The Hollow Bone

Daily Draw: Twilight, Gunther (Weakness), and Snotra (Virtue)

Today is a good day for contemplation, my friends, or if you don’t have time for a good sit and think, then at least give yourself a few deep breaths as you’re running errands, doing chores, and otherwise getting things done. There is a balance in effect between standing firm in your convictions and collapsing into a shuddering heap of “give up and die.” Twilight is that time when it’s neither light nor dark. The day isn’t over yet, but night hasn’t begun yet either. You’re at a tipping point and can be pushed either way, into virtue or into ignominy. Don’t stress out too much if you feel like you’re falling into failing; a few small failures don’t mean you are a Golgothan Shit Demon. You have powerful allies on your side, and your ancestors are helping you more than you can know. Life is long (not just this one little life right now, but all the lives you’ve lived and all the lives you will live after this one). The critical thing is to not give up, even if you feel like you’re failing, and even if you have proof that you’ve failed. It’s ok. If you’re going through hell, as Winston Churchill once said, keep going. Don’t stop in failure. Keep moving toward virtue, and let yourself be guided by your own inner light. Oh, and while you’re going through hell, be really careful of what you pick up. That stuff has a way of sticking to you and you have to be careful.


Daily Draw: The Jewel, 5 of Swords rev. (Hymir & Hrod), and The World (Jormundgandr)

So, here’s the thing: during a thunderstorm, the tallest point gets hit by the lightning. It’s not a fun truth, but it’s true nonetheless. Being powerful in your truth can make you a lightning-rod for the fears and anger of others regardless of whether or not you’ve actually done anything to deserve the anger or fear. Other people’s anxiety will become attached to you because you represent what they are not yet prepared to deal with. How you respond is what matters. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries work daily to not take anything personally, not because we are the tallest trees on the hill but because we’re just sensitive to everything that comes and goes around us. If the cashier at the Whole Foods is having a bad day and scowls at us while we purchase our chia seeds, it must be because we somehow did something wrong. Well, no. Actually, that cashier is scowling because s/he is having a scowly day. Same principle applies here: whatever others are going through is what THEY are going through. Just do you today. Be yourself and don’t be afraid. If others get angry or show fear, that’s their thing. Have compassion, sure. In fact, please do have compassion as much as you can for what they’re going through. But don’t take responsibility for it. And if somehow you end up getting struck by lightning after all, let the pieces of you provide fire and goodness for others.


Daily Draw: Thistle & Aether

You have reason to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. In many spiritual faiths, admonition is given again and again against having too much pride, and rightfully so. Arrogance is awful. But too much humility is also less than helpful when it comes to moving confidently in the direction of our dreams. So start looking at what you’ve accomplished so far with pride, rightful pride, justifiable pride. And let that carry you forward into creating the life you want for yourself. Let that be the key to unlocking your precious future.


Daily Draw: Ace of Cups (Blodughadda)

This card showed up reversed not too long ago, and here it is again right side up. The emotion you weren’t able to feel previously has broken through whatever barrier you put up against it, and it needs to just flow. So go with it. Let it break open whatever door is currently closed to you. Reach out to your Ancestors for help, and if you’ve been doing so already, this is an acknowledgment that they’ve heard you and are on the case. Let the Divine work through you–this emotion you’re feeling has its roots in Spirit. It’s who you are. Let it flow, and let it carry you into the next new world. You’ve earned it.


Daily Draw: 8 of Cups, Unn

Today’s draw is about having the guts to cut away and leave behind what is no longer good for you. This is not a happy-making draw, which is a bummer, but there you go. You’re dragging around your dead and you need to bury them and move on. And it’s not just you: there is a family history of doing what you’re doing, thinking you can fix it or change it or somehow make some good come out of it, or maybe you’ve been taught to think that it’s your place, your purpose in life to carry everybody else’s burdens and sorrows. What pained your mother must also pain you. What terrified your father must also terrify you. Fuck that. End it. You don’t need to be burdened by what burdened your ancestors. They had their own battles and you have yours. You may fight them in the same ways, but you can learn from their mistakes. In fact I’m pretty sure that in most cases they’d WANT you to learn from their mistakes. Let the Divine Breath blow through you and rattle away what’s dead like the north wind through the remaining leaves on a tree in late autumn. Cut it from you when you hear the rattling, and let it go with both hands. Walk forward. Move on. It’s time.


Daily Draw: 7 of Swords (Loki & Thor)

Today’s draw is about deceit and it’s many uses, whether for good or ill, and how it’s all a matter of perspective. Are you taking stuff that isn’t yours? Stop it, seriously. Think about what you’re doing. You’re not only affecting your own karma, your own fate, your own place within the web (a web of eternal life in which everything is connected to everything else), you’re affecting the karma of those connected to you. If you do ill, you are bringing ill to those you care about (even if you’re doing ill for their benefit). If ill is being done to you, what did you do to bring it to your door? How have you created the situations in which you find yourself? It’s possible to deceive others for the greater good, but there are still consequences for deceit. Any ill that might be found in today’s card is mitigated by the rune Fehu, which has been described by Galina Krasskova ( as a “metaphysical antidepressant.” It is lightness and quick flow of energy, so let it carry you through any dark rough patches today. Keep moving.

7 Swords Loki & Thor

Daily Draw: 8 of Coins (rev), Ovalde & Sons

Today’s draw is about ownership by right, apprenticeship, and dealing with what is and isn’t yours to do and to own. The rune is Othila and the charms are The Locked Heart and Key, The Letter, The Hollow Bone, and the Clover. Take a look around in your life: what are your skills? Are they skills your parents had? Or your grandparents? Those are your gifts by right, your birthright. It’s ok to own those, to claim them loud and proud. Don’t forget that just because you’ve got them doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to learn how to use them. You do, and that will necessarily demand a time of apprenticeship and learning. We’re all beginners at varying times in our lives, so there’s no shame in it, no failure. Take classes. Learn from the best. Admit that you don’t know every single thing, and approach worthy teachers with respect and humility.

8 Coins rev Ovalde & Sons

Daily Draw: 5 of Coins (Hreidmar and Ottar)

Today’s draw is unlucky, my dears. Sometimes the gods blow through your life and just take your shit, and there’s nothing you can do about it but grieve what’s gone and try to move on. The grief will pass, though, and with it leaving will come room for new good fortune to enter. Don’t waste your resources, especially your precious spiritual resources, on people who don’t deserve them; do your best to just relax and go with the flow today no matter what happens.

5 Coins Hreidmar & Ottar