Daily Draw: The Lovers (Loki, Angrboda, & Sigyn) and The Empress (Laufey)

The energy today is all about cooperation and harmonious working, so if somehow that isn’t manifesting for you (I’m raising my hand over here), the possibility is present for tapping into a better, easier flow. All elements aren’t the same, but they work together to form a more cohesive whole than any would individually. Tap into and trust your intuition for guidance, and don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what is best for you, and be mindful (and adamant) about meeting your needs and taking care of yourself. The Wheel is always turning, and as we head into the Full Moon this weekend (which I’m assured is a Supermoon in Pisces), focus on what you want to bring more of into your life. Don’t worry so much about shedding the old stuff until after the Full Moon passes, unless what you want to bring more of is shedding, releasing, and making room for new growth and change–which is actually fine, if that’s what you want. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are going through a great process of shedding at the moment, and it’s what needs to happen. Now is the time for manifestation magic. Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance to see what’s most needed, and then create it.


Daily Draw: Ephemera, Knight of Wands (Daeg), & The Lovers rev (Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn)

All things pass away, even those things to which we thought we would be tied forever. Let them go, and even move away from them if you can. Trust your own inner strength, which is pretty fantastic, and don’t rely on the wisdom of others to get you through. Today’s cards show a rejection of any authority that is not innate, and a protection of that which is most precious. You don’t need permission. You don’t need to explain. Just be your powerful, magical self and know what you do for yourself is right.


Reblogging: Offerings from the air dakini writing retreat

Friends, this post is from the Dharma Pagan blog ( I contributed the invocation and praise poem for Angrboda. Check it out! Also Dharma Pagans are awesome. 😉

Here’s the invocation I wrote for Angrboda:

Power, blood, fire, wind,
oak tree, lightning, blasting forge.
Voice of pain, You god of swords,
You are iron, Mother of Death,
blood-red teeth, the Mother of monsters.
You are living, all eternal,
Your heaving sword is battle-tested.
You are the oak and tender acorn,
Life in one hand, death the other.
Mother of fire, blazing iron,
walls and strength and deep black earth,
Mother of the end of all things.
Wielder of sword and bow and hammer,
maker of magic, You know the wind’s secrets.
Bringer of armies, leader of men,
Hag of the Iron Wood, Chieftan of the Wolf Clan.
You lead, unflinching; You do not shirk the hard thing.
You love your children no matter how ugly.
You command, You rise–in life, in fury,
in determination. You do not look away.
God of fire, blazing passion, You lay with fire and rise unburned.
Power of ice that crushes all things,
power of earth that hides your grief,
power of fire that flows through earth and stone and mountain,
carrying loss and all your howling,
that, when it cools, builds new mountains.
You are stone and rock and hill, you are the mighty root
at the foot of all things.
Come now, Mother and Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.
Come now, Wise Woman and Healer and Shaman.
Come now, Leader and Warrior and Chief.
Come to me now and bring me wisdom.

-Karen Krebser, 2015 all rights reserved

Daily Draw: II The High Priestess, Angrboda

Today’s draw is about inner authority and doing what you need to do to ensure your own health and prosperity. Are you getting enough sleep? Enough exercise? Because here’s the thing: you’ve got one body. One heart, two lungs, two legs, two arms, two hands, etc., etc. These things are not easily replaceable, and if you do need to have one or another piece replaced it will take more money and energy than you really want to spend right now unless you have to. Take care of yourself. Can you walk up and down the steps where you live? Or walk around the office floor a few times? Get the blood moving, and practice deep breathing while you do it. If you’re traveling, reach out for home in your heart. Bring home with you (which is pretty much what we all do anyway; you’re just being asked to be conscious about it). Where are your boundaries? Are people pushing you to do too much? Are you letting them? Where is your focus? There’s so much that needs your attention, so take one little baby step today toward it. That’s all. Just one small step. No major leaps–you’re not ready for major leaps right now. Find that one little thing you can do, and do it.


Daily Draw: The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s draw is pretty in-your-face badass, and it’s calling on all of us to be that way too. In this deck by Raven Kaldera, the High Priestess is not a remote mystic, not a tidy and somewhat antiseptic visionary. She is Angrboda, bloody wise woman of the Iron Woods who is a chief and a leader of leaders in her own right and a shamanic magic worker who knows where all the bodies are buried (probably because she put them there). She is power and responsibility, taking control of one’s own magic and one’s own destiny. The rune in today’s draw is Calc reversed, and the charms are The Wishing Well, The Man, and The Baby Carriage. Calc, the Wishing Well, and the Baby Carriage are all tipped over, spilling out their contents and emptying onto the ground. Time to let go of wishful thinking and get real. Time to put aside childish things and grow up. Time to take action in your life and take responsibility for your choices. Face your demons. Face your fears. Face your insecurities. Own your magic and your shit both. Stop wishing and start doing.

II High Priestess Angrboda

Daily Draw: The High Priestess (rev), Angrboda

Today’s draw is the reversed High Priestess, the rune Sowelo, and the Scissors and the Arrow charms. Keep up with the process of removing that which no longer serves you in your environment, and keep this in mind: get help if you need it. Find resources for knowledge and wisdom, but before just trying to take it, ask for help. Ask for permission. Be humble because you don’t know every damn thing and you don’t get to just reach out and take whatever you want. There are steps to these things, and processes. In this apparently burgeoning age of spiritual appropriation, tradition-holders are getting wise to the tricks of appropriators and are rightfully fighting back to defend their traditions, so approach with caution and respect. And humility. A good dose of humility goes a LONG way.

High Priestess Angrboda

Daily Draw: II The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s card is The High Priestess. The rune is Perthro, the well of the priestess, the sacred depths into which She looks and from which She drinks; the charms that fell today are The Crown, The Shark, and The Garden. Community is good today, and taking your place within it is your task. Stand up. Be counted as who you are. It does no one any good if you’re pretending not to be the leader you are. Don’t be afraid to go deep. Sharks swim to the ocean floor way out in the Pacific–no one knows why or what they do out there. But they go WAY deep for a period of time and then come back. Let them guide you today, and don’t be afraid. Swim deep into the Well, my darlings, and bring back what you find there.
II High Priestess Angrboda