Daily Draw: Three of Wands and Five of Swords

First off, darlings, your Oracle is going to Pantheacon in San Jose, so divinations will be intermittent over the next four days. Pantheacon yay!

Ok, now for this mess. There is SO much going on here that it’s going to be hard to focus today. You’ve worked hard and gotten yourself ready to face things, but you’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and that’s not good. Get your protective shields up, root yourself in your traditions and good habits, and answer meanness and petty problems with a big smile and an overpowering, “No Problem!” attitude. You can handle anything they throw at you, and you have more help than you know. Don’t trust the naysayers, and let their worries and fidgets be their own problem, not yours.


Daily Draw: Three of Pentacles and Two of Wands

Today’s draw puts us smack into the workaday world and provides a gentle warning that hard times — or actually, let’s not call them “hard” because they may not be, they may just be intense and occasionally challenging — are coming. Creativity will be required to find ways to work with that challenging energy, and having some kind of protection for yourself is a good idea. Do what you can to take care of yourself, and don’t lose hope. You are more than up to this challenge, and can totally kick its ass. And once you do, your confidence will be so much stronger when the next life-challenge comes along.


Daily Draw: Take Them Prisoner, Twist of Fate

Watch your backs today, my dears. There are unhelpful forces abroad in the world and they want to mess you up. Remember to shield and protect yourselves, and keep your focus on the long-term goal. Don’t be distracted by short-term setbacks. There are events and passages coming that you can’t avoid or escape, and the best thing to do is just live your lives and do your best. When and if disaster strikes, and it will sooner or later because it always does, rely on your experiences and training, and stay focused as much as you can on the good within you and others.


Daily Draw: Two of Fire, Eight of Seas, XIV Alchemy

Today’s draw is a reminder to not get so burned out that you can’t do anything else. Centering, grounding, and self-nourishing is what’s needed before going forward. Things have sucked lately on some levels, and we’re coming up on Brighid’s festival of fire, Imbolc. In order to get ready for the magical creation and manifestation that’s possible at that time, it’s critical to start paying attention to your own inner fire. It’s almost gone out, and it needs some replenishing. Do what you can today to pause and shelter. Build up the protective walls around your little sacred flame, and breathe it back into life. Watch out for others trying to lean too hard on you; let them stand on their own for a bit while you get your own strength back.


Daily Draw: King of Coins and IX The Hermit

Holiday madness is in full swing out there, and today’s draw recognizes that. It’s very clear that the thing to do is cut out as much of the craziness as you can. Disconnect from it and just don’t even leave the house if you can avoid it. Don’t engage with it, and if you have to, guard and shield yourself. Don’t get into it with your crazy uncle who likes to drink and criticize “them gays,” and stay away from fights about gun control and reproductive rights over the cheese log. Just don’t. Do whatever you need to do to celebrate the goodness and joy of this season, and enjoy as much as you can. But don’t be afraid to withdraw when you need to. Self-care is very in this season.


Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (Svipdag) and VII The Chariot (Hati & Skoll))

Today’s draw is about fighting for and protecting that which we love the most. Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight for your heart. What is most important to you? What matters the most? Don’t be shy. And be careful of just spinning your wheels. Make your movements count. Do direct, important things that will further your cause. Don’t just wander around yelling about how awesome your wonderful things are. DO something to push them along. Don’t get distracted or dragged down by details. Focus and get moving in a solid, directed way, and go for it.



Daily Draw: The Rose, Frigg (Soul Magic), Ginnungagap (The Void)

We are well and truly on our way into the darkness, my dears, into the great Void of unknowing and sacred silence. Work your magic to create the bridge to bring being forth from nothingness, and be relentless in your pursuit of beauty. In “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” John Keats wrote, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” Do not be persuaded that human appearances or the appearance of any one thing comprises what we mean by “beauty.” What we’re aiming at is the truth of human experience, and how that conveys the magic and beauty of the universe we create and inhabit. Even the ugliness within ourselves has beauty because it conveys a truth. We may not wish to see that truth, but still we must if we are to successfully bridge the Void and move along the ever-circular path of being and nothingness and being again. If you would be born anew, you must acccept all parts of yourself, even the darkness within your own soul. Keep moving, and be ruthless in your forward movement–not unkind, not uncompassionate, not unaccepting of frailty, but ruthless in the pursuit of self-awareness and honest self-appraisal. You have tools you don’t know about yet, and you’ll never find them if you aren’t keenly aware of what you’re letting yourself get away with.