Daily Draw: The Sun (Sunna) and The Devil (Fenris)

Today is about light and darkness, and both are working for you. The challenge is to learn how to take best advantage of both. The light of the sun is on its way back; next week is the Winter Solstice marking the return of the light to the northern hemisphere. But the darkness isn’t done with us yet, and that’s ok. There is work to be done and we still can’t see where we’re going–and it may even feel like we’re not going anywhere yet. But there is an entire world of potential in the seeds that lie beneath the surface of the earth, still in darkness themselves, and they’re waiting for that precious sunlight to warm the ground where they lie so that they can begin to grow and manifest. You’re not done wishing yet, and it’s important to remember to work toward making your wishes and dreams a reality. Don’t lose heart, though, and focus where you can on the return of the light, even if you’re still surrounded by the dark. Try to make friends with it while it’s around: you never know what you’ll learn or how that will help you in the future.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, Surt (Destruction), The Devil (Fenris)

The forces of negativity that you’re up against are formidable, and it’s important to not take them lightly. Keep your focus, though, and be strong. Face your fears, and be guided by the light of your heart. Now, having said all that, let me also say that sometimes there are Things out there that you can’t defeat or avoid. You’re going to have to do battle. We can’t let somebody else do all the fighting or just pretend that the fights don’t exist. They do. Our lives are at stake, and if you want to keep a grip on the good life for yourself and others, you’re going to have to fight for it–not fight just to keep what’s comfortable and cushy for yourself, but fight to end the sources of negativity and evil that are trying to take the good life away. Do you remember that scene in “The Lord of the Rings” in which Frodo is facing Shelob in her lair, and the only thing he has is the vial from Galadriel and his own courage? Yeah, that’s us right now. We’re facing Shelobs out in the world all over the place, and all we have is faith and our own courage and a little bit of magic. Don’t back down. Let the purity and beauty of your courage and your faith in what’s good and right blaze forth and drive evil back to where it came from.


Daily Draw: Queen of Coins rev (Jord) & The Devil (Fenris)

Today’s draw is about what actions to take inwardly and what actions to take outwardly. It’s also about the constancy of flow, of recycling, of life flowing into death and flowing right back into life again. Take some time for reflection today, leaning on your guides/gods/ancestors/guardians/Flying Spaghetti Monster for support and magical whisperings from the ether. Flow with it today. Whatever comes up, just go with it. And when you wander through the world today, be mindful. Watch where you expend your resources, and why. Are you driven by demons to spend that much money, eat that dessert, watch that fifteenth episode of “Dr. Who,” buy that pile of tank tops? When was the last time you actually talked to your demons, by the way? You can’t kill or end them because as long as you’re alive, your demons are alive, but you can learn from them and learn to talk to them, and maybe if you’re lucky, you can turn them into allies. Go into the belly of the beast and look around. You may find some real treasure there, something you’ve been looking for all along.


Daily Draw: XV The Devil, Fenris

On one level, today’s draw is a reminder that sometimes things are just fucked in the head and unjust. No getting around it. Things happen. Earthquakes level cities. Officials in authority will become power-drunk and act out their most perverse destructive fantasies against those they despise. People at the bottom of the ladder will get spat upon by those above them. You will get spat upon by those above you. It happens. People suck sometimes, and there are demons in the world egging us all on. So do your best to not make your karma any worse today; do your best to think before you act, before you speak. On another level, the potential for positive change is enormous today. You are blocked in many creative ways, this is true. Perhaps you feel like something is sitting on your chest and you can’t speak. Well, the good news is that you can reach out to others for help. You’re not alone. Talk to someone today. Do something in the areas in which you feel you’re blocked. ANYTHING. Any little thing will help. Take a step. Hold someone’s hand and go. You can do it. Breathe.