Hekate’s Keys

Daily Draw: Sleipnir, Swadilfari, and Odrörir

Today’s draw is about harnessing the energies of both peace and storm, keeping your head down, and having faith that you will receive inspiration from the gods whenever you need it. No, seriously, that’s it. It couldn’t be clearer. There is a mad sort of balancing act that happens when both the sun and storms rage and battle for dominance of the skies. Both are happening, both are immensely powerful, and you can tap into each. But you’ve got to get to work. Dig in, be relentless, and unlock the sources of inspiration in your heart (or the liquor cabinet–and I’m only half-kidding here: look at the third card: the keys are on the drinking horn of inspiration, so maybe it’s time to unleash the spirits and go with that flow). There is a powerful source of light in each card below. Let yourself be guided (or inspired!) and do your best to just get as much done as you can. Draw power from the sun. Draw power from the rain. Pay attention to the still small voice in the back of your head. And then GO.

Deck: Das Germanische Gotterorakel


Daily Draw: Rhiannon and the Nine of Fire (Chantico)

Today’s draw tells us to guard that which is most precious to us. Today in the United States it’s a day of mercantile madness that comes less than a day after we profess gratitude for what we already have. Without getting too political in this space, let me just say that before we criticize those who wait in line for shopping on this day, consider that many of those who do are poor people who can’t afford the items they’re shopping for otherwise. Let’s not criticize the people but the corporations that are taking advantage of them and their own workers — remember who the real enemy is. So guard your valuables if you’re shopping today, and continue that flow of gratitude for what you already have as you search to bring in more (if you need to).

Ok, that’s that. Back to the reading: Tap into your own magic today (of course you have it; we all do). Watch out for predators and tricksters, and ALWAYS read the fine print. Guard your precious light against that which drains it, and if you are surrounded by energies that sap you, get away from them for a little while. If you can’t get away, put up some energetic shields to block them. These family weekends can be feeding grounds for energetic vampires, so be careful. Watch. Guard that which is most precious.


Daily Draw/ Two of Air (Athena), XIX Sun (Sekhmet), The Fool (Sheela Na Gig)

Today’s draw shows a process of moving from thought into action. You’ve had some good ideas lately and now it’s time to get them moving. Put them into the flow of things. Don’t be afraid to look like a beginner—you are a beginner, so you’re going to look like one no matter what you do. So don’t let that bother you. You’ve got all the requisite wisdom you need, and you’ve got the strength and capacity for making what you need to make in the world. Go for it. If you feel like you need to start quietly, that’s fine. Go wisely and let it be a start that few know about. You don’t have to shout it from the mountaintops. Just get moving because the flow happening right now is something you really want to tap into. 

2015-11-17 10.38.26

Daily Draw: Honeybee, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Frigg (Soul Magic)

As we approach the end of the year (Wiccan style), we can see that a new age is coming. New life is right around the corner after the battles of the past are done. Be on the lookout for the new opportunities that arise, and listen to the voices of the Sacred both without and within. Take nourishment from the world around you and be honest about where that nourishment is coming from: the truth is that none of us can survive alone, and none of us can survive if the planet dies (or, well, actually, the planet will survive without us; what will die, what is already dying, is an environment that enables us to live and thrive here). It’s past time we got on board about that. Things are changing, and we must change with them because we are inextricably linked. There is no “if” or “maybe” about it. A new world is coming, not only for our individual selves as the new year approaches, but for us as global citizens of the Mother Planet. We’re already seeing tremendous changes in climates all over the world, and those changes aren’t passing phases. This IS the new reality. Time to open our eyes. Time to deliberately step off the paths of exceptionalism and onto the one path of Mother, however that manifests for you. Dig deep. You are not alone, so it’s time to stop acting like you are.


Daily Draw: Blackbird, The Hierophant, and The Emperor

Ok, so, wow. The theme of today’s draw is grief, heartbreak, and disappointment, what’s yours and what comes from outside you, the pain and suffering that comes along in life whether you’re ready for it or not. It’s unavoidable because it’s life. What matters here is how you deal with it. There is no escaping it, so don’t even try. The thing to do is look at how you’re looking at it: do you see change and upheaval as negative, as something “the gods” are doing to you because they hate you? (Hint: They don’t. Why would They?) Today’s draw is about how to work with this energy as it appears in your life, to make positive change happen or at least to find ways to work with grief and despair so that you can learn from it and hopefully be better prepared the next time it comes around. When you experience inner turmoil, look for the source of it, not the symptoms. What’s the cause? On Sunday evening I did some journeywork to talk to my demons directly about my food addictions, and what I came away with after that conversation was that I eat and overeat because I’m desperately unhappy right now in my life and I need to do more to actively find happiness. I can’t just sit and wallow in despair. That’s not helpful to anybody, least of all me. So if you are experiencing inner pain, look at the root of it: don’t beat yourself up for having the addiction. What’s the addiction masking? And if you’re dealing with pain from outside, get away from it. Cut it off. Don’t drown your sorrows, and don’t accept misery that isn’t yours. Be fierce in establishing and holding boundaries, and be the absolute monarch of your domain. You are the ruler of the kingdom of you. You hold the keys to your castle. Start acting like it.


Daily Draw: The Gargoyle (Guardian)

I’m starting a practice of doing readings with a new oracle by Holly DeFount called “A Curious Oracle.” Today’s draw is The Gargoyle, a symbol of protection. We are guided today to go within and seek wisdom and clarity from our own inner guru, taking respite from the world in our “home” (whatever that means for you). Let yourself be sheltered and held, and do not seek the opinion or company of others today unless that’s what makes up the idea of home for you. Follow the Great Witch as She goes deep; the difficulties you encounter will make you a better person, so don’t balk from them. There is also good luck in play today, so watch the signs. And when it comes to leaders, take their opinions and advice with a grain of salt. Don’t follow blindly. Let your inner Gargolye do Her job.


Daily Draw: Ace of Cups, Blodughadda

Today’s draw is all about floods of all kinds, and rolling with it. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries know from personal experience exactly what happens when you try to fight a wave, and we can tell you it ain’t pretty. You learn pretty damn quickly exactly how powerless you can be. YouTube videos of tsunamis in southeast Asia and Japan further illustrate the point. Today’s energy is about flowing with whatever energy is up for you. Don’t try to stop it. You’ll only end up hurting yourself. Just ride it. The flow is karmic right now, and you’re being given (or shown how to obtain for yourself) the keys you need to open the door in front of you. But you can’t get them if all your energy is focused on getting somewhere other than where you are. Just flow with it, ride the fear, the anguish, the joy, the passion. Breathe and roll with it, do the next thing in front of you, and see where you end up.

Ace of Cups Blodughadda