The Garden

Daily Draw: Echo and The Raven

Today’s draw is a rather potent reminder that while soliciting input and advice is usually a pretty good idea, at least to see how others do things or to get help with brainstorming or inspiration, it’s critical to not forget that you’re actually a pretty smart cookie on your own. Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time gathering data instead of actually doing the thing you want to do in the first place. Trust yourself, darlings. You’re much smarter than you think you are, and you’ve got a solid foundation for your plans and ideas. You just need to do the groundwork, the planning, the managing of The Thing (whatever it is). And yes, you can do it. Yes, you can. Stop arguing with me. You are more than enough to do exactly what you need to do, so go for it.


Daily Draw: The Jewel, 5 of Swords rev. (Hymir & Hrod), and The World (Jormundgandr)

So, here’s the thing: during a thunderstorm, the tallest point gets hit by the lightning. It’s not a fun truth, but it’s true nonetheless. Being powerful in your truth can make you a lightning-rod for the fears and anger of others regardless of whether or not you’ve actually done anything to deserve the anger or fear. Other people’s anxiety will become attached to you because you represent what they are not yet prepared to deal with. How you respond is what matters. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries work daily to not take anything personally, not because we are the tallest trees on the hill but because we’re just sensitive to everything that comes and goes around us. If the cashier at the Whole Foods is having a bad day and scowls at us while we purchase our chia seeds, it must be because we somehow did something wrong. Well, no. Actually, that cashier is scowling because s/he is having a scowly day. Same principle applies here: whatever others are going through is what THEY are going through. Just do you today. Be yourself and don’t be afraid. If others get angry or show fear, that’s their thing. Have compassion, sure. In fact, please do have compassion as much as you can for what they’re going through. But don’t take responsibility for it. And if somehow you end up getting struck by lightning after all, let the pieces of you provide fire and goodness for others.


Daily Draw: Echo & Page of Cups (Mengloth)

So, fire. Yeah. In California there are fires burning all over the place, and there’s a blog post by Mark Morford on about climate change and everything being on fire that came across my Facebook feed this morning that resonates with today’s reading on a macro level. But this is about the cleansing fires that happen on a micro level. What needs to go in your life? What needs to get burned away? It’s time. If we won’t or can’t let go of it it will get taken from us, and all wisdom says that having things taken is a much more traumatic process than willingly letting go–although sometimes letting go is impossible, or seemingly so. Either way, willingly or unwillingly, change is at hand, and it will eventually be apparent as change for the better. There is healing happening now, medicine that we must take, and there is no knowing how or why that medicine will work. This is a faith healing, people, and we have to go through it in order to be reborn.


Daily Draw: The Gargoyle (Guardian)

I’m starting a practice of doing readings with a new oracle by Holly DeFount called “A Curious Oracle.” Today’s draw is The Gargoyle, a symbol of protection. We are guided today to go within and seek wisdom and clarity from our own inner guru, taking respite from the world in our “home” (whatever that means for you). Let yourself be sheltered and held, and do not seek the opinion or company of others today unless that’s what makes up the idea of home for you. Follow the Great Witch as She goes deep; the difficulties you encounter will make you a better person, so don’t balk from them. There is also good luck in play today, so watch the signs. And when it comes to leaders, take their opinions and advice with a grain of salt. Don’t follow blindly. Let your inner Gargolye do Her job.


Daily Draw: 5 of Wands (rev), Gjalp & Grein

Today’s draw is a warning to not get drawn into other people’s dramas. Just because somebody poops on your lawn doesn’t mean you have to pick it up and wear it as a hat. Slow down. Think about what you’re getting yourself involved in. Get more information to find out if it’s a battle you really want to engage in. Is somebody trying to get you all worked up so they can use you for their own purposes? Because, yeah: don’t let them do that. If you get drawn in and then taken advantage of, you can’t blame them for it. (Well, you can, but you’ve also got to take some responsibility for yourself as well.) The louder you get in the world, the bigger, the more noticeable, the more powerful you get, the more people will be coming at you with their crap, either to fight you or to get you to fight for them. Whether or not you engage in these battles is entirely up to you–just remember that you will be responsible for the consequences of your choices.


Daily Draw: Three of Coins, Hrimthurs

Ok, you stubborn darlings, here’s the thing: digging your heels in about something is really bad for your shoes. What are you being stubborn about? Are you consistently getting the same message, but you just don’t know how to hear it or what to do about it? You’re getting dragged–trust me, the force trying to tell you something is stronger than you are and you can’t fight it. You need to start looking around. Get more information. Broaden your circle, but do so with care and discernment. Don’t be a fool, and don’t be so focused on the details that you miss the bigger picture. Go within. Go quiet. Ask your powers what to do from here, and maybe the best way to ask the question is to stop asking it. #KungFuTze


Daily Draw: 4 of Coins, Fafnir

Today’s draw calls us to focus, hard, despite everything else that’s going on around us. You might be having family or personal drama going on; struggles that you’ve had for a looooooong time, issues that have yet to be resolved with others. Focus anyway. Lake Town was burning to the ground around him while Bard the Archer focused on the weak spot that would ultimately bring down Smaug the Destroyer. If Bard had lost focus for a moment, if he had paid attention to the screaming, the crashing and smashing, the roaring of the dragon, instead of his one point of focus, all would have been lost. Keep moving. Acknowledge or be aware of threats and dangers, be aware of distractions, but don’t give in to them. You’re not a child/teen/young adult any more. You’re a grown up with grown up responsibilities. Other people are going to do their other-people thing. They’re acting from their fears, their nightmares, their karma. It’s not personal. Have compassion as much as you can for them in their process (don’t be condescending; you’re on a human journey too and need compassion and forgiveness as much as they do); but don’t engage their shadows. And for god’s sake don’t take on their pain. Empathize, absolutely, but from behind a safe boundary.