The Giants’ Tarot

Daily Draw: Ace of Coins (Gefjon) and Four of Wands (Ganglati)

We’re seeing Ganglati a lot these days: that Four of Wands energy of creating home and establishing solid habits and getting those foundations cleaned up and solidified. It’s also the “silly season” of holiday madness, home, and family, and loads of attendant stress and anxiety to go along with all that togetherness. Today’s draw is a reminder to set healthy boundaries and allow yourself time to play because that’s more important than you might think. We need our whimsy, our play-time, and our current culture not only doesn’t allow it but actively tries to stamp it out. Work against that, my dears. Get outside if you can and breathe some fresh air. Set up boundaries to protect your inner child (or however you choose to think of this side of yourself that engages in sacred play), and hold those boundaries. The Sun, Moon, and Stars are all in alignment in this draw (check out the center of the reading; all three are there in a vertical row), and there’s a Tree on each card. Balance, balance, balance. Get some self-care in there amidst all the requirements for others. Get some play in there amidst all the work. And remember to be as nice as you can be to everyone. You never know who you’re dealing with or what they’re going through. Wish everyone a happy holiday season.


Daily Draw: Four of Wands (Ganglati) and Two of Wands (Bolthorn)

Today’s draw is about getting it done: whatever needs doing around the house, whatever chores need to happen, whatever’s going on at work, just get it done. Don’t complain, don’t bitch about the help, just take a deep breath and get it done. Learn from the silence required of not bitching, and make it meditative if you can. Make it a prayer. There are many who are working this holiday season and who regularly receive no thanks, no gifts, and no good wishes. So give thanks for your blessings and do the work that needs doing. Put up those boundaries against outside energies that would drag you down. Who needs it? Protect yourself from the holiday lunacy and selfishness. You’ve finished something recently, passed through some form of trial, and now it’s time to move on. Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned, let the negativity go, give back where you can, and move on.


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Daily Draw: The Sun (Sunna) and The Devil (Fenris)

Today is about light and darkness, and both are working for you. The challenge is to learn how to take best advantage of both. The light of the sun is on its way back; next week is the Winter Solstice marking the return of the light to the northern hemisphere. But the darkness isn’t done with us yet, and that’s ok. There is work to be done and we still can’t see where we’re going–and it may even feel like we’re not going anywhere yet. But there is an entire world of potential in the seeds that lie beneath the surface of the earth, still in darkness themselves, and they’re waiting for that precious sunlight to warm the ground where they lie so that they can begin to grow and manifest. You’re not done wishing yet, and it’s important to remember to work toward making your wishes and dreams a reality. Don’t lose heart, though, and focus where you can on the return of the light, even if you’re still surrounded by the dark. Try to make friends with it while it’s around: you never know what you’ll learn or how that will help you in the future.


Daily Draw: Ace of Coins (Gefjon) and Eight of Wands (Mjol)

Today’s draw is about moving on from what’s gone before and putting all your energies into new projects and great new ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are kind of whackadoodle; there are nuggets of learning and wisdom in there, so even if the ideas don’t pan out, you’ll still glean valuable treasures from the experience. You are being directed by that inner voice, the inner Guru who is connected to Source, so take the time to listen. Slow down, let yourself hear what’s being said, and try not to let what other people say get to you. Don’t try so hard to be strong that you end up being brittle and immovable. And don’t try so hard to keep up with the flow of the culture around you that you lose your roots. Relax, breathe, slow down, and listen to the Inner Guru. Follow your own merry tune today, and let others do their own thing.


Daily Draw: Four of Wands (Ganglati) and Five of Wands (Gjalp & Greip)

Today’s draw is about doing the work in front of you and recognizing all the resources at your disposal, even if they are not optimal or somehow not what you had hoped they would be. There is comfort and ease to be had even in darkness, even in places where you think it’s the end of the world. Relax. Take a breath. Nurture yourself as best you can with what’s around, and be grateful to everyone who helps you. Realize that there is always someone somewhere who has it worse than you, even as there are those who have it better. You are where you are, and that’s ok. Do the work, keep moving, and for god’s sake stop tilting at windmills. They’re windmills. They don’t care if you fight them or not. There’s nothing noble in fighting the non-existent fight. Don’t let yourself get run away with by fantasy–we here at Muse’s Darling Industries have a bad habit of fighting the great social issues of the day in our heads, which takes a great deal of focus and energy and doesn’t lead to any real-world change or growth. It just leads to us being tired and cranky. Now, don’t mistake me: find a way to make your voice heard on those issues about which you’re passionate: donate to charity, write letters, protest, make signs, march, chant, and support. But just do that out in the world where it can do some good, not just in your head. And don’t pay attention to advertising messages right now: they’re designed to separate you from your money, they’re stupid, and this whole Christmas shopping lunacy will be over soon. Don’t make purchases now that you’ll regret in January.

Deck: “The Giants’ Tarot” by Raven Kaldera
— The Muse’s Darling



Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (Svipdag) and VII The Chariot (Hati & Skoll))

Today’s draw is about fighting for and protecting that which we love the most. Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight for your heart. What is most important to you? What matters the most? Don’t be shy. And be careful of just spinning your wheels. Make your movements count. Do direct, important things that will further your cause. Don’t just wander around yelling about how awesome your wonderful things are. DO something to push them along. Don’t get distracted or dragged down by details. Focus and get moving in a solid, directed way, and go for it.



Daily Draw: Eight of Coins (Olvalde & Sons) and Two of Wands (Bolthorn)

Be careful who you trust with your wisdom today, and watch out for social media. There is energy floating around that isn’t helpful, and there may be people who want to piggy-back on your hard work and take advantage of what you’ve done in the name of helping you out. It’s not a terrible evil, though, or anything vampiric. It’s just people who are mostly well-meaning but who also see your energy as a powerful force and want to use it to energize their own efforts. If they’re children, it’s ok. Kids do this because they’re supposed to, and as adults/parents/grownups/teachers, we’re supposed to let them. They need us. But if they’re not children, keep those boundaries up. Lean on your friends. Listen to the advice of those who love you, and don’t let yourself get twisted up in the holiday madness. Relax, remember to breathe, and shield yourself from the distractions and hyper-noise that often masks attacks.