The Eye

Daily Draw: Four of Cups and Seven of Swords

So, today’s draw comprises two of the cards in the Tarot with which your Oracle has the most difficulty. Yay! #no But still we soldier on no matter how gross the cards make us feel, yes? And that’s kind of what this draw is about anyway: there’s apathy and disappointment and a general malaise and boredom about in the world, which makes sense after a major sporting event happened yesterday that, even if you didn’t engage with it still managed to affect pretty much everything around you unless you are a lucky Red Fire Monkey and you live in a cave. It’s important to keep your eyes open and pay attention to what’s going on around you — the world didn’t stop just because of that crazy game yesterday, and it’s still moving today. Pay attention to what you’re doing, keep moving, and get done what you need to get done no matter how big a pain in the ass it is. Remember, people are going to talk no matter what, so don’t worry about the jibber jabber. Be aware of it as much as you can, but don’t let it stop you.


Daily Draw/ Nine of Fire (Chantico), Four of Fire (Kamui Fuchi), Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s draw is about where we are now and where we’re going. We are facing a big job of getting rid of a LOT of crap. There is an entire way of being that’s currently dying (or is already dead), and we can either keep dragging that carcass around or bury it and move on. It’s time to take the lessons from it, to see where the goodness is and to bring that with us while letting the rest go. We are moving into a deeply creative period and we can’t go there or be there fully while constantly maneuvering around acres of our previous crap. Get rid of it. Clear out your house. Empty your closets of things you don’t wear. Donate stuff to charity, sell what you can, and throw away the rest. There is so much work to be done, and your stubbornness is really getting in the way (I’m speaking to myself as well here, so this isn’t just me being all bossy at you). We’re being fools, hiding the truth from ourselves, or rather, hiding ourselves from the truth. It needs to stop. Go within. Quiet down. Put down the masks and distractions and face what you are too afraid to face. 


Daily Draw: Prayer Wheel, Andhrimnir (Abundance), Hrungnir (Arrogance)

Don’t be arrogant and stupid. Don’t mess with powers that are greater than you and that you can’t possibly understand. Do your work, say your prayers, do what you need to do for your health and well-being, and be grateful for the goodness you have. You have an abundance of excellent and powerful opportunities. Don’t ignore them. (Honestly, I just keep hearing, “Don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid.” So allow me to pass that along to you as today’s message, with apologies to the parents who teach their children that it’s not nice to use the word “stupid”: Hey, gang, don’t be stupid. Recognize your worth (because you have it, of course), and don’t be arrogant about it. Share your strength and abundance, and take those opportunities when they come.


Daily Draw: Honeybee, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Frigg (Soul Magic)

As we approach the end of the year (Wiccan style), we can see that a new age is coming. New life is right around the corner after the battles of the past are done. Be on the lookout for the new opportunities that arise, and listen to the voices of the Sacred both without and within. Take nourishment from the world around you and be honest about where that nourishment is coming from: the truth is that none of us can survive alone, and none of us can survive if the planet dies (or, well, actually, the planet will survive without us; what will die, what is already dying, is an environment that enables us to live and thrive here). It’s past time we got on board about that. Things are changing, and we must change with them because we are inextricably linked. There is no “if” or “maybe” about it. A new world is coming, not only for our individual selves as the new year approaches, but for us as global citizens of the Mother Planet. We’re already seeing tremendous changes in climates all over the world, and those changes aren’t passing phases. This IS the new reality. Time to open our eyes. Time to deliberately step off the paths of exceptionalism and onto the one path of Mother, however that manifests for you. Dig deep. You are not alone, so it’s time to stop acting like you are.


Daily Draw: Tree, Snotra (Virtue), Loki’s Punishment (Guilt)

Our ancestors, our lives, come with baggage. This much is true for all of us. We are not pure good or pure evil; we have elements of both in our lives right now and in our ancestry. The trick is to emphasize and elevate the good and make amends for the evil as much as we can. Take steps toward forgiveness today where you can, and keep your mind set on the goodness you’re capable of. The heart is the key into our lineages, into our families and our history, so follow it. Let yourself love and grieve, and allow for the possibility of forgiveness where things are darkest. Be guided by your own pure heart, and not the crazy news and angry admonishments toward hate and fear coming at you from the Internet. Be good because you already are good.


Daily Draw: The Dragon, Two of Swords (Vafthrudnir), and Siegfried (Courage)

Today’s draw seems kind of simple: be fierce and courageous in pursuit of your dreams, especially where money and other resources are involved. Be brave and tenacious, and fight as if the gods are on your side (because They are). Pay attention to what you’re doing, and know that while you’re working it out out in the world, you’re also working it out in your own heart. Listen, breathe, and think about what you’re doing and saying. Everything old is new again–everything comes back around. Let the cycles flow. The Wheel is always turning. Oh, and also, heads up: here be dragons.


Daily Draw: The Fountain, 9 of Cups rev. (Bara), and Knight of Cups rev. (Svipdag)

Ok, yeah. We get it. Life is hard. There’s a lot of crap going on right now: pain, destruction, poverty, disease. It seems like the universe is double-dog daring me to make wishes lately just so It can smack me down with an immense, hearty “Bwa ha ha no” and maybe the same is true for you. This is at least how it appears. But wait, my darlings. There’s more. You must wish. You must pray. You must have dreams and work toward making them real. You must, because the weight of the world around you is crushing if you don’t. You are shielded and protected against evil and death so yay on that, but it’s not enough to make a life out of. It’s enough to be getting on with, and it’s important. But you (and we all) need more. We need heart. We need our dreams. We need to go all Jiminy Cricket up in this piece and start wishing on every whimsical thing we can think of. So get whimsical. Do it. Play with dolls, puppets, toys, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Duplo blocks, whatever. Color. Doodle. Sing. Whistle. Do anything that will make you laugh. Fart silently in public–we here at Muse’s Darling Industries are not generally proponents of the crop-dusters among us, but today you get a free pass, so pass that gas! And for the sake of all that’s holy, get outside into the breeze for a little while and listen. Listen to the wind and see what comes up.


Daily Draw: The Wheel of Fortune (rev) & 5 of Swords (rev)

They say misery loves company, and today it’s especially true. If you’re down or having a run of bad luck, talk about it. It’s ok. It happens to all of us. Share both the positive and the negative, and let people see the real you rather than the shiny Facebook version of you. Take a day (or part of a day) and wallow a bit if you need to. Let yourself whine. You need to get it out of your system. What you should be keeping to yourself, though, is your magic, your secrets, how you do what you do. Just because people ask, “Oh my god, how do you do that?” doesn’t mean you have to tell them. Keep your beliefs to yourself too. Today is not the day to start proselytizing about anything. Leave the missionary crap to others who think they won’t get into heaven without it. That’s not your circus. Focus on being a good person in the here and now, and work your magic in secret.


Daily Draw: XXI The World (rev), Jormundgandr

Today’s draw is an indication that you’re almost done. The end is in sight, so have hope. Don’t give up or give in, not yet. Not when you’re so close. This is a good thing. All signs are pointing the way clear ahead, and even telling you that it’s ok to let yourself ease up off the gas a little: don’t stop, but it’s ok to proceed a little more slowly today if you need to have an “easy” day. Breathe, and feel yourself unclenching a bit. Gather up your things, my dears, and start packing. The time to move on is very close at hand.


Daily Draw: Four of Swords, The Volva

Today’s draw is about going within in search of Mother wisdom, that deep kind of knowing that we’re all born with but that many of us get separated from for whatever human reasons. Be clear in your seeing. Don’t be misled by the views and chatter of Patriarchy and how Mother is seen by it (or maybe even how the Sacred Masculine is portrayed in the material world by Patriarchy)–it’s not based on an accurate representation of the real power of the Feminine. There is truth buried within you, and you need to go find it. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are feeling this very personally today: we have never felt very close to the Sacred Feminine and we were thinking just yesterday how much comfort we derive from the Masculine expressions of the divine. We don’t go to the Mother for comfort or wisdom. But today’s draw is a reminder that that needs to change. So go traveling, and find Her.