8 of Wands

Daily Draw: Ace of Coins (Gefjon) and Eight of Wands (Mjol)

Today’s draw is about moving on from what’s gone before and putting all your energies into new projects and great new ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are kind of whackadoodle; there are nuggets of learning and wisdom in there, so even if the ideas don’t pan out, you’ll still glean valuable treasures from the experience. You are being directed by that inner voice, the inner Guru who is connected to Source, so take the time to listen. Slow down, let yourself hear what’s being said, and try not to let what other people say get to you. Don’t try so hard to be strong that you end up being brittle and immovable. And don’t try so hard to keep up with the flow of the culture around you that you lose your roots. Relax, breathe, slow down, and listen to the Inner Guru. Follow your own merry tune today, and let others do their own thing.


Daily Draw: 8 of Wands (rev), Mjol

Today’s draw, the reversed 8 of Wands, the rune Ear and The Sun (face down) and the upside-down Stork, is a reminder of the necessity of going into darkness every once in awhile. It’s necessary as a process of the spiritual and psychological life as much as it is a necessary part of physical life. We need to die in order to live. We need to let go of some things so that other things can be born. So today, our mission is to let ourselves see what needs to die. Look around. Take the time to slowly and carefully review your circumstances and see what can go. And before grieving for it too deeply, remember that new things are waiting to be born but cannot be without the death of what needs to die. By clinging to these old things, we are preventing our own future from being born. So stop it, take a deep breath, and let go.

8 Wands Mjol

Daily Draw: 8 of Wands REV (Mjol)

Today’s draw is the 8 of Wands reversed, with the rune Sowelo and The Lighthouse and Fate charms. Things are slowing down and losing momentum, my dears, and that’s ok. Have you ever driven at night through the fog on a lonely coastal highway with no streetlights and no way to see what’s coming at you, and you’re at that devil-may-care stage of your life when doing so at 80 miles per hour seems like a great idea? Yeah, that phase is over and you’re waking up to the reality that demon rides in the dark are only fun when you’re self-destructive and/or in your twenties. Slowing down means seeing the signs as they appear out of the mist, and making adjustments based on them. Changes are coming and they could be big—you just may have to get out of the car and walk to take full advantage of them.

8 Wands Mjol