The Man

Daily Draw: Three of Wind and Nine of Seas

There’s an air of despair out there, friends, and the best way to fight it is with our own inner joy. That’s as simple as I can make today’s reading. Be strong in your personal joy, however that might manifest for you, and don’t let other people rain on your parade. Be mindful of where you’re going and where you are, and pay attention to where you put your feet. But as you keep moving on down your path, try to remember that there is joy all around you. Life is a burgeoning mess of a chaotic house party, and you can take part in it if you want to, either by yourself or with your crew.


Daily Draw: Thistle, Prince of Disks, Ace of Disks

You have every right to be proud of yourselves, my dears, but don’t get too carried away: the work is not done yet and there’s still a long way to go. But you’ve got more strength in you than you perhaps realized, and you have what it takes to put those ideas into action. Keep dreaming, but keep the umbrella handy because rain is coming (for good or ill). Your manifestations are alive and coming home to roost (as it were). Look to your gods and ancestors for help, and keep going.

Decks: A Curious Oracle by Holly DeFount, The Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Lady Freida Harris
The Muse’s Darling


Daily Draw: Crowned Heart, Hrungnir (Arrogance), and Snotra (Virtue)

There is a LOT going on here today, my friends. Many old issues, old stories we tell ourselves about why we’re unworthy of love or why we’re alone or somehow unhappy are just that: old stories. They are self-reflective and self-referential, and it’s about time to smash that mirror in which we see only the harshest vision of ourselves and get some new data going in its place. It’s time to see what’s really there, to catalogue and try to understand where we came from and how we got where we are. There’s a reason we are where we are (literally), and yes, home actually is where the heart is. Things aren’t as bad as you think, and they could be a LOT worse. Let your heart be opened and freed.


Daily Draw: The Raven, Gylfi (Seeker), Sol (The Sun)

Today’s draw is about clarity of mind and great new ideas. This is some powerful creativity happening here, and it’s important not to waste it. Write those ideas down–don’t just let them go. This is also a draw about clear-mindedness and clarity when it comes to decision-making. You know what you want to end up with, even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there, so create a plan. Make yourself some action items, and before you do anything, think it through. Give yourself time and space to really think about your plan and your goals. Don’t just wing it. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries have done far too much “winging it” in our life, for reasons which were very valid and important at the time but which no longer resonate, so it’s important for us to start making plans. Consider them your operational directives, your battle plans. Don’t just rush into things blindly. Slow down, look around you, catalog your resources, list your friends and your foes, and go through the steps to get you moving.

Decks: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount; “Das Germanische Gotterorakel,” Red Dragon Edition
The Muse’s Darling


Daily Draw: Twilight, Nine of Cups, and Eight of Pentacles

Today’s draw is about what’s hidden and what’s revealed. There is truth to it, so you can trust what’s coming up. Wish, dream, and articulate your desires for change. Speak your wishes into the Well, then let them go. You can’t see how they’re manifesting, but they are. In the meantime, do good work in the world because it matters. And remember: you are beloved.


Daily Draw: Ouroboros, Death rev. (Hela), and 9 of Wands rev. (Groa)

Today is a good day for moving forward into the unknown (both metaphorically and materially), and reach out into the abyss. You don’t need to drag along other people’s ideas of what you should or shouldn’t do. Eff that. You would only be letting yourself be caught up in their process which you’ve probably already been through yourself so why go through all that again? Feel your own power and go from there–start there, create from that place. Everything moves in circles, but nothing is linear (in the sense of being flat). The circles we travel in are across multiple dimensions, in and out of various worlds, through and forward and up and down, back and forth, and sometimes at a halt. Sometimes we go uphill, sometimes downhill. Along the journey we pick up all kinds of stuff that we want to keep or think we’ll need. We’re furious little Cosmos-traveling magpies, and we gather up crap that isn’t ours. Time to let as much of that go as possible. Be careful and mindful of who you listen to, and don’t ever follow anybody blindly. Take advice and garner wisdom, sure. But watch out for the Unworthy Guru. You will end up carrying his burdens as well as your own, his fears and karma, and you’ll need to untangle yourself from it daily across all those levels and dimensions. It’s a major pain in the ass, so avoid it if you can and trust those who constantly, consistently prove that they deserve your trust.


Daily Draw: The Prayer Wheel, The Hermit (rev.), and the Two of Wands

Today’s draw is a strange, wonderfully resonant combination of opposites: the straight and the circular, above and below, the active and the passive, surging forward movement and meditative withdrawal. It is time to take control of your mind. You may in the past have dabbled with meditation, contemplative prayer, affirmations, etc., but now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. No more dabbling. It’s time now to put those efforts to the real test by constant daily practice. No more wishy-washiness. You need to take responsibility for your own spiritual cleanliness; in the same way that you bathe regularly, it’s important to spiritually cleanse and clarify regularly too, whatever that means for you. You’re not a child any more–none of us are–and the only way to break through the barriers we face as a society right now is to grow up and take responsibility for our connectedness in the world. You don’t have to believe in a god or gods, or even be a spiritual person. You can be an atheist if you like. The point is to take some time every day, starting today, to cultivate mental peace and quiet. Start with the cycle of your breath, and let the madness that surrounds you fall away.