King of Swords

Daily Draw: Nazar, The Empress, & the King of Swords

Today’s theme is all about protection. Bathe yourself in loving protection, self-care, and shielding. Put yourself first, in a sacred way (not in a selfish, kick-over-old-ladies way). Eat properly. Get rest. Don’t pay attention to (or engage in) gossip. Keep your eyes focused on your goals, and let love rule. Metta. Loving kindness and a willingness to forgive all beings (as best you can), starting with yourself. This is a beautiful reading and it deserves your attention. Protect what’s most sacred about your sexuality–don’t just give or throw it away–and charge that energy only into what’s most loving and good. Balance that with wisdom. Note the Mother – Father dynamic in the cards, with loving protection in between. Let that manifest in your life, especially if it’s something you never had in the physical realm. Let it be true between you and your Powers That Be.



A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount

City Mystic: New York,” Ginnie Jester

Daily Draw: King of Swords (rev) & 4 of Pentacles (rev)

Relax. Unwind. Unclench. Breathe. For real, people, there are messages coming in that you’re missing because you’re too uptight. This morning when I sat down to prayer an hour ago, what I usually do is some chanting. But I sat there this morning and couldn’t start. I had to just sit and listen. So I closed my eyes, relaxed my grip on my mala, and reached out to the silence of the dark outside. I tried to hear the fog moving around the hill on which I live, and occasionally felt a breath of cold air. Then later, just a few moments ago when I did a charm casting for today, the first charm out of the bowl was The Ear. And now, here in this draw, we have the King of Swords reversed (too much mind), the rune Raido reversed (stop moving for a goddamn minute), and the Ogham Stave Muin reversed (Muin is the Vine, and when it’s reversed you can see in your mind’s eye the unwinding of a clinging vine). Muin is also a Stave of prophecy, and the month of the year it’s associated with is August, so you can see that now is the time for messages to be flowing. The natural world is speaking to you, to us. Stop talking. Put the phone down for a little while (or turn it off), step into your power and natural authority, and just be silent. Imperially silent. Commandingly silent. Declare a moratorium on speech in your kingdom for a little while, and just listen.


Daily Draw: King of Swords (Thrym)

Today’s draw is the King of Swords (Thrym) with the rune Perthro, the Lenormand cards The Birds and The Child, and the charms The Plate, The Handcuffs, and The Other. Watch your speech today, my friends. Keep it necessary and clear, and avoid gossip and chatter because those things will get you into trouble whether you know it or not. Your sources of nourishment right now are deep and old–feed yourself well, with good material and elements that are rich and foundational (in other words, no crap TV, no tabloids, no fast food). This is a long-term process you’re going through, so respect it and respect yourself by letting yourself go deep today. (Decks are The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera and The Revolutionary Lenormand by Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. Runes are my own, and charms are my own and Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II.)

King Swords Thrym