Daily Draw: Child Spirit, The Star (Nott), and the Seven of Coins (Fjolvar)

Today’s draw is a reminder that something precious is building, and you just need to trust that. Keep moving. Keep letting things flow, and have faith in yourself and in the higher purpose that’s driving you. Trust your intuition and the little voice in the back of your mind. Meditate (or pray, or whatever you do to quiet your mind) to help you listen. And in the meantime, until this wonderful potential manifests, keep doing what you need to do to keep body and soul together. Don’t judge and don’t overthink it. It’s working and everything is ok. Plan for the future, but don’t dash off to meet it. Stay where you are, focus on the inner work, and git ‘er done.


Daily Draw: The Lovers (Loki, Angrboda, & Sigyn) and The Empress (Laufey)

The energy today is all about cooperation and harmonious working, so if somehow that isn’t manifesting for you (I’m raising my hand over here), the possibility is present for tapping into a better, easier flow. All elements aren’t the same, but they work together to form a more cohesive whole than any would individually. Tap into and trust your intuition for guidance, and don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what is best for you, and be mindful (and adamant) about meeting your needs and taking care of yourself. The Wheel is always turning, and as we head into the Full Moon this weekend (which I’m assured is a Supermoon in Pisces), focus on what you want to bring more of into your life. Don’t worry so much about shedding the old stuff until after the Full Moon passes, unless what you want to bring more of is shedding, releasing, and making room for new growth and change–which is actually fine, if that’s what you want. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are going through a great process of shedding at the moment, and it’s what needs to happen. Now is the time for manifestation magic. Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance to see what’s most needed, and then create it.


Daily Draw: Crescent Moon & Mercury Rising

Intuition. It’s all about intuition today. Literally. Look at this thing: Ogham Stave is Hazel, which indicates intuition. Crescent Moon, which indicates intuition. The upside-down Spade indicating turning off the mind and turning on the non-mind. The rune Os, which is the God Voice speaking through the diviner. Mercury, the Divine Messenger. And the Rider, which indicates signs and messages. Pay attention to your words because they are the words of the gods speaking through you. Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas because they are your intuition guiding you. Note and observe as much as you can. Don’t try to understand it all. Just make note of it because today is a day when all signs point to … well, signs. And they’re everywhere.