The Heart

Daily Draw: White Queen and Spider

Today’s draw is one of those where the charms really add to the message in a hard-core way. Look at the image: The white rose at the center of the White Queen card has been covered by the silver heart milagro, and the blood that drips from the rose now appears to be coming from the heart itself. The card, which carries a meaning of connection between personal Spirit and Cosmic/Divine Source as well as the revelation of signs and mysteries, has now been overwhelmed by the Bleeding Heart, and the Plus Sign charm indicates an increase of whatever it has fallen close to. We are trusting too much to divine signs and not enough to our own personal wisdom and intuition. We are allowing our feelings to overwhelm everything else (I blame Facebook — no, seriously, we now have access to everything that’s going on everywhere anyone has a phone and a camera, so we’re being bombarded with everything from bloody far-off revolutions to baby bunnies in “wheelchairs,” and the distraction level is monstrously high). There is a lack of rootedness at work today, and we need to get our feet back on the ground. Pay close attention to what you let into your space today, friends; pay attention to your thoughts. Where do they come from? Are they yours? Has the source of these thoughts and ideas worked hard to earn your trust, or do you just believe what you see because you want to, because you are being told what you want to hear?


Daily Draw: XV The Devil and Four of Wands

Today’s energy isn’t particularly happy or helpful, friends, and the possibilities for being your own worst enemy are endless. Watch what you see and hear, what you let into your boundaries, and be careful of your own thoughts about things. My parents went to see the movie “Spotlight” last night, and while they agree it was an excellent movie, my stepdad said he wishes he’d never seen it. It’s a powerful and important story, but one must be in the proper frame of mind, with the proper boundaries firmly in place, before seeing it. The mind is a powerful beastie, and it’s not above tricking you into believing things that aren’t true based on past trauma, abuse, and crises that litter your past. Reach out to family and friends for advice and support, especially if you’re considering a life change. Let yourself be sheltered and protected by the walls of love and friendship. Leave heavy decisions for tomorrow, if you can. And if you must make hard choices today, get advice, do your due diligence, get as much information as you can, and remember that you’re doing your best and that’s all anyone can do.


Daily Draw: Wings, The Mask, and Blackbird

Today’s draw is about flight: flights of fancy and despair, flights of escape, and flights into the unknown. The wisdom is to allow yourself to move, whether you’re actually moving or just getting up and walking around your home space. Don’t get lost in the Facebook Syndrome of thinking that other people’s lives are much better than yours; that’s total crap and it’s manipulation (even if the manipulation is happening unintentionally, which I think almost all the time it is). People are putting their best “face” forward on Facebook, showing the good things about their lives and loves because it’s awesome and empowering to do that and I think it’s great. But if you are in a downward spiral, you’re not going to experience those feelings of empowerment or joy at the success and happiness of others. You’ll tend to see their lives, vacations, successes, and good things as evidence that you don’t have those things and are therefore somehow not good enough or are a failure. Don’t fall into that trap. Turn off social media until the mood passes and spend your time indulging in your own flights of whimsy and fantasy that empower you. If past pains come up, griefs and losses that you’re still processing, allow them to come. They’re hitting you because you cared, because there was love there and it’s worth it to celebrate that.


Daily Draw: The Dragon and The Tree

Today’s draw bodes well for making things happen. There’s auspicious energy all over the place. Don’t look too deeply into the roots of things, though: some mysteries are meant to remain mysteries, at least for now. Allow the unknown to remain unknown (just for now) and get your work done. Dig into those projects, strike while the iron is hot, and have faith that you’re doing the right things. You are beloved of your ancestors whether you have a relationship with them or not, and you are the product of the love of thousands whether you believe it or not. And also branchy-branch. 😀

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount


Daily Draw: II Priestess (The Pythia) and Five of Water (La Llorona)

So that’s three times in a week that La Llorona has made an appearance, and in this case, She is representing that which we mustn’t give in to. Put on your disguises, your masks, and let the great grief of the nation pass you by. There is so much sorrow and grief in the world right now that it’s getting in the way of everything else. It’s time to disconnect from it. Turn off the media, grieve in your own private way, and do what you need to do to shield yourself. Focus inward. Take good care of yourself today, and let the anonymous nature of the priesthood envelop you. Go deep into your own pathways and stay steady while the greater grief flows by.


Daily Draw: The Ruby Cup, Ace of Coins rev. (Gefjon), and Three of Swords (Thjassi)

Ok, today’s draw is an admonition to stop giving away the store. Kindness and sharing is something that we need to do, of course, because we are all part of a human community that extends to every corner of this little planet and even beyond. Having said that, though, there’s a difference between sharing and helping others and letting others into your “home” and letting them walk off with all your stuff. I mean, imagine it: you put an ad up on Craigslist and tell people to show up at a certain time, and when the time comes you throw open the doors and let the hordes in. And not only do you not just stand back and watch the human tsunami envelop and remove your stuff, you actively help people dismantle your home and walk off with everything you’ve worked so hard for. What’s up with that? What’s happening there? Are you trying to be Jesus or something? Because that gig has been taken. The gig that hasn’t been taken is YOU. Stop casting your treasures to the winds. That’s the wisdom for right now: stop what you’re doing, reset your wards and boundaries, and look for signs. Look at what you’ve done so far, and do your best to look without judgment or blame. Just see and take note. No blame. Stop, breathe, guard, and see.


Daily Draw: Moonrise, The World rev. (Jormundgandr), and Nine of Cups (Bara)

You are doing good work, so keep at it and protect what you’ve created so far. Your ancestors are with you, guiding you and helping you see the path beneath your feet. We are entering a full moon phase, so clarity (or at least some better kind of understanding) is coming. If you celebrate the ritual and spiritual side of Samhain (Halloween), you know that this Saturday evening is New Year’s Eve, and next Sunday the first of November is New Year’s Day. The Wheel is turning and the seasons are shifting from the phase of the sun to the phase of the moon. We are heading into darkness, but it’s a place where our wishes may be granted. Goodness is coming into being, and it’s important to see where our treasures lie. New treasures or treasures that we thought were long gone but have reappeared will be washing up from the depths and coming back to us for a second chance to work with them, so watch for those opportunities and take advantage of them when they arrive.