Daily Draw: Gargoyle, Snotra (Virtue), The Star (Nott)

You are guided by the great strength of your faith, and held in a sheltered place by adherence to your ethics. Stay true to that today, my friends. Stay close to home (both literally and metaphorically) so that you can process everything you’ve been through and all the flow you’re in now. You are moving along passages and through mazes and mysteries, and there is a sort of deep questioning happening. That’s all ok. You don’t need to know all the answers before moving on. A dear friend told me last night that a friend once told her, “The ‘how’ is none of your business.” When you pray for something, how it manifests is none of your business. Let the Gods do Their thing: how they do it is beyond us all, so let go of it. Do your work, and be a light for others to follow.


Daily Draw: Child Spirit, The Star (Nott), and the Seven of Coins (Fjolvar)

Today’s draw is a reminder that something precious is building, and you just need to trust that. Keep moving. Keep letting things flow, and have faith in yourself and in the higher purpose that’s driving you. Trust your intuition and the little voice in the back of your mind. Meditate (or pray, or whatever you do to quiet your mind) to help you listen. And in the meantime, until this wonderful potential manifests, keep doing what you need to do to keep body and soul together. Don’t judge and don’t overthink it. It’s working and everything is ok. Plan for the future, but don’t dash off to meet it. Stay where you are, focus on the inner work, and git ‘er done.


Daily Draw: The Star (Nott)

Good morning, friends. Today’s draw is Nott, The Star. She guides the way out of the darkness. Take heart, my dears. With the charms falling the way they do here and the rune Ear signifying transitions and passages into and out of darkness, we are guided to have faith. Where is your heart? The Home charm falling right next to the Quest Die set at “Where?” which has fallen right on Nott’s heart leads us to ask if home is truly where the heart is. What do you love more than anything else? How can you make your home more inviting? You are in process, in transition. The web is being woven around you. Make your world beautiful today.Give yourself gifts of beauty. Anything to help you hang on through the dark.

XVII The Star Nott & Ear

Daily Draw: The Star, Nott

Take heart, my darlings! The God Voice Itself is singing words of hope and joy to you today. The card is The Star, Nott, ancient giantess mother of the Dawn. The charms cast for today are The Lighthouse, The Blessed Heart, The Flying Pig, The Bullet Shell, and The Ancestor Gnome (who is awesome). Runes drawn for today are Os and Wunjo. Don’t give up. Don’t give in to self-destruction. Believe in the impossible, because you can make the impossible possible–you do it every single day. You are so close now, and are being guided home. HANG ON. Morning is nigh, my beautiful dears.

17 The Star Nott