The Camera

Daily Draw: Rhiannon and the Nine of Fire (Chantico)

Today’s draw tells us to guard that which is most precious to us. Today in the United States it’s a day of mercantile madness that comes less than a day after we profess gratitude for what we already have. Without getting too political in this space, let me just say that before we criticize those who wait in line for shopping on this day, consider that many of those who do are poor people who can’t afford the items they’re shopping for otherwise. Let’s not criticize the people but the corporations that are taking advantage of them and their own workers — remember who the real enemy is. So guard your valuables if you’re shopping today, and continue that flow of gratitude for what you already have as you search to bring in more (if you need to).

Ok, that’s that. Back to the reading: Tap into your own magic today (of course you have it; we all do). Watch out for predators and tricksters, and ALWAYS read the fine print. Guard your precious light against that which drains it, and if you are surrounded by energies that sap you, get away from them for a little while. If you can’t get away, put up some energetic shields to block them. These family weekends can be feeding grounds for energetic vampires, so be careful. Watch. Guard that which is most precious.


Daily Draw: Six of Fire (Epona)

Today’s brief draw brings wisdom from Epona, Celtic Horse Goddess and Great Mare Mother who brings security and prosperity to Her people. The road may be difficult right now, but we are called to keep working and forging ahead. Let others help you because your success is not individual success–it is the success of the entire herd. Observe, wait, and watch. Keep your eyes open and watch, both for your community and for yourself. The fortunes of one comprise the fortunes of all.


Daily Draw: Crescent Moon & Mercury Rising

Intuition. It’s all about intuition today. Literally. Look at this thing: Ogham Stave is Hazel, which indicates intuition. Crescent Moon, which indicates intuition. The upside-down Spade indicating turning off the mind and turning on the non-mind. The rune Os, which is the God Voice speaking through the diviner. Mercury, the Divine Messenger. And the Rider, which indicates signs and messages. Pay attention to your words because they are the words of the gods speaking through you. Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas because they are your intuition guiding you. Note and observe as much as you can. Don’t try to understand it all. Just make note of it because today is a day when all signs point to … well, signs. And they’re everywhere.


Daily Draw: Wings & Snowflakes

Today’s draw is a warning against slipping away into daydreams as an escape from whatever you’re facing. Don’t do it. Listen to the inner guidance urging you on: it’s the God Voice within you bringing you courage and strength. Face what you need to face as best you can. Be brave, take as many deep breaths as you need to without hyperventilating, and go for it. Do your work. Focus. Let distractions fall away today. Call on your protective allies to help you. There will be time to let yourself drift, to engage in fantasy. But ComiCon is over, and it’s time to get back to reality. Heads up!


Daily Draw: The Sun & Evening Star

Remember what motivated you when you were young, and call that forward today. Let things flow in cycles, and give your dreams their due. Dream big, and dig deep. Bring it up out of the depths and into the light of day.


Daily Draw: Apple Blossom & Child Spirit

Today’s draw provides protection of those dreams that are closest to our hearts. We mustn’t destroy them; we must act on them as much as we can. Dig deep. Go into the dark spaces even as the moon is at its fullest tonight. Don’t be fooled by shadows, and don’t be distracted by the world at large. Remember what makes you special, what makes you unique. It’s simply what makes you happiest. Do that today, even for a moment. Remember those pieces, and protect them.


Daily Draw: 4 of Swords, The Volva

Today’s draw is complicated, my dears. Honor your dead and pray for (and talk to) your ancestors (and other unseen forces), but also beware of how you approach them and what you say. Approach with a sincere heart, because you’re dealing with hugely powerful energies. They are not bound by the same rules that bind you, and may not have the same agenda as you do. (Think of it this way: have you ever had a conversation with a grandparent about your love life? Do they want the same thing for you that you want for yourself? Because no, at least not with me and my Grandma. 😉 But that’s ok; I still love her very much.) Be careful of your resources, and don’t give anything away. Speak respectfully, and seriously, you guys, if you’re going to engage a Trickster God, be very clear that you are in fact engaging with a Trickster God. Shenanigans will ensue, and don’t you dare blame the Trickster God when that happens, because you asked for it. So be respectful and watch your words.