The Compass

Daily Draw: Mother of Fire and Eight of Wind

Today’s draw is a sort of stepping-back to look at what has come in recently to see what has been less helpful than you’d hoped. What needs to go, even if it’s only been around for a short time? Relax, breathe, and trust your instincts about where you’re headed. It’s ok to keep making changes on the fly — we all do it every day. It’s just that some of those decisions need to be more visible, more conscious, than others. And it’s ok to be confused about what you’re doing. Again, that’s true for a lot of people. Hell, we’re all pretty much just winging it as best we can. But don’t let confusion stop you. Don’t let yourself get stuck fiddling with the compass or staring at the map trying to figure out what to do next. Just start moving. If you find out later that you’re going the wrong way, that’s fine. You’ll just turn around and go another way. But get moving, and watch the signs as you go.


Daily Draw: The Poison, The Compass, and The Star

Today I’m trying something new: letting the charms lead the way instead of the cards. I drew three charms and let them tell me what they’re about: there’s the Poison, the Compass, and the Star. So the cards speak to those three elements. The Gargoyle is the Poison, the Honeybee is the Compass, and the Anchor is the Star. The rune Perthro is in there as well, indicating emergence from the Well, but also the Well itself: magic, the depths of the unknown, and all mystery that can be explored through study, devotion, and sacrifice. So the wisdom for today is to watch out for monsters, either created by others or the demons we create ourselves. Block other people’s drama by staying true to what works best for you, what nourishes you both literally and figuratively (eat those veggies, people, or at least take a multivitamin!), and follow your own star, that star you’ve been following ever since you were little. It’s helping you more than you know right now.


Daily Draw: Evening Star, Yggdrasill (Honesty), Forseti (Justice)

Be strong in the truth of who you are. You are walking on the right path, moving foward even though things are maybe less well-lit than you’d like. You can’t really see where you’re going, or how you’re going to get there, but that’s ok. You’re doing the right thing, going the right way. You’re functioning in service to your inner light, and that’s the most important thing of all. Let truth and justice inspire you. Let yourself judge fairly and with wisdom of foresight (as much as possible, anyway) in all matters of conflict that come before you. You are also getting some messages about the truth of things and how they really are, so wake up to that.


Daily Draw: The Mask, Grimnir (The Masked), Das Rheingold (Luster)

Shield your heart and stay true to your beliefs and what is real and honest for you today. Put on those masks that deflect evil and make it see only itself. Stay focused on what’s most important to you, the paths you’re on, and don’t get distracted by the glitter and shine of the larger world around you. That’s not your world. Your world, your truth and reality, lies elsewhere and it’s important to hang onto that if you can. There is wisdom and understanding and truth in following the lonely road, and those who consider you Beloved are there.


Daily Draw: Echo, Berserkers (Battle-Madness), and Balder (Goodness)

So, yeah. Whoa. We walk the lines between light and dark, between sanity and madness, between knowing and ignorance, between our human minds and our animal natures. It’s a long and dangerous road, and our compasses are sometimes askew (see it in the photo there? True North is actually in the East, so everything is thrown off. Our ability to see, to know and understand, even to study these things, is thrown off because of the wildness of our animal natures and how badly out of balance they are. Look at the world around you: human madness is EVERYWHERE. Suffering is everywhere, and we’re wandering around trying to find some kind of light through it, some kind of understanding of it. The wisdom today is to stop. Stop wandering. Take time to go within and quiet the lunatic mind. Quiet that piece of yourself that reacts to everything awful, and just breathe. Turn off social media. Turn off the TV and radio, and just go quiet. Breathe.


Daily Draw: XV Ecstasy & Twilight

Listen to the psychic as she says, “There is no knowing the future today.” Choose to be in today, in your life, awake and alive to whatever comes. Choose beauty. See the goodness, and let go of needing to know what comes next. A fool stares into the fog and misses the beauty behind her. So just let go of needing to know today and see today.


Daily Draw: Apple Blossom & Child Spirit

Today’s draw provides protection of those dreams that are closest to our hearts. We mustn’t destroy them; we must act on them as much as we can. Dig deep. Go into the dark spaces even as the moon is at its fullest tonight. Don’t be fooled by shadows, and don’t be distracted by the world at large. Remember what makes you special, what makes you unique. It’s simply what makes you happiest. Do that today, even for a moment. Remember those pieces, and protect them.