The Handcuffs

Daily Draw: Odin and Skirnir

So, yeah. He’s baaaaack. Actually, He never left. Odin is still here from yesterday’s reading, bringing in power and structure to the day’s proceedings and making sure that everything goes along according to plan. There are still jobs to do and plans to work out, but you’ve got strength and allies to get it all done (or, well, maybe not ALL of it but at least a good chunk of it). These plans and projects are geared up for the long-term, so think long-term. Don’t let yourself be blinded by immediate gratification. Push past that and think more about what you want and need for the long haul. Rely on friends and listen to their wisdom, especially if they’ve been in your corner for a long time. Rely on those who have proven themselves trustworthy. And for god’s sake don’t forget to give the dog a bone — no, seriously. Check out the photo. The Dog Bone charm fell right in front of Odin’s wolf, Who is laying at His feet gnawing on a bone. Bring offerings to the familiars of others, and don’t neglect the non-humans in your life.


Daily Draw: Mercury Rising and Spider

By the end of yesterday, I was determined to make today “Have A Donut” Day. I was tired and overwhelmed, and I tend to be an emotional eater. #shock #norly But today’s draw is saying, “No no, children, we mustn’t do that. We know better and must do better for ourselves.” We live in these meat-suits for as long as we’re here, and we need them in order to survive. We have to take care of ourselves, meaning eating well, getting some form of movement in (whether you’re able to run miles and miles or you’re like me and just doing stretching and gentle movements to keep the blood flowing), and turning off the electronics 30-60 minutes before bed to help your mind unplug before sleep. And water. Drink lots and lots of water. We all know these things — they’re inherent wisdom that we connect with intuitively because we’re wired for survival on a basic level and our bodies know what to do. We just have to get the Brain out of the way. It’s also important to engage in safety behavior out in the world: drive carefully, watch the weather, pay attention to what you’re doing as much as you can (that is to say, please put the phones down when you’re walking around and for god’s sake don’t text and drive), and pay attention to that little inner voice that’s trying like mad to help you heal.


Daily Draw: The Shield and Apple Blossom

Today’s draw reminds us that we are more thoroughly protected and blessed than we realize, and the protection is as obvious and ever-present as the sun. Let yourself be guided by your passions today, and follow your luck. It’s ok to have hopes and dreams — now is the time of year for that. Let the cycle flow, and get yourself in alignment with it. Do what you enjoy, and if you’re currently stuck doing something you don’t enjoy, don’t fret. You aren’t the only one. Generations before you worked hard for whatever they could get, and found their joys in places other than work. You can do the same, and relieve yourself of the pressure of following your bliss. Besides, there’s lucky energy in the air today, so maybe take a chance and do something outside of your routine.


Daily Draw: Compass Rose, The Dragon, The Raven

To wind down 2015, take stock of where you’ve been and what the last year has taught you: who has helped you and how, and who hasn’t helped (and how). Pay attention to this information because you’ll need it going forward. Good fortune is coming, so hang on. Keep doing what you’re naturally good at, and pay attention to what “home” means for you. What’s the most natural thing for you? Do that. What comes easiest to you? Do that. Don’t be trapped by old ways of thinking. It’s time to break out of those chains. Have hope, don’t let go, and start planning your own 2016. Happy new year, you beautiful darlings!

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount


Daily Draw/ Nine of Fire (Chantico), Four of Fire (Kamui Fuchi), Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s draw is about where we are now and where we’re going. We are facing a big job of getting rid of a LOT of crap. There is an entire way of being that’s currently dying (or is already dead), and we can either keep dragging that carcass around or bury it and move on. It’s time to take the lessons from it, to see where the goodness is and to bring that with us while letting the rest go. We are moving into a deeply creative period and we can’t go there or be there fully while constantly maneuvering around acres of our previous crap. Get rid of it. Clear out your house. Empty your closets of things you don’t wear. Donate stuff to charity, sell what you can, and throw away the rest. There is so much work to be done, and your stubbornness is really getting in the way (I’m speaking to myself as well here, so this isn’t just me being all bossy at you). We’re being fools, hiding the truth from ourselves, or rather, hiding ourselves from the truth. It needs to stop. Go within. Quiet down. Put down the masks and distractions and face what you are too afraid to face. 


Daily Draw/ White Queen, Ace of Air (Nemesis), Hierophant (Cybele)

Cybele is an ancient goddess with deep, deep roots in France and the Middle East both. Nemesis is an ancient goddess with deep, deep roots in Greece and Rome. The Great Mother Goddess is old, older than we are, and She is here to speak. We are all Her children, and it brutalizes Her to watch us kill each other over the perceived words of a young Sky God. There is so much hate, so much rejection of a fundamental truth: that we are separate from each other and from Her. We are not, no matter what gods we believe in, even if we profess to believe in no gods at all. Even if we believe in no gods, we are still a part of Her, and we must live from that place. The White Queen is a symbol of the manifestation of spiritual truths in the living world — what we believe is coming to pass. So we must reject the belief of separation, of our own exceptionalism, and instead embrace the belief and practice that the human family is one family. We don’t have to like everybody else in the human family, and that’s fine. We don’t have to like our drunk uncle or our controlling grandpa or our racist cousin the lunatic gun owner. That’s all fine, as long as not-liking does not wander into the realm of action and violence. But we do have to make room for each other and our foibles and differences, and we absolutely have to keep a clear weather eye on controlling grandpa who thinks he knows best what to do with the family fortune. Hint: he doesn’t. (And yes, that last bit is a metaphor for America and Citizen’s United, in case it wasn’t clear.)


Daily Draw: Honeybee, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Frigg (Soul Magic)

As we approach the end of the year (Wiccan style), we can see that a new age is coming. New life is right around the corner after the battles of the past are done. Be on the lookout for the new opportunities that arise, and listen to the voices of the Sacred both without and within. Take nourishment from the world around you and be honest about where that nourishment is coming from: the truth is that none of us can survive alone, and none of us can survive if the planet dies (or, well, actually, the planet will survive without us; what will die, what is already dying, is an environment that enables us to live and thrive here). It’s past time we got on board about that. Things are changing, and we must change with them because we are inextricably linked. There is no “if” or “maybe” about it. A new world is coming, not only for our individual selves as the new year approaches, but for us as global citizens of the Mother Planet. We’re already seeing tremendous changes in climates all over the world, and those changes aren’t passing phases. This IS the new reality. Time to open our eyes. Time to deliberately step off the paths of exceptionalism and onto the one path of Mother, however that manifests for you. Dig deep. You are not alone, so it’s time to stop acting like you are.