The Fleur de Lys

Daily Draw: XVIII The Moon (Arianrhod), XI Justice (Ma’at), and the Five of Water (La Llorona)

The sadness keeps coming up. Perhaps it’s because here in the northern hemisphere we’re in the dark half of the year now, the more contemplative half, that old sorrows and regrets are surfacing; perhaps we see unfairness more now than we did when we were younger. We started out so fresh and committed, so pure in thought and expectation, but injustice happened. Life happened, and now grief is the result. The devil has infected our joy. We are no longer the passionate voices of spring singing the songs of justice for all and a world reborn. We are tired, storm-tossed, grief-stricken, and overwhelmed by the human heart’s capacity for depravity and just plain meanness. The human-led structures of the world are no longer good — if they ever were in the first place — and now we can see it whereas before we were blinded by idealism. So the lesson for today is simply this: acknowledge whatever grief and regret you feel for not meeting whatever goals you set for yourself when you were younger, and forgive the world for letting you down. Change will come from within after that, but first we all must face the consequences of joy thwarted and dreams diverted into inaction. But remember this: keep moving. Don’t set up shop in this “grief and regret” place. Acknowledge it, recognize it for what it is, learn from it if you can, and then move on with greater wisdom and understanding.


Daily Draw: VII The Chariot (Ishtar) and Six of Air (Scathach)

Today’s draw is about powerful momentum and forward movement. Take action and make plans. Decide what you are going to do, and then take one step toward doing it. This is necessary and important, and you mustn’t let yourself become stubborn in rejecting what you know needs to be done. Do the work, whatever it is. Face it and plan out how you’re going to manage it, and then act on your plan. Sitting back and reflecting is not going to get you where you need to be. Now is the time to move, so move.


Daily Draw: Moonrise, The World rev. (Jormundgandr), and Nine of Cups (Bara)

You are doing good work, so keep at it and protect what you’ve created so far. Your ancestors are with you, guiding you and helping you see the path beneath your feet. We are entering a full moon phase, so clarity (or at least some better kind of understanding) is coming. If you celebrate the ritual and spiritual side of Samhain (Halloween), you know that this Saturday evening is New Year’s Eve, and next Sunday the first of November is New Year’s Day. The Wheel is turning and the seasons are shifting from the phase of the sun to the phase of the moon. We are heading into darkness, but it’s a place where our wishes may be granted. Goodness is coming into being, and it’s important to see where our treasures lie. New treasures or treasures that we thought were long gone but have reappeared will be washing up from the depths and coming back to us for a second chance to work with them, so watch for those opportunities and take advantage of them when they arrive.