Daily Draw: The Empress (Laufey) and the Page of Coins (Gerda)

Today’s draw brings in peace from the home sanctuary, and a reminder to nurture and carefully tend that which is new and precious. Receive the clarification of your thoughts and ideas when it comes, and don’t judge. Don’t let harshness or severity kill a tender growth before it’s had time to root itself securely. Shield and protect your resources, and nurture them into development gently. This goes for yourself as well: shield and protect yourself, and nurture yourself the way you would a beloved child. Eat well, get some fresh air, play for a little while, and drink lots of water. And be nice. No angry words directed at yourself, no shame, and no bullying.

And here’s a special magical thing I’m going to share with you all: look at the rune in the center. That’s Sowelo, the Sun, and it is associated with (among other things) success. Now look at the charm on top of it. It’s the Peace Sign in a circle, but it’s inverted. That doesn’t mean things are un-peaceful. In this instance the reversed form of the Peace Sign creates Elhaz/Algiz, the rune indicating shielding and security. And the little Bee charm right there indicates further good fortune and growth. Your success is secure (although you’ll need to shield and protect it), and it will “pollinate” new opportunities.


Daily Draw: The Lovers (Loki, Angrboda, & Sigyn) and The Empress (Laufey)

The energy today is all about cooperation and harmonious working, so if somehow that isn’t manifesting for you (I’m raising my hand over here), the possibility is present for tapping into a better, easier flow. All elements aren’t the same, but they work together to form a more cohesive whole than any would individually. Tap into and trust your intuition for guidance, and don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what is best for you, and be mindful (and adamant) about meeting your needs and taking care of yourself. The Wheel is always turning, and as we head into the Full Moon this weekend (which I’m assured is a Supermoon in Pisces), focus on what you want to bring more of into your life. Don’t worry so much about shedding the old stuff until after the Full Moon passes, unless what you want to bring more of is shedding, releasing, and making room for new growth and change–which is actually fine, if that’s what you want. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are going through a great process of shedding at the moment, and it’s what needs to happen. Now is the time for manifestation magic. Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance to see what’s most needed, and then create it.


Daily Draw: III The Empress (rev), Laufey

Today’s draw is showing all things on their heads. Or maybe everything else is fine and you’re the one on your head. You’re certainly getting a lot of blood to your head in this upside-down asana you’re doing, so yay on that, but really, can you get around in life in the most efficient way like this? Seriously, there are easier ways. It’s not supposed to be like this; not really. But the only one who can get it all back on track is you, because you’re the one who got it all off track in the first place. (And when I say “all,” I’m only talking about the events and choices that were and are within your power to make, and that in the past you made out of fear or some other negative emotion rather than out of a desire to live your best possible life. I’m not talking about the crazy Mideast peace process being out of whack and all your fault.) To get yourself back on track, the first thing you need to do is decide to get it back on track, and to start today. Then start setting up boundaries and shielding against that which is not in your best interests, and go from there. Heal, nurture, and keep everything else away from you.


Daily Draw: III The Empress (rev), Laufey

Today’s draw is about dealing with bad, unhealthy boundaries. Yikes. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are rather terrible at boundaries, so when The Great Mother shows up to wag Her finger in our faces and tells us to get our shit together, we listen. Perhaps this is true for you, too: you want to help as many people as you can, you want to be there for whoever needs help, you somehow feel it to be your duty to be strong so that others can fall apart. But who is strong for you when you need to fall apart? You are not in a healthy space right now, my dears, and the world outside is NOT helping. People are being horrible to each other in epic proportions, and Mother Nature Herself is shaking us off (literally, in the case of Nepal). So take today to be kind to yourself. Help others where you feel called, but help yourself too. Slow down. Breathe. Get outside into the sunshine if you can. Walk around a little. Drink lots of water, relax your shoulders, and try to be present in this beautiful, painful moment.


Daily Draw: The Empress (Laufey)

Today’s draw is The Empress (the eldest of the mothers of the Rokkr, the giantess Laufey); the rune is Kenaz and the charms are The Child, The Mirror, and The Flying Pig. Look within, my dears, and be your own best nurturing mother today. Take care of yourselves, and do what you need to do to soften and heal yourselves. Take the time to go within; do your work and nourish your inner fire. What makes you happy? What lights you up? Do that. Be that, as best you can. We all have responsibilities and roles to play in life that don’t allow us to take care of ourselves the way we should, perhaps, but try to find the time today, even a moment, to stop, breathe, and remember joy–no matter how impossible it seems.

III The Empress Laufey