Daily Draw: Lily, Four of Cups rev. (Hevring), and Eir (Doctor)

Today’s draw is about letting go of grief and focusing on healing and moving forward. Grow into the new reality, the new way of being, and let yourself and the world around you be healed. What has passed on is now blossoming into something new in a way that is meant to be. Protect those weaker than you, and do your best to lift up those who are in need of help. You are being held by your Ancestors even if you can’t see or feel it. Get up and move. Don’t sit and wallow any more. It’s time to go.


Daily Draw: Alchemy, The Moon, and the Two of Cups

So, California’s on fire right now. We know this. We Californians even expect this at this time of year, although this year’s fires are particularly horrible because of how bone-dry everything is. Anyway, there’s more happening here than just the natural world resetting itself after years of terrible drought and forest mismanagement. The rune for today is Ac, the Oak tree. Add to that the Ogham stave, which is Duir, the Oak tree. And one of the charms is the Fire bead. And the theme card for today is Transformation. And the Diamond charm is on the Alchemy card, showing that everything on the material plane is up for change. It’s all on the table. The good news is that whatever is destroyed may be created anew in a different way. Old energies are being released to return to Source to feed new energies, and space is being cleared for those new energies to take root, grow, and thrive. There is a fundamental magic afoot here. It’s terrifying and awful–in the sense of generating awe–and primordial, and we pray for the safety of all beings as they go through this change. There is also immense potential for shift, for a profound swerve in the path.