Daily Draw: Lily, Four of Cups rev. (Hevring), and Eir (Doctor)

Today’s draw is about letting go of grief and focusing on healing and moving forward. Grow into the new reality, the new way of being, and let yourself and the world around you be healed. What has passed on is now blossoming into something new in a way that is meant to be. Protect those weaker than you, and do your best to lift up those who are in need of help. You are being held by your Ancestors even if you can’t see or feel it. Get up and move. Don’t sit and wallow any more. It’s time to go.


Daily Draw: 4 of Cups (rev), Hevring

Today’s draw is about leaving grief behind and moving on. Seriously, look at the charms: there’s the Rider and the Chariot, for god’s sake. MOVE. Do something. Get out, get back into the flow of life. You are chained to your grief and only getting up and out can break those chains. Note: they are ancestral in origin so don’t get all bound up and hard on yourself. The pain has been carried down through generations, and you’re just one person. You can’t fix it all by yourself. But you can fix YOU, or at least make living for yourself more bearable by letting these painful burdens go. You’re in danger of wallowing in your dissatisfaction, boredom, and depression, and that’s suckage on a monster scale. Let the change currently working away at you carry these things away. Don’t try to hang onto them. Let them go. Go play in the sun.


Daily Draw: 4 of Cups (Hevring)

Firstly, we here at Muse’s Darling Industries do not do April Fool’s (we are not Tricksters, aside from the occasional bon mot or pun), so feel free to believe or not believe what is written here as you would any other day. We leave the pranking to others and try to get through the day without getting punked ourselves. Now, today’s draw is the 4 of Cups, the card of disillusionment, sorrow, depression, and boredom. The charm is The Anchor, and the rune is Dagaz. So, here’s the thing: whatever broken heart you’ve got, whatever wounds you’ve sustained, it’s time to take a deep breath, exhale, and move on. You will never “get over it” like they tell you to–getting over it is something the West tells itself when it doesn’t want to deal with grief (which is pretty much, like, always). You will carry these wounds for the rest of your lives, and that’s ok. It’s human. We die with battle scars all over us, both internally and externally. Wear your scars with pride for having survived. But don’t make the story of your life all about your scars. Get out there into the sun and live. Learn from the sorrow, but don’t be consumed by it.

4 of Cups Hevring

Daily Draw: 4 of Cups (Hevring)

Today’s draw is the Four of Cups, and in The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera (the one I’ve been mostly using lately), the Four of Cups is represented by Hevring, the Undine of Sorrow. Her name means “Heaving Wave,” which is what sorrow feels like. The rune is Fehu, a rune of good fortune and wealth, so that’s good. The charms are The Live Preserver, The Artist, The Magic Wand, The Ghost, The Man, The Stroller, and the Quest Die which has fallen on the question, “Who?” Who are you? Hang onto who you are today, my friends. Remember your wishes and dreams; remember where your magic comes from. Let what you gather to yourself be what means most to you. And ask for help if you need it.

4 Cups Hevring