Daily Draw: Mimir’s Fountain and The Rheingold

Today’s draw is an interesting combination of seeking wisdom and being sneaky about it while you’re doing it — actually, “sneaky” isn’t the right word. It’s more like not letting everyone know you’re going out in search of it. Let people believe whatever they want to believe, and just do your thing. The Sun charm indicates that all is well right now, and you’ve been blessed on your quest. Don’t give away what’s due you, and don’t let everyone know where your secrets are stashed. Just quietly, efficiently, and with determination, DO YOU.


Daily Draw: Wings, The Mask, and Blackbird

Today’s draw is about flight: flights of fancy and despair, flights of escape, and flights into the unknown. The wisdom is to allow yourself to move, whether you’re actually moving or just getting up and walking around your home space. Don’t get lost in the Facebook Syndrome of thinking that other people’s lives are much better than yours; that’s total crap and it’s manipulation (even if the manipulation is happening unintentionally, which I think almost all the time it is). People are putting their best “face” forward on Facebook, showing the good things about their lives and loves because it’s awesome and empowering to do that and I think it’s great. But if you are in a downward spiral, you’re not going to experience those feelings of empowerment or joy at the success and happiness of others. You’ll tend to see their lives, vacations, successes, and good things as evidence that you don’t have those things and are therefore somehow not good enough or are a failure. Don’t fall into that trap. Turn off social media until the mood passes and spend your time indulging in your own flights of whimsy and fantasy that empower you. If past pains come up, griefs and losses that you’re still processing, allow them to come. They’re hitting you because you cared, because there was love there and it’s worth it to celebrate that.


Daily Draw: I The Magician and the Knight of Swords

Today is all about making your magic, and doing so from your ancient sources. Trust yourself. You have a deep connection to wisdom and the unknown world, and tapping into it will come more easily to you than you think. Trust your blood. Trust the messages you receive. Go with the ideas you receive, the thoughts that come unbidden and just float into your consciousness. Let it happen and roll with it, because those thoughts are keys to wisdom you’ll need in the future. Keep doing the work you need to do, and trust that you are unlocking the doors you need to unlock as you get to them.


Daily Draw: Teacher and Virgin

Today’s draw suggests that sharing what we’ve learned is now our best option for connecting with others. Fear of connection has held us back in the past, and perhaps there have been good reasons for holding back. But those reasons may no longer exist, and the world needs what we have to say. There is something special within everyone, and we each have different ways of sharing who and what we are. There are times to learn and times to teach, times to stay hidden in darkness to foster growth and regeneration, and time to come forward and experience life in all it’s messy glory. Don’t be afraid of your sexuality. Speak up today. Let your voice be heard in whatever ways work best for you. Speak your magic into the world, and let the chips fall where they may.


Daily Draw: Ten of Water (Ixchel) and Siren of Fire (Qadesh)

Today is a day for respite and healing. Draw breath. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. Unpackage your grief and anger and leave it out in the sun where it can dry and get washed away in the coming floods. Get ready for your next journey. Cut away that which is dead and/or dying. New cycles are beginning, and you need to be ready for them. For today, get clear on what you need to unpack and leave behind, and what is no longer native to you.   


Daily Draw: Gargoyle, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Thor (Strength)

Today’s draw is a reminder that we are protected by unseen forces, and that it’s important to release worry and stress because we can be our own worst enemy if we let our tension and anxiety run the floor. Stay strong, and keep moving. Goodness is ours, and we’ve reached the end of whatever stressful situation we were in previously. Also your ancestors have heard your prayers and are working to bring about the transformation you’ve requested. Everything is in a cycle of sowing and reaping, using and recycling, death and rebirth, energy and rest—everything, including us.


Daily Draw: The Lovers (Loki, Angrboda, & Sigyn) and The Empress (Laufey)

The energy today is all about cooperation and harmonious working, so if somehow that isn’t manifesting for you (I’m raising my hand over here), the possibility is present for tapping into a better, easier flow. All elements aren’t the same, but they work together to form a more cohesive whole than any would individually. Tap into and trust your intuition for guidance, and don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what is best for you, and be mindful (and adamant) about meeting your needs and taking care of yourself. The Wheel is always turning, and as we head into the Full Moon this weekend (which I’m assured is a Supermoon in Pisces), focus on what you want to bring more of into your life. Don’t worry so much about shedding the old stuff until after the Full Moon passes, unless what you want to bring more of is shedding, releasing, and making room for new growth and change–which is actually fine, if that’s what you want. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are going through a great process of shedding at the moment, and it’s what needs to happen. Now is the time for manifestation magic. Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance to see what’s most needed, and then create it.


Daily Draw: 3 of Wands and 9 of Pentacles

You’re working so hard and doing the best you can. This is good. Changes are coming and The Great Wheel is always turning. Let old energy feed into the projects you’re doing now, to help you keep them moving. Keep your commitments, especially to yourself. Be careful of overdoing it, and honor the crossroads you pass through. Honor your ancestors and your gods, wherever They may be and however They manifest for you. Oh, and you’re beautiful. No, really. You are. You’re opening doors for others and provididng so much help in ways you can’t even imagine. You’re working so hard you can’t see it, and it kills when you lose hope. So hang on. You have so much magic and so many gifts. Breathe. It’s all going to be ok.


Daily Draw: Earth Mistress & Ecstasy

Today’s wisdom-channeling will be brief, my dears, since your oracle has ALL THE THINGS to get to and she’s already had to chase two deer out of the backyard on only half a cup of coffee. #unfair 😉

Ok, so here’s the thing: Using your intuition to make your next set of choices is a good idea. You’re stronger and more powerful than you know. It will be madness for awhile. Hell, it may already be madness. The challenge is not only to find your way through the madness, it’s to make the madness your own. Sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA” until it’s over is not a good approach. Stop. Let the chaos come closer. Talk to it. Personify it, and let It manifest in Its sacred way. Breathe deeply, and let your command, your Queenship, embrace and become the madness for awhile. When you finally do walk out of the dust cloud at the end, you will have gained a powerful new ally.


Daily Draw: Echo & The Dragon

Despite today’s cards sounding like the next great New Wave band (Echo and the Dragon? Come on, you guys! They’d be awesome! 🙂 ), the message is about going in search of your dreams and your joy, and letting things pass when their time is over. Both Jera and Saille (the rune and stave, respectively) speak of cycles and the turning of the tides, moving from one state into the next and letting it all flow. Be yourselves. You don’t need to hide who you are or where you’re going, and you don’t need to parrot back to others what you think they want to hear. Let all that go. Face forward, take a deep breath, and step out into your next great adventure!