Daily Draw: The Crypt and The Anchor

Today is one of those days to just hunker down and git ‘er done. Do the best you can to push through even when things feel hard and heavy, and even when it feels like you’re dragging the weight of the world behind you. Make lists. Get detailed. Figure out what you need to do, and break the tasks down into small, do-able chunks so that you can get things done. Leave the outer world to itself for the moment. There are elements and energies going on Out There that you can’t see and you don’t know about, and that’s fine for now. Let the flow flow. Just focus on what’s on your plate and do your best to get your stuff done.


Daily Draw: Honeybee and Mudra

So, if you’re at all like me, you’ve been using this Pisces time to indulge in anything and everything food-and-drink-wise: cake, wine, french fries, bread, all the usual suspects, and of course sugar in absolutely everything. I mean, hey, things are hard right now and I’m a Pisces baby, so indulgence has been my middle name. But today’s reading is saying it’s time to stop that. That kind of ingesting isn’t nourishing in any real way, and it’s damaging to the body in ways that might not be easy to see just yet but believe me the damage is being done. Get back to balanced eating, if you’re not doing it already: more vegetables, more water, as many vitamins and minerals as you can get, and maybe even a little exercise. Make a game out of it. Come on, we’re creative people, so finding a way to make healthy living fun and engaging should be easy — or, well, ok, maybe not easy exactly, but at least in our wheelhouse. Take advantage of your innate creativity and use your skills for your own highest good.


Daily Draw: Twilight, Gunther (Weakness), and Snotra (Virtue)

Today is a good day for contemplation, my friends, or if you don’t have time for a good sit and think, then at least give yourself a few deep breaths as you’re running errands, doing chores, and otherwise getting things done. There is a balance in effect between standing firm in your convictions and collapsing into a shuddering heap of “give up and die.” Twilight is that time when it’s neither light nor dark. The day isn’t over yet, but night hasn’t begun yet either. You’re at a tipping point and can be pushed either way, into virtue or into ignominy. Don’t stress out too much if you feel like you’re falling into failing; a few small failures don’t mean you are a Golgothan Shit Demon. You have powerful allies on your side, and your ancestors are helping you more than you can know. Life is long (not just this one little life right now, but all the lives you’ve lived and all the lives you will live after this one). The critical thing is to not give up, even if you feel like you’re failing, and even if you have proof that you’ve failed. It’s ok. If you’re going through hell, as Winston Churchill once said, keep going. Don’t stop in failure. Keep moving toward virtue, and let yourself be guided by your own inner light. Oh, and while you’re going through hell, be really careful of what you pick up. That stuff has a way of sticking to you and you have to be careful.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, The Moon rev. (Mani), Krimhild

Ok, my dears. Here’s the thing: You’re carrying around a LOT of negativity. Let’s just start there, and accept that. It may actually be making you sick, so you need to start taking better care of yourself. Consider this your “getting yelled at” by a grandma who really loves you very much and is only concerned about your well-being and has no agenda of her own. Your Noni is sick of your shit and wants you to stop it and start doing better for yourself because you matter. Get outside, breathe the fresh air, and walk barefoot in the grass or on the dirt (if you’re in California right now or anywhere else hit by drought, grass might be hard to come by so aim for dirt). Walk around for a few minutes. Noni knows it’s hot outside and doesn’t care. Do it anyway, but be sure to put on a hat and sunscreen. Imagine healing energy flowing through you down into the dirt, a river washing away all the crap you’ve accumulated in taking care of other people. Today’s draw shows that all that negativity is causing you harm, especially if you’re a woman. You are en-womb-ing everybody else’s pain and it’s making you sick in the same way that any stillbirth would. Time to get rid of it. Do cleansing baths/showers, clearing rituals, use selenite to clear your energy bodies, and go walk around in the dirt.


Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (Utgard-Loki) & The Fountain

Don’t rush today, my friends. Slow down and do it right the first time. Get through it the right way. The gods and guardians are with you and they’re watching. Be mindful and do your tasks with integrity and honesty. You’re not ready to move on yet–you’re on your way, yes, but not ready to leap yet. Keep feeding those creative fires and doing what you need to do to build a solid foundation for your future. Keep building, and hang on.


Daily Draw: Seven of Cups (rev) & Snowflakes

You must choose. Put aside whatever input you’ve been getting from outside sources, make your best choice for you right now, and go for it. You’ve earned the right to decide for yourself, and you have the inner resources to make it work. Not choosing for yourself only means that the decision will get made for you, and the potential for suck involved in that choice is tremendous–and the super-fun part of that is that when the choice gets made for you, you don’t get to blame the gods for “hating” you or messing with you or ruining your life. You have to take responsibility for that yourself. So trust me: decide for yourself. It’s so much easier, so much less messy, and you really can do it. You’ve got all the magic you need.


Daily Draw: 2 of Cups (rev), Gunnlod

Today’s draw is both a warning against letting people wander all over you and take your stuff (and using your own big, big heart to do it) and a reminder to be grateful to all those who have come before you, especially the indigenous people who lived on the land where you live now. Receive the gifts you are brought, and do so as gracefully as you can. But remember that gifts are never without strings (which is not necessarily a bad thing). There is an exchange, a reciprocity. Someone took something from you, but maybe that person left something behind. Be grateful for that, and if they’re gone, move on.


Daily Draw: Ace of Cups (rev), Blodughadda

OK, seriously. What the hell, people? This is the third time in a week this card has come up either reversed or straight up. This is an emotional time. New stuff is coming in, or new ways of experiencing the old emotions. But here’s the thing: some teachers are bad. Some people are evil, and it’s a gift to be able to stay away from them. Keep your head down, your heart shielded, and your mask on tight. Trust those who have earned your trust, and don’t give your hearts away to people who haven’t proven themselves to you. Keep your public face public and your private face private. And keep your emotions to yourself.


Daily Draw: 6 of Swords REV (Bergelmir)

Interesting that today’s reading is a reverse of yesterday’s. The card and one of the runes is the same (although the charms are not), but both are reversed, which is something I’ve actually never seen before. You’re boundaries have been violated, and you need to stop and take inventory and clean things up before proceeding. The energy is stalled or delayed, and with The Coffin and The Crossroads charms, the wisdom is to stop. You’re at a turning point and something is going on that you’re not aware of. You’ve got stowaway energy, or maybe somebody has dropped something in your bags because they don’t want to get caught with it so they’re hoping you’ll carry it for them. Best to sort through your stuff and find out what’s gotten dumped on you recently so you can get rid of it. Has someone given you a gift that’s not really a gift? Something that’s a boundary-breaker, something you’ve been too polite so far to get rid of? Yeah, it’s time to spritz that shit with some holy water (or florida water or gin) or smudge it and get it to Goodwill (or just throw it out). You’re carrying stuff that isn’t yours, and you’ll want to get rid of it before you get too much further down the road.

6 Swords Bergelmir

Daily Draw: Queen of Swords (Jarnsaxa)

Today’s daily draw is the Queen of Swords, Jarnsaxa, Iron Maiden and mother of Thor’s immensely powerful sons. The rune is Gebo, and the charms are The Puzzle Piece, The Dog, The Keys (I think of these as Hekate’s Keys), The Hook, The Broom, and The Ship. Lots going on here. You are in the midst of a swirl of energies, my dears; many pieces of the puzzle coming at you all at once. See the gifts, the good, but also use what you’ve already been given. Be careful of dismissing previously given gifts because you think you don’t need them. But also be willing to be ruthless in cutting away what is no longer serving you. You are an Iron Mother (regardless of your born gender)–you have all the magic you need in you to forge your life, so just have some faith in it already.

Queen of Swords Jarnsaxa