The Folding Chair

Daily Draw: Five of Wind and Child of Fire

Ok, so here’s the thing. The world is a scary place right now. Hell, it’s probably always been a scary place in one way or another. It just seems like there’s a lot floating around right now to worry about, to be afraid of, to try to second-guess your way around. We’re all doing it, just trying to find our way through the morass. Worries are nibbling away at our foundations, and anxiety is high because of course it is. Donald Trump could conceivably become President of the United States in less than a year, and he’s not even the worst candidate for that job. No wonder people want to tune out and listen to John Denver music for the next twelve months. But today’s wisdom is telling us not to surrender to our fears. Do something today. Do anything. Get moving. Let yourself approach old roads and pathways with new eyes because you might have been missing things all this time that will serve you well now if you’re able to start seeing them. Think: beginner’s mind. Think: tabula rasa. Think: starting over is a good thing. Nurture the fire in your heart, your own inner sun, and don’t give in to fear.


Daily Draw: Mudra and Green Woman

Today is all about opportunities for self-expression and the authentic use of our creative faculties. Look for opportunities to share your particularly glorious brand of crazy goodness because god knows the world needs it. And if you don’t know what to do, get outside. Go for a walk, or if you can’t do that (because a lot of us have those kinds of jobs that don’t involve green space or any patch of environment), find a way to move around a bit. Find an empty cubicle and do some stretches. Put your earbuds on, crank those jams, and march in place. The idea is to get you moving. A new season has arrived (either spring or autumn, depending on where you live), and change is definitely afoot today. Get into the swing of it by literally getting into the swing of it. Make it uniquely your own, and keep your eyes open for new opportunities to let your freak flag fly! Be you, darlings.


Daily Draw: The Jewel, the Knight of Cups, the Three of Cups

These are hard times for many people, so it’s important to take advantage of the goodness you find when you find it. It’s also important to share that as much as you can. See the goodness around you: that’s today’s challenge. Where are you wealthy, even if you have only two pennies to your name? Recognize that taking time to meditate and get settled within yourself is important even if it’s difficult. It needs to happen so keep doing it. And don’t worry if you feel like an alien being: you probably are and there’s nothing wrong with that. Be lucky, even if you don’t feel it. Just decide that you’re lucky, and reach out to others to share that. No matter how hard things are for you, someone else always has it worse. If you can help someone through a hard patch, do that. Bring joy despite the darkness, and just float.


Daily Draw: Ouroboros, Death rev. (Hela), and 9 of Wands rev. (Groa)

Today is a good day for moving forward into the unknown (both metaphorically and materially), and reach out into the abyss. You don’t need to drag along other people’s ideas of what you should or shouldn’t do. Eff that. You would only be letting yourself be caught up in their process which you’ve probably already been through yourself so why go through all that again? Feel your own power and go from there–start there, create from that place. Everything moves in circles, but nothing is linear (in the sense of being flat). The circles we travel in are across multiple dimensions, in and out of various worlds, through and forward and up and down, back and forth, and sometimes at a halt. Sometimes we go uphill, sometimes downhill. Along the journey we pick up all kinds of stuff that we want to keep or think we’ll need. We’re furious little Cosmos-traveling magpies, and we gather up crap that isn’t ours. Time to let as much of that go as possible. Be careful and mindful of who you listen to, and don’t ever follow anybody blindly. Take advice and garner wisdom, sure. But watch out for the Unworthy Guru. You will end up carrying his burdens as well as your own, his fears and karma, and you’ll need to untangle yourself from it daily across all those levels and dimensions. It’s a major pain in the ass, so avoid it if you can and trust those who constantly, consistently prove that they deserve your trust.


Daily Draw: Three of Coins, Hrimthurs

Ok, you stubborn darlings, here’s the thing: digging your heels in about something is really bad for your shoes. What are you being stubborn about? Are you consistently getting the same message, but you just don’t know how to hear it or what to do about it? You’re getting dragged–trust me, the force trying to tell you something is stronger than you are and you can’t fight it. You need to start looking around. Get more information. Broaden your circle, but do so with care and discernment. Don’t be a fool, and don’t be so focused on the details that you miss the bigger picture. Go within. Go quiet. Ask your powers what to do from here, and maybe the best way to ask the question is to stop asking it. #KungFuTze


Daily Draw: I The Magician, Loki

Today’s draw is the Source, the beginning of the journey after the Fool has taken that first step (or so it goes with The Fool’s Journey, if you follow that interpretation of the Tarot). Loki is a God of fire, and just like fire, He has many sides, many talents, many uses, many ways of tackling problems and challenges. So do you. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are great fans of facing and taking responsibility for how we call our demons, and by so doing, of turning them into allies. This is amazing and intense alchemy, and it is the calling card of the Magician and perhaps all Sacred Tricksters. The rune Berkana is up today, adding healing to the upheaval that comes with facing one’s demons; the “I” tile (with the number 1 reflecting the number 1 associated with The Magician, so yay on that) and the Cat indicate great individuality and doing things according to one’s own particular magical way. This is a draw of tremendous internal change that is happening at a sacral level (chakra-wise), and it’s very powerful for those of us who are persons of the female persuasion (either cis or trans), although here’s something interesting in the reading: Loki is in His male aspect here (He’s been both female and a mother at times), but the charms and the rune Berkana indicate the feminine. So both forces are at play, both are working to change you from within according to your own Karmic alchemy. Roll with what happens today. Go with the flow and don’t freak out; relax and be like the Snake shedding Her skin: go within as much as you can, and let the process happen naturally.

I The Magician Loki