The Lovers

Daily Draw: The Anchor and Lotus Fire

Today’s draw is about source and beginnings in lots of ways. You are rooted in where you came from, and cutting yourself free from that is kind of a fallacy. I mean, here’s the thing: we here at Muse’s Darling Conglomerated Industries have been getting rid of an entire storage unit’s worth of stuff over the last eighteen months or so, so we understand about how stuff can weigh us down; and of course getting free from our past selves is a worthy goal if that’s what one wants to do. We all must shed our past skins in order to grow, after all. But there’s an entirely different kind of rootedness to source that has nothing to do with the stuff we’ve accumulated along the way. There’s a rootedness that represents who we truly are beneath the layers of life we’ve become buried under, and it’s that that is being activated and energized today. Co-create your life with the energies around you, and have faith in where you come from and what you’ve been through. There’s a reason for it all — and I don’t mean that in the trite “new age” way. I mean that the reason for our experiences is to work us in the crucible of life, to alter us, to burn us to ashes so that we can be born anew as something different and more glorious, but that still is made up of the ashes of what went before.


Daily Draw: Compass Rose and The Cock

Today’s draw gives us permission to look like we know what we’re doing, even if we don’t actually know what we’re doing. Fake it til you make it, all the books say, and that’s ok to do right now. Rely on your friends for good, reliable data, but remember to not fool yourself while you’re fooling others: keep in mind that you still need to figure out where you’re going and what you’re doing, especially if you’ve got no idea right now. Make your plans and get your to-do lists in shape so that when it comes time to actually prove that you know what you’re doing, you’ll be ready. Don’t worry: lucky forces are on your side right now, so things will turn out well. Just remember to keep track of the stories you’re telling so you know which loose ends to tie up later.


Daily Draw: Memento Mori and Nazar

Time to leap, friends. Let go of whatever you’ve been holding onto and just leap. What comes when you land will help you meet those dreams and goals in ways you could never imagine prior to jumping. You have shielding and protection you’re not aware of, so don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re doing this alone: you’re not. Have faith that the ending you’re going through is normal, natural, and a necessary process of shedding; leave all that behind and move forward in the direction of your dreams — even if you don’t reach that place where you want to be (yet), at least you’ll be starting off in the right direction. Let go of old ways of thinking and old types of processes and pathways. Find a new way.


Daily Draw: Compass Rose, The Dragon, The Raven

To wind down 2015, take stock of where you’ve been and what the last year has taught you: who has helped you and how, and who hasn’t helped (and how). Pay attention to this information because you’ll need it going forward. Good fortune is coming, so hang on. Keep doing what you’re naturally good at, and pay attention to what “home” means for you. What’s the most natural thing for you? Do that. What comes easiest to you? Do that. Don’t be trapped by old ways of thinking. It’s time to break out of those chains. Have hope, don’t let go, and start planning your own 2016. Happy new year, you beautiful darlings!

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount


Daily Draw: The Mask, Grimnir (The Masked), Das Rheingold (Luster)

Shield your heart and stay true to your beliefs and what is real and honest for you today. Put on those masks that deflect evil and make it see only itself. Stay focused on what’s most important to you, the paths you’re on, and don’t get distracted by the glitter and shine of the larger world around you. That’s not your world. Your world, your truth and reality, lies elsewhere and it’s important to hang onto that if you can. There is wisdom and understanding and truth in following the lonely road, and those who consider you Beloved are there.


Daily Draw: The Lovers (Loki, Angrboda, & Sigyn) and The Empress (Laufey)

The energy today is all about cooperation and harmonious working, so if somehow that isn’t manifesting for you (I’m raising my hand over here), the possibility is present for tapping into a better, easier flow. All elements aren’t the same, but they work together to form a more cohesive whole than any would individually. Tap into and trust your intuition for guidance, and don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what is best for you, and be mindful (and adamant) about meeting your needs and taking care of yourself. The Wheel is always turning, and as we head into the Full Moon this weekend (which I’m assured is a Supermoon in Pisces), focus on what you want to bring more of into your life. Don’t worry so much about shedding the old stuff until after the Full Moon passes, unless what you want to bring more of is shedding, releasing, and making room for new growth and change–which is actually fine, if that’s what you want. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are going through a great process of shedding at the moment, and it’s what needs to happen. Now is the time for manifestation magic. Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance to see what’s most needed, and then create it.


Daily Draw: Ephemera, Knight of Wands (Daeg), & The Lovers rev (Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn)

All things pass away, even those things to which we thought we would be tied forever. Let them go, and even move away from them if you can. Trust your own inner strength, which is pretty fantastic, and don’t rely on the wisdom of others to get you through. Today’s cards show a rejection of any authority that is not innate, and a protection of that which is most precious. You don’t need permission. You don’t need to explain. Just be your powerful, magical self and know what you do for yourself is right.


Daily Draw: 2 of Cups (Gunnlod), 5 of Wands rev (Gjalp & Greip)

Today is about what you breathe in and what you breathe out. Be mindful of both today. Every breath is another chance to take in eternal love and breathe out peace. The world around us desperately needs peace and resolution of conflict, and while we can’t solve all problems, we can mindfully use our own personal energy to direct goodness and peace toward areas of strife. You come from love and walk with loving spirits, so let that love flow through you in directed prayer (or meditation or contemplation or however you conceptualize such things) toward people, places, and situations who have need of it. Now is also a good time to direct some of that loving energy into your own projects and making your own dreams come true.


Daily Draw: Seven of Swords, Loki & Thor

Today’s draw is a bit of a warning to watch your stuff, people, especially with people you know and trust. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying don’t trust the people you trust. Not at all. But just be careful of giving too much away, even with loved ones. Keep those boundaries up, and say “no” when and where you need to say “no.” Develop some spine around that if you’re not used to making your “no” heard. (We here at Muse’s Darling Industries feel you on that one, big time, and we’re working on it ourselves.) Pay attention to the agreements you get yourself into, and don’t get grabby for what isn’t yours or what you’re not due. Basically today is not a day to be all blithe and floaty. Pay attention to what you’re doing and what you’re involved in.


Daily Draw: VI The Lovers (REV) Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn

(The Lovers reversed with Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn from The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera; also featuring the rune Laguz and The Noose, The Broom, and The Barbell charms) Today’s draw is about balance, flow, and directing your energy at the wrong targets. Don’t be too sweet, too kind, too forgiving. Don’t be afraid to call people out on their shit. Just make sure your wrath, your energy, your power, your sexual desires are all directed properly and not at false things. And if you can’t, go work it out. Seriously, taking it out on the gym is so much more advisable than taking it out on the wrong person. We’re all in this together, and even if you’re alone, you’re not alone. Ponder that for a bit.

VI The Lovers REV