Daily Draw: Alchemy and Gargoyle

Today’s draw is about how things appear versus how they really are, and how to move between those extremes. Beware of thinking you’re all that and a bag of chips today: you’ve had help to get where you are (everybody does), and it would serve you very well to remember it and express gratitude for those who have made your journey easier. If others tend to look down on you, by all means slap that crown on your head and make sure they know it’s there — no sense having people try to walk all over you just because you’re exercising gratitude and humility today. That’s what the Guardian is about: establish firm and strong boundaries, and empower them with some form of spirit. Feed your protectors, and celebrate them. Let them know they’re loved, because the work they do is vital to your safety and support. You’re not alone, really.


Daily Draw: Aether, The Ruby Cup, The Mask

You are tenacious, my darlings, and that’s a good thing. Keep driving, keep digging, keep doing what you need to do. You’re like a dog with a bone, and it’s important to be that way. It’s obvious to anybody with eyes to see that what matters to you matters deeply, and taking that into account is valuable and even critical in getting to know you. But here’s the thing: be careful of the ways in which you lie to yourself. Be careful and aware of the stories you tell yourself, because they’re going to get you into trouble. What should be mastery will instead end up being an epic disaster because you cannot see what’s true: ask yourself, “Do I know what I’m doing?” And if the answer is, “No” or “Not really” or even “Not yet,” you need to go seek help. Don’t be afraid to get advice. Don’t be afraid to try that new thing, or that new idea, or even that thing that seems weird and different and so totally odd. It may contain the wisdom you need to move forward. Humility in sovereignty, darlings. That’s the ticket.


Daily Draw: Phoenix, Ouroboros, Nazar

Today’s draw is an emphasis, big time, of the constant cycles we’re in of death and rebirth. We are constantly moving through these patterns, destroying our old selves to be born anew again and again. It’s a journey, a path, not a destination. Nothing ends and nothing is linear. We move in circles, cycles of being and becoming. Try to understand this as you go about your day; try to remember that you’ve learned things in your past that will help you in the future, and who you are now will be unlocked, revealed, as you move forward. Protect yourselves, my dears. Do what you need to do to shield from the onslaught around you. Wear those talismans, practice grounding and shielding, and call on your helpers to protect you. You’re in a vulnerable state right now, stepping out of the ashes of who you once were. Be careful and aware of your surroundings.


Daily Draw: Moonrise, The World rev. (Jormundgandr), and Nine of Cups (Bara)

You are doing good work, so keep at it and protect what you’ve created so far. Your ancestors are with you, guiding you and helping you see the path beneath your feet. We are entering a full moon phase, so clarity (or at least some better kind of understanding) is coming. If you celebrate the ritual and spiritual side of Samhain (Halloween), you know that this Saturday evening is New Year’s Eve, and next Sunday the first of November is New Year’s Day. The Wheel is turning and the seasons are shifting from the phase of the sun to the phase of the moon. We are heading into darkness, but it’s a place where our wishes may be granted. Goodness is coming into being, and it’s important to see where our treasures lie. New treasures or treasures that we thought were long gone but have reappeared will be washing up from the depths and coming back to us for a second chance to work with them, so watch for those opportunities and take advantage of them when they arrive.


Daily Draw: Thistle, Iduna (Renewal), Sif (Harvest)

Today is a good day to take pride in the good you’ve done, to take stock in a good way of all the blessings you’ve won (for lack of a better word). You have been given much, and you deserve much. But remember that everything you’ve been given you merely hold in guardianship for others; you are a protector more than an owner of things. Share what you’ve learned. Give back. Don’t grasp at what you can’t keep anyway. And be careful of using your power and strength in negative ways. Don’t get drawn into family quarrels. Watch out for what you promise when you’re not sober. And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t be a bully. Don’t be a Mean Girl. Give praise and honor where it’s due, and don’t take credit for what you haven’t done.

Decks: “A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount, “Das Germanische Gotterorakel,” Red Dragon Edition
The Muse’s Darling


Daily Draw: Tree, Snotra (Virtue), Loki’s Punishment (Guilt)

Our ancestors, our lives, come with baggage. This much is true for all of us. We are not pure good or pure evil; we have elements of both in our lives right now and in our ancestry. The trick is to emphasize and elevate the good and make amends for the evil as much as we can. Take steps toward forgiveness today where you can, and keep your mind set on the goodness you’re capable of. The heart is the key into our lineages, into our families and our history, so follow it. Let yourself love and grieve, and allow for the possibility of forgiveness where things are darkest. Be guided by your own pure heart, and not the crazy news and angry admonishments toward hate and fear coming at you from the Internet. Be good because you already are good.


Daily Draw: Twilight, Gunther (Weakness), and Snotra (Virtue)

Today is a good day for contemplation, my friends, or if you don’t have time for a good sit and think, then at least give yourself a few deep breaths as you’re running errands, doing chores, and otherwise getting things done. There is a balance in effect between standing firm in your convictions and collapsing into a shuddering heap of “give up and die.” Twilight is that time when it’s neither light nor dark. The day isn’t over yet, but night hasn’t begun yet either. You’re at a tipping point and can be pushed either way, into virtue or into ignominy. Don’t stress out too much if you feel like you’re falling into failing; a few small failures don’t mean you are a Golgothan Shit Demon. You have powerful allies on your side, and your ancestors are helping you more than you can know. Life is long (not just this one little life right now, but all the lives you’ve lived and all the lives you will live after this one). The critical thing is to not give up, even if you feel like you’re failing, and even if you have proof that you’ve failed. It’s ok. If you’re going through hell, as Winston Churchill once said, keep going. Don’t stop in failure. Keep moving toward virtue, and let yourself be guided by your own inner light. Oh, and while you’re going through hell, be really careful of what you pick up. That stuff has a way of sticking to you and you have to be careful.


Daily Draw: King of Swords (rev) & 4 of Pentacles (rev)

Relax. Unwind. Unclench. Breathe. For real, people, there are messages coming in that you’re missing because you’re too uptight. This morning when I sat down to prayer an hour ago, what I usually do is some chanting. But I sat there this morning and couldn’t start. I had to just sit and listen. So I closed my eyes, relaxed my grip on my mala, and reached out to the silence of the dark outside. I tried to hear the fog moving around the hill on which I live, and occasionally felt a breath of cold air. Then later, just a few moments ago when I did a charm casting for today, the first charm out of the bowl was The Ear. And now, here in this draw, we have the King of Swords reversed (too much mind), the rune Raido reversed (stop moving for a goddamn minute), and the Ogham Stave Muin reversed (Muin is the Vine, and when it’s reversed you can see in your mind’s eye the unwinding of a clinging vine). Muin is also a Stave of prophecy, and the month of the year it’s associated with is August, so you can see that now is the time for messages to be flowing. The natural world is speaking to you, to us. Stop talking. Put the phone down for a little while (or turn it off), step into your power and natural authority, and just be silent. Imperially silent. Commandingly silent. Declare a moratorium on speech in your kingdom for a little while, and just listen.


Daily Draw: 4 Wands (rev) — Ganglati, and The Sword

Good, mystical signs are about today. Keep going, and don’t be mistaken by your circmstances. You may be poor (perhaps), but you are royal. You are empowered. You just can’t see it right now. You can’t see much of anything right now, and that’s ok. Keep moving. Don’t rush–don’t be a mad thing. One step at a time. Just keep going. And don’t ever be afraid that you’re not good enough or somehow unworthy, or that you don’t deserve your triumph. You do. You’ve earned it. More than that: you’ve already paid for it. It’s yours. There’s nothing more you need to do except BE it. Embody victory. Breathe triumph. You are not only a winner, you are the prize.


Daily Draw: Lotus Fire & Tree

We are on the cusp of great change. There is powerful energy pulling us forward and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. What we can do is manage how we experience these flows: we can crunch ourselves up in fear, or we can stand up and ride. It’s all going to happen anyway, so why not test bravery a little bit (nothing too crazy now, just a little test) and see what happens? Take a chance with it and see if you can learn something while you’re in this massive flow of change? Who knows? You might learn something now that will help you later.