The Lilies

Daily Draw: The Crypt and The Anchor

Today is one of those days to just hunker down and git ‘er done. Do the best you can to push through even when things feel hard and heavy, and even when it feels like you’re dragging the weight of the world behind you. Make lists. Get detailed. Figure out what you need to do, and break the tasks down into small, do-able chunks so that you can get things done. Leave the outer world to itself for the moment. There are elements and energies going on Out There that you can’t see and you don’t know about, and that’s fine for now. Let the flow flow. Just focus on what’s on your plate and do your best to get your stuff done.


Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles and XXI The World

Today’s draw is about rooting those dreams and plans into something real and solid. Look hard at your resources and plans, and make sure that you’ve got everything you need to get started. You may have gone over this idea before — maybe you’ve tried it before and it hasn’t gone according to plan. But you can use those previous attempts, “learning experiences,” to inform how you proceed now. Listen to the wisdom of your elders and those who have achieved what you’d like to achieve. Take their advice. And don’t feel like you have to share everything about what you’re doing to everyone you meet. Keep your private ideas and plans private for now.


Daily Draw: Teacher and Virgin

Today’s draw suggests that sharing what we’ve learned is now our best option for connecting with others. Fear of connection has held us back in the past, and perhaps there have been good reasons for holding back. But those reasons may no longer exist, and the world needs what we have to say. There is something special within everyone, and we each have different ways of sharing who and what we are. There are times to learn and times to teach, times to stay hidden in darkness to foster growth and regeneration, and time to come forward and experience life in all it’s messy glory. Don’t be afraid of your sexuality. Speak up today. Let your voice be heard in whatever ways work best for you. Speak your magic into the world, and let the chips fall where they may.


Daily Draw: Gargoyle, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Thor (Strength)

Today’s draw is a reminder that we are protected by unseen forces, and that it’s important to release worry and stress because we can be our own worst enemy if we let our tension and anxiety run the floor. Stay strong, and keep moving. Goodness is ours, and we’ve reached the end of whatever stressful situation we were in previously. Also your ancestors have heard your prayers and are working to bring about the transformation you’ve requested. Everything is in a cycle of sowing and reaping, using and recycling, death and rebirth, energy and rest—everything, including us.


Daily Draw: Moonrise, The World rev. (Jormundgandr), and Nine of Cups (Bara)

You are doing good work, so keep at it and protect what you’ve created so far. Your ancestors are with you, guiding you and helping you see the path beneath your feet. We are entering a full moon phase, so clarity (or at least some better kind of understanding) is coming. If you celebrate the ritual and spiritual side of Samhain (Halloween), you know that this Saturday evening is New Year’s Eve, and next Sunday the first of November is New Year’s Day. The Wheel is turning and the seasons are shifting from the phase of the sun to the phase of the moon. We are heading into darkness, but it’s a place where our wishes may be granted. Goodness is coming into being, and it’s important to see where our treasures lie. New treasures or treasures that we thought were long gone but have reappeared will be washing up from the depths and coming back to us for a second chance to work with them, so watch for those opportunities and take advantage of them when they arrive.


Daily Draw: Lily, Four of Cups rev. (Hevring), and Eir (Doctor)

Today’s draw is about letting go of grief and focusing on healing and moving forward. Grow into the new reality, the new way of being, and let yourself and the world around you be healed. What has passed on is now blossoming into something new in a way that is meant to be. Protect those weaker than you, and do your best to lift up those who are in need of help. You are being held by your Ancestors even if you can’t see or feel it. Get up and move. Don’t sit and wallow any more. It’s time to go.


Daily Draw: Nazar, The Empress, & the King of Swords

Today’s theme is all about protection. Bathe yourself in loving protection, self-care, and shielding. Put yourself first, in a sacred way (not in a selfish, kick-over-old-ladies way). Eat properly. Get rest. Don’t pay attention to (or engage in) gossip. Keep your eyes focused on your goals, and let love rule. Metta. Loving kindness and a willingness to forgive all beings (as best you can), starting with yourself. This is a beautiful reading and it deserves your attention. Protect what’s most sacred about your sexuality–don’t just give or throw it away–and charge that energy only into what’s most loving and good. Balance that with wisdom. Note the Mother – Father dynamic in the cards, with loving protection in between. Let that manifest in your life, especially if it’s something you never had in the physical realm. Let it be true between you and your Powers That Be.



A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount

City Mystic: New York,” Ginnie Jester