources, on people who don’t deserve them; do your best to just relax and go with the flow today no matter what happens.

5 Coins Hreidmar & Ottar

Daily Draw: The Star, Nott

Take heart, my darlings! The God Voice Itself is singing words of hope and joy to you today. The card is The Star, Nott, ancient giantess mother of the Dawn. The charms cast for today are The Lighthouse, The Blessed Heart, The Flying Pig, The Bullet Shell, and The Ancestor Gnome (who is awesome). Runes drawn for today are Os and Wunjo. Don’t give up. Don’t give in to self-destruction. Believe in the impossible, because you can make the impossible possible–you do it every single day. You are so close now, and are being guided home. HANG ON. Morning is nigh, my beautiful dears.

17 The Star Nott

Daily Draw: 4 of Wands (Ganglati)

Today’s draw is the 4 of Wands (Ganglati) with the rune Hagalaz and The Noose, The Recycling Symbol, and The Arrow charms. The destructive energies around you now are sweeping away what needs to go. Don’t stop them or fight the process. Let it go. Let it be taken. Allow the release to happen, and let room be made for what’s coming next. If you need to die today, it’s ok to die. You’ll be born again tomorrow. Also tip your servers and be nice to them because your time in the afterworld before being reborn will utterly suck if you don’t.


Daily Draw: 10 of Swords (Narvi & Vali)

Today’s draw is the 10 of Swords, with the rune Chalc and The Diamond, The Handcuffs, and The Man charms. We all have to work for a living (or most of us do, anyway), and it’s something you’re chained to for now. Let your dreams and desires lift you up and make dealing with the daily grind bearable. Hang on, and let your heart whispers carry you today and bring you what joy can be found.

10 Swords Narvi & Vali