IV Sovereignty

Daily Draw: Five of Water (La Llorona) and IV Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s draw calls for an end to grieving. What grief have you been carrying for too long? Here’s the thing: it’s affecting everything else. It’s time to let it go. Look at how you wanted things to be, feel the emotions associated with that, then let it go. The present moment is what it is, and there’s no way to bring back the past. Past mistakes are done and there’s no way to undo them. Take a moment today and ask for protection from this overwhelming grief at what happened (or what didn’t happen). Instead of letting that flood of grief overwhelm everything, stop it in its tracks and direct it downward into the Earth. Let it flow into the arms of the Mother who accepts and transforms everything, and then recommit yourself to focusing forward. Leave the past behind, and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Focus forward, my darlings: that’s where the magic is.


Daily Draw: IV Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s draw is clear as clear can be: draw your own boundaries, make your rules for yourself, and get into alignment with the burgeoning Matriarchy. The power, the Great Light, has always been present, but it’s been hidden for many generations. No longer. It’s coming forward now, and you hold the key for unlocking it in your own life. Set your boundaries, establish your rules about what is and is not acceptable to you, and stand in your power.


Daily Draw/ Nine of Fire (Chantico), Four of Fire (Kamui Fuchi), Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s draw is about where we are now and where we’re going. We are facing a big job of getting rid of a LOT of crap. There is an entire way of being that’s currently dying (or is already dead), and we can either keep dragging that carcass around or bury it and move on. It’s time to take the lessons from it, to see where the goodness is and to bring that with us while letting the rest go. We are moving into a deeply creative period and we can’t go there or be there fully while constantly maneuvering around acres of our previous crap. Get rid of it. Clear out your house. Empty your closets of things you don’t wear. Donate stuff to charity, sell what you can, and throw away the rest. There is so much work to be done, and your stubbornness is really getting in the way (I’m speaking to myself as well here, so this isn’t just me being all bossy at you). We’re being fools, hiding the truth from ourselves, or rather, hiding ourselves from the truth. It needs to stop. Go within. Quiet down. Put down the masks and distractions and face what you are too afraid to face. 


Daily Charmcast: IV Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s charms and card combo is an ass-kicker, people. The Morrigan arrives with the Male symbol and the Spurs to get you moving. Pick up from wherever you are right now, and go. Do. Engage. Use your wit and wisdom, your craftiness and your fierce and hard-won battle smarts to just do it. Whatever “it” is, it’s yours. Your crown is overthrown, it’s true, and maybe the battle is lost. But dears, the war ain’t over and don’t you dare think it is.

IV Sovereignty--the Morrigan