The Baby Carriage

Daily Draw: Five of Wind and Child of Fire

Ok, so here’s the thing. The world is a scary place right now. Hell, it’s probably always been a scary place in one way or another. It just seems like there’s a lot floating around right now to worry about, to be afraid of, to try to second-guess your way around. We’re all doing it, just trying to find our way through the morass. Worries are nibbling away at our foundations, and anxiety is high because of course it is. Donald Trump could conceivably become President of the United States in less than a year, and he’s not even the worst candidate for that job. No wonder people want to tune out and listen to John Denver music for the next twelve months. But today’s wisdom is telling us not to surrender to our fears. Do something today. Do anything. Get moving. Let yourself approach old roads and pathways with new eyes because you might have been missing things all this time that will serve you well now if you’re able to start seeing them. Think: beginner’s mind. Think: tabula rasa. Think: starting over is a good thing. Nurture the fire in your heart, your own inner sun, and don’t give in to fear.


Daily Draw: Fenrir and Widar

Today’s draw warns us that no matter what the world is doing outside (and it’s in the middle of some ridiculous gyrations at the moment, April Fool’s Day notwithstanding — oh, and we here at Muse’s Darling Industries don’t do April Fool’s Day, so everything in this divining here is straight up and not a joke), it’s critical to keep your feet on the ground and rely upon your own wisdom and strength. Follow your heart. It’s fine to get advice from others, but it’s also fine to ignore that advice once you receive it. It’s your life, your destiny, your future. Do your thing, and try to not get swept up in the madness swirling around you. Fenrir represents the untamed monster within us (among other things), and Widar is the force needed to conquer Him. As a matter of fact, in the Norse legends of Ragnarök, when Odin is killed by Fenrir, Widar is the one who avenges Odin and kills Fenrir by crushing the wolf’s skull under His giant boot. Widar is an exemplar of silent, efficient goodness, of mastery and skill that’s not wasted but only brought to bear when it’s needed. Let that be your guide today: don’t get dragged into the drama. Watch and wait, and move when your time comes.


Daily Draw: Spider and The Arch

Today’s draw sounds like an awesome animated TV show from the 70s, right? “Spider and the Arch!” It could be about a magical person who can change into a spider whenever she wants to, and she runs around solving crimes and using her Trickster powers to foil evildoers, and her sidekick is a really really large guy who can turn himself into a bridge at will. Yeah! … Ok, maybe not, but that’s the energy for today: approach things with both the excitement and the unknowing-ness of Beginner’s Mind, and let things flow where and as they will. Don’t try to direct or manage what comes up today; just let it be, and learn from it as best you can. And whatever else happens, keep moving. Don’t get stuck or trapped, either figuratively or literally. Reach out for new things, learn what you can, and then let them go and move on.


Daily Draw: XXI The World (Gaia) and IV Power (Lilith)

There is no hiding from reality, no matter how hard you’ve been trying. What is, is, so let it be. Let go of childish things, and be much more measured and thoughtful in everything you do. Let go of what is dead, and let fresh energy come in and be born. You’re done with what’s past, so quit dragging it up. Let it go. Turn around and face the new reality. A new you is being born.



Daily Draw: The Female, The Baby Carriage, The Computer

Today’s draw continues the layout in which we look to the charms to lead the reading, and in this layout, today’s energy is about renewing our natural selves. Our bodies are constantly changing, shedding cells, renewing itself even as we age. And it occurred to me last night that the most beautiful women are those who allow themselves to be whatever age they are. We live in a youth-obsessed culture here in the western half of the northern hemisphere, and while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look young and healthy, there is something wrong with dismissing age and elder-ship. Just because one colors one’s hair and uses Botox does not give one authority over elders who choose not to. If you’re going to have pride in your youthful appearance, that’s fine. Celebrate that, and allow your strength and health to serve those who are most vulnerable in society. But don’t think for a minute that looking twenty-five makes you twenty-five. There is a responsibility that comes with age, and it’s critical that as we age, we act our age. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that we can no longer work with our inner child. Of course we can. What I am saying is that there are juvenile attitudes and practices in place in this culture that seem to be enjoyed as much by older people as by twenty-five year olds, and that shit’s got to stop. Being uneducated is a problem; being willfully uneducated is a choice. Not voting is a choice. Not paying taxes and working for the betterment of the community is a choice. Putting yourself and your individual family above the community around you as if you are somehow better than the homeless man outside the 7-11 is a choice. And it’s wrong. It’s time to grow up. Society needs you to be the adult you actually, naturally are. (And also pay attention to the signs around you: today is a lucky day.)


Daily Draw: Eight of Coins (Olvalde & Sons) and Two of Wands (Bolthorn)

Be careful who you trust with your wisdom today, and watch out for social media. There is energy floating around that isn’t helpful, and there may be people who want to piggy-back on your hard work and take advantage of what you’ve done in the name of helping you out. It’s not a terrible evil, though, or anything vampiric. It’s just people who are mostly well-meaning but who also see your energy as a powerful force and want to use it to energize their own efforts. If they’re children, it’s ok. Kids do this because they’re supposed to, and as adults/parents/grownups/teachers, we’re supposed to let them. They need us. But if they’re not children, keep those boundaries up. Lean on your friends. Listen to the advice of those who love you, and don’t let yourself get twisted up in the holiday madness. Relax, remember to breathe, and shield yourself from the distractions and hyper-noise that often masks attacks.


Daily Draw: The Mask, 2 of Vajras (Alliance), the Empress (Impeccable Virtue)

Happy new year to all my witchy darlings, and hail and blessings to all the Saints in all worlds on this day when we celebrate all that is sacred. Today’s wisdom is simple and direct: don’t get into any new deals with anybody. Not today. Save the wheeling and dealing for another day. Today stay within your own boundaries and nourish your own light, whatever that means for you: painting, being artistic, or just being a couch potato and zoning out in front of a football game — just mute the commercials — with a beer or tea and popcorn or chips or a tasty kale salad. Whatever you need, do that. Reach out to whatever brings you peace and quiet, and let the craziness roll on by. Don’t get drawn into anybody else’s drama, and don’t buy anybody else’s crap. Not today.