The Minoan Tarot

Daily Draw: Evening Star, Sea Three, & XI Balance

Today’s draw talks about messages coming in from Spirit and how to manifest them both within and without. Take comfort and trust yourself. Express yourself. Be as creative you want to be, and do your thing. Be you. Do you. Don’t worry about fiercely attacking others in order to make room for yourself. If others aren’t seeing you, who cares? You see you, and that’s all that matters. Don’t attack. Just move to another location that isn’t occupied. Celebrate how good you are, and how sacred. Remember yourself, and don’t mistake the disguises you wear for the real thing. Relax and enjoy yourself today. Do what you need to do, but remember to include what you want to do in that as well. You need to do what you want to do. So consider this your permission slip. Go do both.


Daily Draw: Earth Mistress & Ecstasy

Today’s wisdom-channeling will be brief, my dears, since your oracle has ALL THE THINGS to get to and she’s already had to chase two deer out of the backyard on only half a cup of coffee. #unfair 😉

Ok, so here’s the thing: Using your intuition to make your next set of choices is a good idea. You’re stronger and more powerful than you know. It will be madness for awhile. Hell, it may already be madness. The challenge is not only to find your way through the madness, it’s to make the madness your own. Sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA” until it’s over is not a good approach. Stop. Let the chaos come closer. Talk to it. Personify it, and let It manifest in Its sacred way. Breathe deeply, and let your command, your Queenship, embrace and become the madness for awhile. When you finally do walk out of the dust cloud at the end, you will have gained a powerful new ally.


Daily Draw: Sea Worker, Sea Mistress, VII Chariot

It’s ok to be in the midst of a flow in which you have no idea what’s happening or what to do next. It’s more normal than maybe we’ve been led to believe by the media-hype machine that shows people doing what they’re supposed to be doing (or not) and reaping the rewards for it (or providing a tidy learning experience for the rest of us). In fact, chaos is normal and all a matter of perspective. So think today about how you define chaos, and maybe play with the idea of driving blind (metaphorically, PLEASE; don’t anybody actually try to drive blind), just to see what happens and where you end up. Be vulnerable. I mean, you already are vulnerable right now anyway, so maybe just let yourself be aware of your vulnerability rather than shielding up. What happens when you stay soft? You’re human. You’re here to live a human life. So be human. Be weird and farty and uncoordinated and strange. Be hairy if you want. Fail. Flail. Be imperfect. Just go. Do. Be. And let it happen.


Daily Draw: II Oracle & Earth Four

Today’s draw is a reminder, in case we needed one, that we are being swept through a scouring process of cleansing and purification right now, and if things are painful and uncomfortable, that’s just how they have to be right now. Your burdens are being burned away, through your own actions and the movements of the spheres (as our medieval cousins would have said), and you definitely don’t want to weigh anchor and live here. As Winston Churchill once wisely said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Hell is not a place you want to buy land. Flow. Move. Keep going. Let go of what’s dragging you back. Do any kind of release ritual you need to to be free of it. Keep moving forward. Let the bandage get ripped off the wound. It may hurt now, but will turn out to be a good thing in the end. Also, if you’re an artist, take note: your past is a GREAT place from which to draw inspiration. If thoughts or ideas pop up from that misty realm, jot them down for future explorations.


Daily Draw: IV God & Earth Master

Go within today. Examine your inner kingdom, your ways of doing things and thinking about things. Be clear about what you let yourself get away with and what needs to change. Be honest, and don’t be too hard on yourself: that can block growth just as much as being too easy on yourself can infantalize it. Concentrate. Focus. Seek symbols without to mirror what’s happening within. And don’t forget to be of service where you can. The world needs your action. The clearer you get within yourself about who you are and what you’re here to do, the better able you’re going to be to be of service to others who need you.


Daily Draw: XV Ecstasy & Twilight

Listen to the psychic as she says, “There is no knowing the future today.” Choose to be in today, in your life, awake and alive to whatever comes. Choose beauty. See the goodness, and let go of needing to know what comes next. A fool stares into the fog and misses the beauty behind her. So just let go of needing to know today and see today.


Daily Draw: Sky Ten & Echo

Today’s draw is about transformation and moving into new spaces. Speak about where you’ve been, write about your journey, and let your voice be heard. But make no mistake: you have transformed into something new so don’t try to go back. There’s nothing back there any more. The door is closed, and more than that–the door back to the old ways has vanished, so don’t even bother looking for it. Start moving into your new spaces, explore the new ways, and use the gifts you’ve worked so hard to develop to find the new paths. Try at least one new thing today.