Daily Draw: Five of Wind and Child of Fire

Ok, so here’s the thing. The world is a scary place right now. Hell, it’s probably always been a scary place in one way or another. It just seems like there’s a lot floating around right now to worry about, to be afraid of, to try to second-guess your way around. We’re all doing it, just trying to find our way through the morass. Worries are nibbling away at our foundations, and anxiety is high because of course it is. Donald Trump could conceivably become President of the United States in less than a year, and he’s not even the worst candidate for that job. No wonder people want to tune out and listen to John Denver music for the next twelve months. But today’s wisdom is telling us not to surrender to our fears. Do something today. Do anything. Get moving. Let yourself approach old roads and pathways with new eyes because you might have been missing things all this time that will serve you well now if you’re able to start seeing them. Think: beginner’s mind. Think: tabula rasa. Think: starting over is a good thing. Nurture the fire in your heart, your own inner sun, and don’t give in to fear.


Daily Draw: Five of Cups and IV The Emperor

Today’s draw is an acknowledgment that when we sort and sift through things, uncomfortable and maybe even painful emotions are going to come up. Loss, regret, fear — all of them have their place in our memories, and all of those memories are attached to physical things. But as we leave things behind, either as we physically move on or as we change up our environments to bring in new energy, it’s important to remember to let go of the associations with those items. Let the past stay in the past. Your job now is to begin to forge a new way forward, to create a new kingdom for yourself with new boundaries and new rules. You can create that place however you want, and you must be careful to not let old patterns return to influence your new rule-setting. Let your personal health and well-being dictate the rules you establish; let the voices most concerned with your goodness take the lead.


Daily Draw: Ten of Water (Ixchel) and Siren of Fire (Qadesh)

Today is a day for respite and healing. Draw breath. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. Unpackage your grief and anger and leave it out in the sun where it can dry and get washed away in the coming floods. Get ready for your next journey. Cut away that which is dead and/or dying. New cycles are beginning, and you need to be ready for them. For today, get clear on what you need to unpack and leave behind, and what is no longer native to you.   


Daily Draw: The Mask, Grimnir (The Masked), Das Rheingold (Luster)

Shield your heart and stay true to your beliefs and what is real and honest for you today. Put on those masks that deflect evil and make it see only itself. Stay focused on what’s most important to you, the paths you’re on, and don’t get distracted by the glitter and shine of the larger world around you. That’s not your world. Your world, your truth and reality, lies elsewhere and it’s important to hang onto that if you can. There is wisdom and understanding and truth in following the lonely road, and those who consider you Beloved are there.


Daily Draw: 6 of Cups & 4 of Pentacles (rev)

As we return from the weekend into our regular working lives, it’s valuable to bring forward gifts to share and offer to others from wherever we’ve been. Be in the now and in your real life, and share willingly the treasures you’ve received. But here’s a warning: the idea is to share what you choose to share, with “choose” being the operative word. You don’t have to let others take your stuff. Give where you want to give, where you choose to give, and don’t let others manipulate you into giving where you don’t feel drawn to. Your journey is not over–you’re not done yet, so it isn’t time to completely clear the decks. But letting go of some things that brought you joy once but no longer do now (and that may now bring joy to someone else) will bring blessings to you both. Release with joy and a full, grateful heart. That’s the key.


Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (Utgard-Loki) & The Fountain

Don’t rush today, my friends. Slow down and do it right the first time. Get through it the right way. The gods and guardians are with you and they’re watching. Be mindful and do your tasks with integrity and honesty. You’re not ready to move on yet–you’re on your way, yes, but not ready to leap yet. Keep feeding those creative fires and doing what you need to do to build a solid foundation for your future. Keep building, and hang on.


Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (rev), Utgard-Loki

Ok, here’s the thing: you’re letting yourself get away with murder. Maybe you’ve got good reasons: maybe things have well and truly sucked this last little bit and you’ve needed to do what you’ve needed to do to hang on. That’s all ok. But now it’s time to reestablish some limits and boundaries. It’s time to get some discipline going on here. Boundaries are not a bad thing. Discipline can be really helpful when it comes to getting things done out in the real world. You have goals you need (or want) to accomplish, so it’s time to buckle down and get them done. Do it in a healthy way: no self-bashing, because that’s also an indulgence. No adolescent hyper-emotionalism either, because that’s an unhelpful luxury you can’t afford. Let it flow past you, and focus on getting the work done.