Daily Draw: X Wheel of Fortune and Eight of Earth

Reach out and grab the opportunities that come for you today, whether they look like the brass ring or an important email or even a chance to boop Lakshmi on the nose (check out the picture; the hand of The Arm landed right on Lakshmi’s nose 🙂 ). Take whatever comes today with a generous heart and a good sense of humor, because it’s all silly and wacky and bizarre and none of us get out of here alive, so remember we’re all in it together. Pay attention to what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to do the grunt work you need to do to keep things moving along. Leave behind what isn’t working for you, take action where you can (and be honest!), and be sure to let yourself laugh as much as you can. Breathe and be a part of the day.


Daily Draw: XIII Death and the Maiden of Earth

Today’s draw provides a startling reminder that life and death are in a constant beautiful dance, and that we cannot have one without the other. Death happens, and it needs to happen so that what needs to come forth can be nourished into birth — because of course what dies feeds what comes to life. Death is as much a mothering as birth is, just in a different way. We Westerners tend to cling to life so fiercely because we’ve been taught to fear death as a form of punishment for evil-doing instead of the natural and honored part of the Universal cycle of existence it is. Face the day as your own beautiful, charming self, and do your best to be alive while you’re alive. Try to enjoy yourself more and worry less about the challenges and burdens of life. (I’m actually telling myself this as I’m saying it to you because it’s very hard for me to do too, so this isn’t me just preaching at ya — I’m preaching at us both. 😉 ) Solutions come from approaching things with beginner’s mind, getting away from preconceived notions and fears and just accepting things as they are.


Daily Draw: Nine of Wind and Seven of Seas

All the signs today point to things being frantic and a mess in the work world. Travel may come up at the last minute, and trying to process everything that’s going through your mind may make it difficult to make clear, thoughtful choices and decisions. There might also be some sneaky people saying less than helpful things, so be careful what you take in today. It’s time to wake up and actively choose what’s coming through your boundaries. Pay attention to your thoughts because they are making the world as you’re thinking it. What are you afraid to face? What are you protecting yourself from? It’s time to face those things so that you can move on. Being stuck is another source of anxiety and worry, so that could be making things worse as well. Time to get unstuck.


Daily Draw: Mother of Fire and the Chariot

Today we are called on to let our passions for what we’ve loved most all this time drive us, and we’re challenged to go for it as fully as we can. The energy is well-suited for developing ideas and dreams, and if it feels a little bit like you’ve “drunk the Kool-aid,” so be it. You know what’s best for you better than anyone else, and no one but you can say what will make you happy. Trust your inner guidance, and when you go for it, let the chips fall where they may. Stop trying to control outcomes — it only slows you down, and frankly things are going to be as they will be despite your best efforts, so stop wasting time and energy. Do your thing, and go for it.


Daily Draw: Mimir’s Fountain and The Rheingold

Today’s draw is an interesting combination of seeking wisdom and being sneaky about it while you’re doing it — actually, “sneaky” isn’t the right word. It’s more like not letting everyone know you’re going out in search of it. Let people believe whatever they want to believe, and just do your thing. The Sun charm indicates that all is well right now, and you’ve been blessed on your quest. Don’t give away what’s due you, and don’t let everyone know where your secrets are stashed. Just quietly, efficiently, and with determination, DO YOU.


Daily Draw: Mimir’s Fountain and Tyr

Today’s draw shows wisdom and magic everywhere, but at a price. Now, this is ok. Paying for things is good. We value what we have to pay for, and it’s only fair that something be given for something received. Focus on what you want and where you’re going, and then go for it. Be willing to fight for what you want, even if you have to make a sacrifice (hopefully it won’t be a hand or an eye) to get it. You hopefully won’t also end up dancing through the remains of your enemies that you’ve just slain (looking at you on the right there, Tyr), but there is a requirement of somehow fighting through whatever lies between you and your goals. You’ve got to push through it, whatever it is. Don’t be cowed by it, and don’t let it defeat you. Keep pushing, keep fighting, and don’t give up until you get where you need to be to receive the wisdom and magic you’ve earned.


Daily Draw: Fjörgyn and Audhumla

For the last few days we’ve been up to our ears in the masculine principle, the passionate testosterone-fueled movement that creates, generates, and activates. Now however, we’re being given a little breather. Take advantage of the time, even if only for a few moments today, to breathe, ground, and center yourself. Take in the nurturing from the outside world: here in the northern hemisphere the air is getting softer and more fragrant; in the southern hemisphere it’s developing a sharpness and edge that clears away clutter. Let yourself breathe it in wherever you are. Notice the changing colors and shapes of things around you, and see how the animals, birds, insects, fish, and reptiles are changing their movements with the seasonal shift. Move with it, as gently as you can today. There’s no need to bash around right now. Take mindful steps and pay attention to where you’re going and how you’re getting there.