The Lantern

Daily Draw: Queen of Wands and V The Hierophant

Today’s draw is going to be short and sweet, darlings: your Oracle finally finished clearing out her storage unit yesterday and she’s beyond exhausted now both emotionally and physically. So let’s see here: The draw today advises us to stay away from women (or female-energied folks) who are too bossy or overbearing, or if we can’t, then shield ourselves around them. The energy is too frantic, to wound up and driven to be processed right now. Get those shields up and keep them up. Rely where you can on fairness, justice, and the sanctuary provided by quiet reflection. Go inward for peace, and if you need to, let someone else set the rules for today and just go along.


Daily Draw: Three of Coins, Hrimthurs

Ok, you stubborn darlings, here’s the thing: digging your heels in about something is really bad for your shoes. What are you being stubborn about? Are you consistently getting the same message, but you just don’t know how to hear it or what to do about it? You’re getting dragged–trust me, the force trying to tell you something is stronger than you are and you can’t fight it. You need to start looking around. Get more information. Broaden your circle, but do so with care and discernment. Don’t be a fool, and don’t be so focused on the details that you miss the bigger picture. Go within. Go quiet. Ask your powers what to do from here, and maybe the best way to ask the question is to stop asking it. #KungFuTze


Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (rev), Svipdag

There are days on which we here at Muse’s Darling Industries feel like the world has failed us, or that we have failed at life, and therefore we are in full retreat–taking our metaphoric marbles and going home, retreating into our minds where we can drift through beautiful fantasy after beautiful fantasy. We are Pisces many times over, after all, so such things are easy for us. While it is understandable and maybe even necessary occasionally for wound healing and regrouping after a particularly spectacular failure, it’s a really bad idea as a life plan to drift like this. Action is necessary. Staying present in the moment and avoiding the numbing drift is essential today. For reals, my sensitive darlings. I know it hurts. I know how frustrated and disappointed you are, because I am too. But action must happen. You must DO something with others. It’s not enough to see the evil of the world and understand how profoundly fucked up it all is. That piece is important, of course, but it doesn’t end there. You must act. WE must act together. Use the gifts you’ve been given, and don’t fret if those gifts aren’t financial (although if they are that’s super-awesome yay you and any way in which you can share your blessings will help, so help). Are they artistic or creative? Are they scientific or technical? Are they professional in other ways? Are you a politician (by nature if not by profession), a writer, a builder, a cook, a teacher? Get out there. Volunteer. Join the fight. ACT in accordance with your ethics and values, and engage with community to join your efforts with those of others. Do something today to better the situation of someone else.


Daily Draw: 4 of Swords (rev), The Volva

Today’s draw is about going bravely into the dark and dealing with those demons you’ve called up. You invoked them for a reason, so go be a grown-up and deal with that energy. Ask the hard questions, face the things you’ve done wrong, and do what you need to do to make it right. Here’s a thing: in this American culture, we have a tendency to think everything is about and for us–and that cuts in several terribly unhelpful ways. Firstly, we tend to get into an entitlement mindset, like we can (and should) pursue every single idea that pops into our heads and that everybody else in the world exists to help us manifest these ideas (no matter how crazy and unrooted). Secondly, we take everything so personally that when we do something wrong, the process of saying, “Oh, hey, I cocked that up like a motherfucker. Yikes! I’m sorry. Are you able to hear my apology? If not, that’s ok. I’ll wait until you’re in a better space to hear it. Just let me know when you’re ready, and in the meantime I will meditate on what I did wrong and how to avoid doing it in the future, and I will also pursue whatever actions necessary to fix the problem” becomes so daunting and threatening to our well-being that we instead just throw out a breezy “Whoops my bad” and move on, leaving the one we hurt staggering and bleeding, and when they say, “Hey douchebag, get back here!” we feel all butt-hurt and can’t understand why the injured party is being such an asshole. The rest of the world does not exist to make your life easier. If you fuck up, own it and don’t make it someone else’s problem to fix it.


Daily Draw: XIX The Sun (rev), Sunna

Today’s draw is another warning about walking through darkness and depression, and also being careful about the face you show the world. The card is The Sun reversed, so naturally there’s darkness involved. You’re not seeing as clearly as you maybe think you are. The rune for today is Hagalaz, and there’s a whole mess of charms that came out in today’s draw: The Peace Sign, The Dog, The Sun, The Magic Wand, The Mask, The Other, and The Man. To make sense out of all of it, focus on clarity as much as you can. Be honest and ethical, and reach out if you need help. Be wary with your trust and make sure people earn it before you give it to them. And keep your shields up—there are people out there who persist in engaging with dark magic, and you don’t want to have anything to do with them or their Karma.

XIX Sunna

Daily Draw: 4 of Swords (REV), The Volva

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dears, to those of you who celebrate it! And to those of you who don’t, Happy February 14th! May it be better than yesterday. 🙂 Today’s draw is the reversed Four of Swords. Things are moving, and you should be moving too. The charms are The Woman, The Quest Die (on “What?”), and The Lantern. What have you awoken? Because something is awake now, and it might not be happy. I hope you know what you’re doing. I hope we all know what we’re doing. We’ve stepped off into another realm, and the rules are different here, my dears. So watch your step, don’t do anything stupid, and be polite. Oh, and shields up just in case. And also chocolate. Chocolate is good.


Daily Draw: The Fool (Ymir)

Today’s draw is Ymir, The Fool; charms are The Letter, The Lantern, and The Owl, and the rune is Os, rune of the God-Voice. Today is a day to clear your mind. Let yourself be the beginner, the student. Don’t rely on your own wisdom, because it’s not going to be sufficient today. Be taught by The Silence that is the Divine, however that manifests for you. Practice saying, “I don’t know. Let me think about that and get back to you.” Read good books and if you are a praying or meditating person, pray or meditate.

0 Fool Ymir