The Ear

Daily Draw: Two of Swords and Four of Cups

Today’s draw is about the shearing away of what is over and gone, and the necessity of sitting in quiet contemplation while it happens. This is a natural process, an organic thing that accompanies changes between one state and another: what went before and was so critical at the time is no longer useful, and in fact may be weighing you down and causing toxic reactions in your new reality. Let it go. Sit down, breathe, and let yourself feel whatever is true at the moment. Do that meditative thing where everything just passes you by. Cling to nothing, and just float in the eternal now.


Daily Draw: Honeybee, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Frigg (Soul Magic)

As we approach the end of the year (Wiccan style), we can see that a new age is coming. New life is right around the corner after the battles of the past are done. Be on the lookout for the new opportunities that arise, and listen to the voices of the Sacred both without and within. Take nourishment from the world around you and be honest about where that nourishment is coming from: the truth is that none of us can survive alone, and none of us can survive if the planet dies (or, well, actually, the planet will survive without us; what will die, what is already dying, is an environment that enables us to live and thrive here). It’s past time we got on board about that. Things are changing, and we must change with them because we are inextricably linked. There is no “if” or “maybe” about it. A new world is coming, not only for our individual selves as the new year approaches, but for us as global citizens of the Mother Planet. We’re already seeing tremendous changes in climates all over the world, and those changes aren’t passing phases. This IS the new reality. Time to open our eyes. Time to deliberately step off the paths of exceptionalism and onto the one path of Mother, however that manifests for you. Dig deep. You are not alone, so it’s time to stop acting like you are.


Daily Draw: The Owl and the Broken Wing

We’ve all got wounds and we all do the best we can to either heal them or just move on with the wound. Today’s draw is about sifting and sorting through all the healing we’ve tried to do, all the information we’ve received, everything we’ve taken in, to determine what is of value and what needs to go. Gather up all your tools and information, and start sifting. As you do it, listen to what comes up. Listen within. Change is manifesting, so decide what you’re going to bring with you when the new you is born.


Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (rev), Utgard-Loki

Ok, here’s the thing: you’re letting yourself get away with murder. Maybe you’ve got good reasons: maybe things have well and truly sucked this last little bit and you’ve needed to do what you’ve needed to do to hang on. That’s all ok. But now it’s time to reestablish some limits and boundaries. It’s time to get some discipline going on here. Boundaries are not a bad thing. Discipline can be really helpful when it comes to getting things done out in the real world. You have goals you need (or want) to accomplish, so it’s time to buckle down and get them done. Do it in a healthy way: no self-bashing, because that’s also an indulgence. No adolescent hyper-emotionalism either, because that’s an unhelpful luxury you can’t afford. Let it flow past you, and focus on getting the work done.