Daily Draw: Five of Cups and IV The Emperor

Today’s draw is an acknowledgment that when we sort and sift through things, uncomfortable and maybe even painful emotions are going to come up. Loss, regret, fear — all of them have their place in our memories, and all of those memories are attached to physical things. But as we leave things behind, either as we physically move on or as we change up our environments to bring in new energy, it’s important to remember to let go of the associations with those items. Let the past stay in the past. Your job now is to begin to forge a new way forward, to create a new kingdom for yourself with new boundaries and new rules. You can create that place however you want, and you must be careful to not let old patterns return to influence your new rule-setting. Let your personal health and well-being dictate the rules you establish; let the voices most concerned with your goodness take the lead.


Daily Draw: Memento Mori, Freyja (Sensuality), Hangatyr (Powerlessness)

Some old things need to die, and some new habits need to die off as well. Letting ourselves get distracted by fantasy and daydreaming isn’t helpful right now. It’s understandable of course because it’s human, and there’s a great deal of creative potential in daydreaming. But there’s a point at which so much “drifting” becomes counterproductive. Do what you can to focus today. I have a friend who sets a timer whenever she gets on Facebook because otherwise she’d lose hours. We all would–hell, we all do. The timer idea is very wise, and I’d recommend it or something like it in the coming days because there isn’t time any more to let go of focus. Another thing we need to let go of us that feeling of powerlessness and being at the whim of forces we can’t control. We are not just cogs in a machine. We’re not here to pad someone else’s bank account through our hard work. We are all parts of a Cosmic whole, and that whole is utterly undone without each of us doing our part. No one is more valuable that you, and no one is less valuable than you.


Daily Draw: Lily, Four of Cups rev. (Hevring), and Eir (Doctor)

Today’s draw is about letting go of grief and focusing on healing and moving forward. Grow into the new reality, the new way of being, and let yourself and the world around you be healed. What has passed on is now blossoming into something new in a way that is meant to be. Protect those weaker than you, and do your best to lift up those who are in need of help. You are being held by your Ancestors even if you can’t see or feel it. Get up and move. Don’t sit and wallow any more. It’s time to go.


Daily Draw: The Shield, the Four of Swords (the Volva), Thökk (Bitterness)

Today’s draw is about how we allow ourselves to be moved by our convictions. Do we dig too deeply into things better left alone because we feel entitled by our drive to prevent disaster? Are our fantasies driving us into areas that we don’t belong in? We need to be careful about that. We are being reminded that there is more going on than we can see, and that what we are perceiving as magical exceptionalism (e.g., “the gods want me to have this,” “I am the special one”) is in fact a reflection of the gifts we were given to share with others, not to crow about. Sometimes our convictions are wrong, or they have disastrous consequences. Maybe we thought we were right at the time, and we might even have been right, but the consequences of our actions have been devastating for more than ourselves and they represent things that cannot be fixed or undone. The best that can be done now is to acknowledge guilt and wrongdoing, make amends, and move on. There is new growth happening, and the best way for it to grow is to clear the ground of the detritus of past mistakes.


“A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount, “The Giants’ Tarot,” Raven Kaldera, “Das Germanische Götterorakel,” Red Dragon Edition


Daily Draw: Evening Star, Sea Three, & XI Balance

Today’s draw talks about messages coming in from Spirit and how to manifest them both within and without. Take comfort and trust yourself. Express yourself. Be as creative you want to be, and do your thing. Be you. Do you. Don’t worry about fiercely attacking others in order to make room for yourself. If others aren’t seeing you, who cares? You see you, and that’s all that matters. Don’t attack. Just move to another location that isn’t occupied. Celebrate how good you are, and how sacred. Remember yourself, and don’t mistake the disguises you wear for the real thing. Relax and enjoy yourself today. Do what you need to do, but remember to include what you want to do in that as well. You need to do what you want to do. So consider this your permission slip. Go do both.


Daily Draw: Memento Mori & The Blackbird

Let’s talk about death. Every symbol present in today’s reading is about it, without mitigation. No belief in the afterlife. No comforting angels to make things easier. Just ends. Let’s contemplate that for a minute. We can go back to our other beliefs about death and rebirth in a minute, but first, let’s give Hela and all the gods of the dead their due. We live in this world and then we die. Why are we making things so hard on all of us while we’re here? Are we loving our precious lives as much as we can while we’re alive? Because it will end. Everything we’re in right now will end, and we don’t know when or how. It’s a part of being human, being alive with that chaos of not knowing. But there is knowing there, knowing that we are not forever. Your dead are calling to you: they were not forever either. Death is relentless and eternal, and there is no escaping It. What wounds have you suffered? Are they mortal? If not, get them tended to and keep going, because you don’t know when the mortal wound will come. We humans have a tendency to forget that life is not forever, and to treat life as if it were very cheap. The way we kill each other you’d think we all have more lives than a cat. But no, we don’t. Life is precious and finite. So contemplate that today. Spend a few minutes with your own mortality.


Daily Draw: Queen of Coins, Jord

Have faith, my dears. Don’t give up. Today’s draw is from The Holy Mother herself: relax, let yourself feel and flow into new situations, and stay within given boundaries today. There is healing where you are–you might just have to dig a little to find it. Let yourself be who you are, within limits that you set yourself. Be your own best nurturing, loving mother.